Spiritual Enlightenment – Part 2

Now that we know the basic meaning of spiritual enlightenment and the four conditions that need to be met let’s elaborate here in part 2 and get into some detail. This way you can understand what spiritual enlightenment can do for you and how to achieve this yourself.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the time I spend as a life coach is watching others liberate themselves from the prison of their mind as I myself have done.

Part of the spiritual enlightenment process involves liberation from your own thinking and as a reward for your effort you have the ability to allow more light into your inner world. This is spiritual enlightenment and it creates amazing results.

spiritual enlightenment

Notice how I say that the reward is more light and that more light then creates the amazing results. The reward is not the physical result you create in your life. The reward is the light and this really means or translates to; a higher state of consciousness.

When you achieve this state of spiritual enlightenment it results in peace, joy and harmony. It is in this new state that you have an increased capacity to create what you want physically in your life.

Liberation From Your Thoughts

The first step is the liberation from your thoughts. That means you first realise that you are not your thoughts and secondly to “see” what you are thinking and therefore eventually creating with your thoughts. In other words live in the state of witnessing your thought process.

This is how your though process works.

  1. Something happens. In this case your boss shouts out, “Michelle can you come into my office for a minute” This is said as a statement not a question.
  2. One or more of your physical senses picks up information about the event. In this example it is your hearing. You hear what your boss says.
  3. You process what you have heard through the filter of your mind. The problem is that your filter is not clear. This is normal and varies with the degree of enlightenment you have achieved. In others words the higher your consciousness the more clear your mind has become.
  4. You have a series of thoughts as a direct response to what your boss has said. Your thought process may respond to
    a) the words he used
    b) the person doing the talking
    c) the tone used
    d) what has transpired in the past
  5. The thoughts you have, lead you to action. Action can be your whole body physically moving, like walking away or something as inconsequential as a nervous movement like tapping your fingers.

Are You Your Thought?

The biggest hurdle is that you don’t see that you are having thoughts. You think you are those thoughts. They appear to be part of you. You can’t differentiate between them and you.

When you are living inside your thoughts and are not in control of the process you are swept away with the wave of your thinking process. Raising your consciousness means you are standing on the beach watching the waves of thought go by and you only jump into the ‘water’ when you want to. It becomes your choice!

Real World Examples

What does that mean in real life? Let’s discuss a couple of examples.

Michelle who has just been summoned into her bosses office reacts by thinking, “Oh no, I’m in trouble” “What have I done wrong”

Why doesn’t she think, “Great, it’s about time I got a promotion”

This type of thinking shows the state of Michelle’s mind. It is one very small snap shot of a larger picture in which Michelle has negative expectations. This leads to poor results in all area’s of her life.

The way you think is linked to your past. For Michelle to change the perception she has to her employers comment she needs to be aware of what she is thinking.

When you see what has transpired in your mind you are able to apply your will to change it. You do this standing on the beach. Michelle is in the water at the mercy of the waves.

Married With Children

Peter is married with children. He arrives home from work tired and exhausted at the end of the day. The first thing his son Bobby wants to do is play with his father. In this case the son nominates the ‘play station’ as his preferred activity. Peter is inside his thoughts and doesn’t see what happens in his mind when his son says,

“Dad lets play…(a play station game)”

Peters rides the wave of his thoughts which tell him the following
1. “I am hopeless at that game”
2. “I can’t believe that a 10 year old can thrash me”
3. “Bobby will think I am hopeless”
4. “I can’t let him thrash me”
5. “Bobby will think I am no good”

You get the picture, don’t you? Peter thinks that if his 10 year old son can thrash him on the computer console then he will have a low opinion of his father. In Peters case this is the fear of not being respected by his son.

The Wave Of Emotion

He rides the wave of his thoughts which manifest as emotion as he plays with his son and tries his best to win. Instead of enjoying the game and the time spent with his son. Peter competes with his son. He doesn’t do anything overtly but on the inside he is in a competition and that means his mind is on trying to win. He is not present.

His son Bobby only wants to spend time with his dad. He knows that any adult is easy to beat on the play station and he doesn’t care how his dad performs. He just wants some attention. Time together.

Whilst they play together Bobby senses that something is wrong. He doesn’t know what that is but he picks up on the fact that his father is
1. Not enjoying the game
2. Under stress
3. Absent or not attentive to Bobby

He interprets this as something like my father doesn’t like me.

This is only one small slice of Peters and Bobby’s thought process and the whole picture has created a rift between father and son which has manifested in Bobby having behaviour problems.

Peter found the solution when he received coaching and went through the enlightenment process. He is able to stand aside from his thinking and he discovered what is explained above. He now has a much better relationship with his son.

Negative Thinking Creates…

This is all just a tiny piece of a much larger picture but indicative of the thinking process that creates

A feeling of dissatisfaction in life
Inner emotional turmoil
Poor family relationships
Business relationships that are not beneficial and waste time
Poor romantic relationships
Problems with self esteem and confidence
Poor employee performance
Poor employer performance
Criticism of loved ones
Criticism of others
Poor sales performance
Poor business performance
Lack of focus and concentration
Fear of …almost anything

This list took about 3 seconds to write and if I wanted I could extend it for eternity. You tell me what you need help with and I will help you with personalised one on one coaching or you can join one of my workshops.

Spiritual enlightenment liberates you from this. It enables you to effortlessly (relatively speaking) deal with all of life’s challenges fast and efficiently, bending reality in your favour.

(Enlightenment Pt 3)

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