Soulmates Are Your Mirror


The subject of soulmates is an intriguing one for most people but did you know that soulmates are your mirror? You are probably curious to know how you can meet your soul mate or if you may have already met your soul mate without even realising it. A question I am often asked is; why your relationship with a soul mate, especially if it’s a romantic one, can be difficult at times? Mostly when you think of soulmates, you are referring to the romantic type of relationship and most people believe your soul mate must be the person with who you can make a better and richer life happen. While ultimately this is true, there are almost always some stepping stones on your way, lessons you have to learn. That’s exactly where your soul mate steps in.

soulmates are your mirror

Who Are Soulmates?

Before going into detail regarding your soul mate as a life partner, it is important to realise that you have soul mates in all parts of your life. Soulmates are groups of souls that travel together throughout many life times. These groups of souls incarnate together over and over again to help and support each other. Ultimately soulmates are your mirror so that you can teach and learn from each other.

You can have soul mates in all areas of your life: parents, friends, teachers, business associates.Whenever you meet a member of your soul group, you will notice the feeling – that it seems you have known this person for a long time even if you just met. Your ambitions and general outlook on life will be the similar. Many times you will share the same projects and strive for the same goals, however, there are challenges in these relationships too. After all, you came here to learn new lessons.

Past Life Partners

Then you meet a soul mate who has been a partner in a previous lifetime. The moment you lock eyes with these people, it happens: weak knees, a strong heart beat and an inexplicable attraction. You have just met someone with whom you have shared at least one previous lifetime in an intimate relationship. You both look different in this lifetime, but the eyes are the mirror to the soul and when your eyes meet, you REMEMBER each other.

When this happens you don’t consciously remember but your soul knows it all: the joy AND the pain. It is all there instantaneously, at the very moment your eyes meet. There is also the desire to work it all out in this lifetime and be happy together. If you enter into an intimate relationship with a former intimate soul mate, it is very important to do so with an open and loving heart. Soulmates are your mirror and these relationships can often be very painful, because you already subconsciously know each other well. You are predisposed to push each others buttons and get a reaction from your partner.

The Pain Of Soulmates

It is very important to see that whatever pain a soul mate causes you, it is done out of love and is a result of the reflection you are, to each other. Soulmates are your mirror and this pain comes from your buttons being pushed. The goal here in this union is to resolve and undo blocks, getting clear as you evolve. A relationship with a soulmate is the ideal way to do this. Understand that your partner is merely reflecting back to you what is inside yourself.

Being a soulmate should not be regarded as an excuse for you to treat your partner badly. Look at this through the eyes of your soul, only someone who is an intimate soulmate of yours will agree to take for themselves, the task to hurt you – with the ultimate goal to help you evolve. A soul that does not belong to our soul-group wouldn’t want to “dirty their hands” in this way.

Soulmates And Romance

In this regard, there is a certain hierarchy when it comes to soul groups and the lessons the various members of a soul group teach each other. I believe that all soulmate relationships are karmic. We all meet again for the purpose of clearing old debts and to learn from one another and grow. There are different types of soulmates, according to the different types of lessons you can learn. You may have an intellectual soulmate with whom you can debate. The soulmates that you have intimate relationships with are here for you to clear your emotional issues.

Soulmates, and all the more intimate soulmates you have, feel a deep love and respect for each other. Therefore, even your relationship is difficult at times, there is support and nurturing of each other in your ambitions, aspirations, and achievements on all levels – mental, physical and emotional. This does not mean that you agree 100% on everything, but simply that you respect and accept each other completely the way you are.

Staying Together

Soulmates like this do not feel the need to change their partner. The emotional lessons emerging in such relationships are for the sake of purification of emotions only, and never for the sake of manipulation or control. Intimate soulmates don’t necessarily stay together in this lifetime. Even if you don’t consciously remember it, you have agreed beforehand to meet again in this life time to work out certain issues that will then help you to lead a more fulfilling relationship with someone else, maybe even someone new who did not belong to our soul group prior to this lifetime. Someone new with whom you can share new lessons with.

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