Crystal Ball Divination

Methods Of Crystal Ball Divination

There are many ways/methods of divining. Each one of us must find our paths, ones that fit our beliefs and personalities. Where one individual may be weak in one method, another may be strong, and vice versa. So whether you use the methods like the I Ching, Tarot Cards, Witch Sticks, or some new versions of these, are not as important as finding what works best for you. I have used at least 6 7 methods for divining and have had very good luck with all of them, but there are two of them–that I would like to discuss–that are my favourites. It is my hope that you will try these methods and find them as rewarding as I do:

The first method that I ever tried and one that still remains my favourite is Crystal Ball divination. Unfortunately, this method has been the butt of many jokes in the media–especially in movies and TV. Therefore, it is somewhat hard for those of us that were “raised” during the media-era to take this method seriously.

My first Crystal Ball was made of Acrylic Plastic and was very small. I got it for free just for subscribing to Fate Magazine for a year. Now, everyone familiar with the occult knows that plastics have no place in magic and that the smaller the crystal ball, the less the reaction. Yet, despite this, I have never since had such a strong reaction as I did with my original crystal ball. Many crystal balls for sale today are made of glass, quartz crystal, obsidian, leaded crystal–glass, or from many other powerfully developed or natural materials. So I believe that the way you use the sphere is more important than what material it is made of.

To use a crystal ball, begin by preparing a stand for it. Many stands sold today are truly works of art and are wonderful for displaying your crystal ball. Unfortunately, working crystal balls are not usually displayed as works of art. Instead they are wrapped in a dark, natural cloth–silk is best but cotton, wool or linen is acceptable. The wrapped ball and its stand should both be put in a box or other container that is light proof. You do not want sunlight to fall on your crystal ball because it is blessed by the moon and operates under moon-power. And this is why you should only use the orb after the sun has set.

The crystal ball’s stand should be rather plain and it should be black. If it is another colour, then paint it black. Consecrate your crystal ball before using it: On the night of a full moon, dissolve a little mugwort herb in some pure water. Wash the ball in this solution and dry it with a clean cloth. Take it outside, where you can see the moon, even if it is only a glow from behind the clouds. Make sure that you can see the moon or its glow inside the ball itself. Hold up the ball and recite:

“SELENE of the sacred night; bless this crystal with your holy light.”

When you have finished consecrating it, wrap the ball in a dark, natural-material cloth and place it where sunlight will not touch it. The ball will not be affected by candle light or artificial lights. And if it is exposed to sunlight, just re-consecrate it–as above.

You may use the crystal ball at night, any time during a moon-cycle. Take it out of its hiding place, unwrap it, place the stand on a table in front of you (facing North or South is best). Place the globe on its stand. Take a large handful of rock salt and sprinkle and arrange a circle of the salt around the ball and its stand.

Relax. Do not force yourself or try too hard. Just stare into the crystal ball and let it take over. If nothing happens after 10-20 minutes, or when you are tired of looking, stop staring at it and put the ball and its stand away. Try again the next day. Everyone differs in their reaction to the ball and its response to them will be different also. Some of us may have to practice a little every night–even for a month, others may get a reaction the first time they try.

The first behaviour you should expect to see is that the inside of the crystal ball should begin to form a mist or cloud-up. When the ball is completely filled with white mist, the reflections from any of the room’s light sources will disappear. Secondly, you will begin to see scenes or symbols. When this happens, make certain that after the session that you record everything you saw in a notebook. Review of this notebook later may give you some insight into the information you gained. This will also allow you to keep a record of your progress. Once you become more proficient in crystal-looking, the scenes may actually leave the ball and may even fill the entire room with symbols and/or pictures. I have even had to turn and look at parts of scenes that wrapped around the room so I could see what was beside and behind me. Of course, looking behind you does take your eyes off the crystal–but it doesn’t seem to matter! End the session whenever you feel tired or when the scenes stop appearing. Remember to maintain a relaxed attitude throughout the process.

You can control the subject matter of what you see by writing a question on paper and placing it beneath the ball stand during a session. It is unlikely that your question will be answered directly. It is more likely that it will be answered with visual symbols or you may just be shown how to obtain the answer. For example, I once needed some knowledge that had been hidden from me and there did not seem to be any way to obtain this information. I wrote my question on paper and placed it under the ball-stand. During the crystal vision, I saw a specific green book, on gardening, in the library. Although this book had nothing to do with the questions I had asked, I went to the library anyway. Without any trouble at all, I quickly found the book that I had seen in the vision. I opened the book and flipped through its pages. A paper that someone had used as a bookmark fell out of the book. On the paper the person who had last used the book had written exactly the information that I needed. It is an understatement to say that I was very impressed with the accuracy and method of obtaining this answer.

Scoffers have many negative thoughts of how crystal balls divination really “works.” Some say that looking or concentrating on one spot causes a hypnotic reaction that allows one to see visions. And I have noticed that a relaxed but concentrated stare into the ball does make it work better. But the first time the mist filled my ball, and the reflections in it disappeared, I was so astonished that I got up and ran around to the other side of the table to see if the reflections over there were also gone (they were). If I was in a hypnotic trance, why didn’t my excited movement end the trance? And why, during a directed-question divination, do the scenes, symbols, etc., automatically stop when your question has been answered? Does a hypnotic trance set its own time limit? I certainly do not know all the answers but I suspect that much more than a hypnotic trance is going on when a crystal ball is working for you.

The second of my favourite methods is one that is not as well known as crystal ball gazing nor is it used often. I call these devices “Continuum Holes”. A Continuum Hole is made from a natural rock such as a “holey stone” or some other rock/stone with a hole through it–whether is natural or not. My first Continuum Hole was a blue Brazilian agate-slice with a naturally occurring opening in the centre. I built and painted a black stand for it. The stand allows the agate slice to stand upright and to be turned back and forth, much like a small mirror on a stand–whose reflection can slanted up and down.

Using such an apparatus will be a treat to those of the TV generation. The method works like this: You attempt to focus on the non-existent surface of the whole. Because this surface does not exist (at least in the beginning), this is impossible to do because your eyes have no real object to focus on. Therefore, your eyes will begin to focus between two real objects, the edge of the hole and whatever is in the distance. This will cause the focal point of your eyes to flip between the two surfaces at varying distances. To get the Continuum Hole to work, you should not fight this process. Just relax and let it happen. Soon, your eyes will be flipping their focus back and forth at a very high rate. Suddenly, you will be able to focus right in the hole itself because it will appear to have raster–just like a TV screen! (For those of you unfamiliar with this term, raster is the snowy “static” you get on a TV screen, when it is turned off-channel that proves it is working. Therefore, as impossible as it may sound, you will now have a surface, within the hole itself, to look at.

I do not think that this hole’s surface exists in normal reality. It seems that the surface is actually a window into another part of the universe or another plane of existence. I have found that, for me, using the Continuum Hole becomes a look into things that are deeper or vaster in scope than what I see in a crystal ball and I get little response to specific questions. Instead, I get a general view of more important future trends–things that will not only affect me, but the world, and the universe in general. In fact, that is why I call the device a Continuum Hole, because I seem to be looking into the stream of the space-time continuum. This is an instrument that you may use to look into the future and see floods, earthquakes, and comets. It will also show you major changes in your life that may be related to major happenings such as deaths, hiring, firings, births, and conceptions. For those of you that prefer older-type names, this device may be called a “Holey Speculum”.

One important thing to remember is that all divination processes show trends rather than absolutes. You can change the future by changing your actions and influencing those around you. This flies in the face of Christian beliefs that postulate only those prophecies in the Bible are correct–and that what they state will come to pass–no matter what. If such predestination was true, then your whole life would already have been planned and there would be nothing that you could do to change it. In fact, it would useless to even try. If the future is not changeable, then no one needs to take any responsibility for his or her actions. I believe that I was created with free will, that I can change the shadows of the future by my actions in the present, and that I am responsible for both my failings and my victories.

NOTE: The process for crystal ball divination will work also with black scrying mirrors.

Authors Details: Divination Visions by Ansur – Unknown Web Site

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