Sowing the seeds of new creation

Beloved masters, the emotional mind of the mass consciousness of humanity is in a great state of flux at this time. Each of you is experiencing a broad spectrum of emotional energy, vacillating from a state of joy or bliss one moment to a state of uncertainty or despair the next.

Countries, nations and the people of the Earth are swirling in a maelstrom of positive and negative energy that has accumulated since the dance of polarity and duality began so many aeons ago. It is a time of reuniting and coming together in a state of oneness and harmony. A homogenization of experiences, ideologies and cultures must take place and nothing can stop the process. Without exception those who are warring and battling with each other are, in truth, at war with their own shadow creations. If only the Arabic and Jewish nations, those in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well the western world could understand that they have the blood and Essence of all the root races coursing through their veins, they would not be so quick to hate and condemn.

Humanity has reached the furthermost point of separation and now the Divine Plan calls for reunification, which must first take place within each of you, and gradually spread to incorporate all the creations of Earth, the solar systems, galaxies and this universe. New creation via the fragmentation and expansion of the precious Essence of the God Source is the greatest gift that has ever been given. Each fragmented portion of that Essence is just as important as another, no matter the outward appearance or seeming importance of one person or creation over another. Our Father/Mother God will not give up on you, dear hearts, and neither will we-how can we abandon ourselves? Let us continue our journey into your ancient past in order to further your understanding of what is now happening.

We have spoken of the great Golden Age of Lemuria-the topography of the Earth was much different at that time-however, envision a great land mass with many smaller islands that filled much of the Pacific Ocean. After many centuries had passed there was a gradual migration to the western coast of the United States, South America and Australia. One age always overlaps the next and after the great Atlantean civilization began, there was also a migration from the south along the eastern coast of the United States. There was also a great migration into the eastern world by the Atlanteans until every area of the Earth had at least a small representation of Atlantean and Lemurian souls intermingled with the population of the various root races and sub-races. In the last years before Lemuria sank beneath the waters, the guardians were given visions of what was to take place and were instructed as to what they must do. Groups were formed and a migration to the area now called British Columbia began, as well as all along the coast of the United States and down into what is now called Baja, Mexico. One group was led to the majestic mountain called Mt. Shasta. This group built a great city beneath the mountain called Telos, and their mission was to maintain the purity of the Lemurian race until it was time for the reunification process to begin. After the great deluge, their telepathic skills were diminished so that they could no longer communicate with those outside their mountain paradise and so they thought that they were the only survivors of the great cataclysm.

Other groups were led to various mountain ranges where they built beautiful temples and sanctuaries in the great caverns as well as on the surface of the Earth. At that time, the place called Lake Tahoe was a vast, dry crater with a magnificent multi-spired crystal rising up from the floor and sinking deep within the Earth. Here a beautiful center of healing and harmony was created to assist humanity to fully incorporate their Essence within the physical vessel. This center acted as a receiver of the pulsating energies from the Great Central Sun and Mt. Shasta acted as a broadcaster of energy from your Earth out into the stratosphere and higher dimensions. A much larger group was led to another great mountain at the edge of a vast lake. This was a volcanic mountain with molten fires buried deep within the structure of the Earth. The ancient lake called Lahontan covered much of the Northern area of the place now called the state of Nevada. Pyramid Lake is one of the last remnants of these waters. This group of Lemurians was also taken into caverns within the mountain which were kept dry and temperate by the heat from the natural furnace within the Earth. This was also a special group, for what transpired over the next centuries was this: they were gradually infused, via their DNA, with the encodings of all the past and future root races and sub-races. Eventually, the time came for this group to break into much smaller groups-some composed of only twenty or thirty and some much larger. Their leaders or guardians (later to be called wise men/women or shamans) led them into the great tunnel system that criss-crosses the land in every country.

Each group surfaced, in turn, and began their “tribal existence” in an isolated world, developing their unique customs, attributes and talents. Some were very aggressive as they expressed the masculine nature of Creation, and some very passive and gentle as they personified the feminine attributes, with many variations in between. You see, different encodings of DNA were activated in each individual tribe so that all could be externalized and observed in this great experiment of duality. These tribes were also to be the record keepers of the history of the Earth. Many of you who are reading this revelation were there and are of that group (no matter where you now live on the Earth). After most of the groups had left the mountain near what is now called Grimes Point and were safely ensconced in their new home locations, the great cataclysm took place and the mountain blew up, leaving only large and small blackened boulders scattered over the land. Only a small group of souls was left and they gradually lost most all the knowledge they brought with them as they sank into an animal/man existence. These are the remains that are now being discovered-brought forth at this time to help you remember your ancient heritage. The boulders, rocks and land in these ancient sites also are record keepers and have much to share with you if you are open to their vibrations and wisdom. What took place in those ancient times was to assure that every race, culture and civilization from this universe would be represented when the time for the reunification process to begin.

The same process took place in isolated areas of Europe, Africa and Asia, South America and Australia-incubation centers for the future reunification of all humanity. Herein lies the foundation of all the conflict on Earth-the resistance to the inevitable. The focus of evolving spiritual awareness was centered in the Eastern world for many ages, but in these latter days it has shifted to the western world. If you were to study the Indian cultures of the United States and Canada, you would find that there are hundreds of tribes. The diversity is astounding to say the least, from dark brown to red to almost white; short, stocky bodies with flat features to tall, slender bodies with sharp features and many variations in between. There are many theories and much conjecture as to how the original Indian races came to the Americas-they are all wrong-they are of Lemurian and Atlantean lineage and were here long before your historians are willing to believe.

It is the same in Africa and on other continents-the diversity is beyond explanation-unless you know the real history of what took place. The Indian nations of America claim the land as theirs, and it cannot be denied that they were grossly mistreated, as many races and cultures have been in the past (and in present times as well). Groups all over the world are fighting for the same territories and have for centuries-it is time for a cessation of the conflicts and an awareness that harm done to one is harm done to all-including the ones who act harmfully.

In addition to the grid/ley lines within and around the Earth being reestablished and energized, and the Christ Grid’s reactivation above the Earth, we have always used the powerful vortex energies of the mountain tops to mix, meld and radiate the refined energies of Spirit from one area to another. That is why you are so attracted to the mountain peaks and higher elevations. The new waves of creation are streaking from one country, one mountain peak and sacred site to another and you are adding the seeds of your Essence to these streams of Light. You bear within you the seeds of new creation-the next level of evolution that is striving to be birthed-and you are in the throes of birthing pain. The Earth is being bombarded with these refined seeds of creation as well. She is soaking them up into her bosom and using them to help her in the transformation process that must and will take place. What is seething and boiling within each of you, precious friends, is a deep-seated desire to acknowledge the multiple facets of the Self within. The core of your Essence contains such a wondrous diversity of experience, awareness, inclinations and possibilities. You have no idea where you have been, what you have created and the identities you have assumed as you soared throughout the universe (and some of you, even other universes).

You have come so far, beloveds, and accomplished so much; do not become discouraged and faint of heart now that victory is in sight. Look around at what you have to be thankful for, at the miracles that have been showered down upon you, and the wonders you have created. Do not focus on your failures, but set your sights on the vision of the future, as you sow the seeds of your own new creations.

The last mile of a race is always the toughest and the last yards may seem almost unattainable, but as you breathe deeply and draw on your inner strength, you are gifted with another burst of energy and resolve to complete the task at hand. That is where you are now. You are not alone-you have never been alone-we are with you always and love you beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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