Soul Evolution

Soul Evolution.

Greetings Beloved Masters.

How great it is to be speaking with you on this day! I am Hilarion.

Let us speak today about your soul evolution – your movement here and your quest for ultimate truth. All levels of consciousness, whether they in human, spirit, or atomic form exist in a continuum. All things move and churn in their own cosmos within their own realm of reality and within their own perception of God/Goddess. We are speaking on the energetic level of all consciousness whether physical or not.

Everything around you, every being’s experience, and any observation made by any level of consciousness is a matter of perception. Everything you do, have done, or will ever do is also a matter of perception – your own. Other’s see your actions within the realm of their own perceptions. As there is no true beginning of the evolution of consciousness you have and always will perceive in your own manner within the womb of God/Goddess.

Your soul is a great tool of observation, gaining experience and giving to the Whole in every movement. Your choices are the fundamental acts you perform in your journey of collecting information. And you experience life using your own unique manner of perception. And so, there are multiple realities and you are right now perceiving reality as only you can perceive. Because your soul travels with group energy, you happen to be at this time experiencing reality with a group of souls who have similar methods of perception and of gathering experience.

Remember that the cosmos, beyond the physical universe, is vast, endless, and timeless. Being such, there are levels and varieties of consciousness who do not in any way perceive the way you do. There is absolutely no similarity whatsoever. However, it can be said as well that on your own sphere here there are levels of consciousness who do not in any way perceive the way you do. A cell in the blade of grass, a candle flame, an insect, and a drop of water all have a different method of perceiving their universe.

Your own perceptions are truly and wonderfully important for your soul’s evolution. But they are by no means the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. In fact, truth, in truth, is only a matter of perception. What is your reality, may not be another’s reality, and so forth. The reason that you are experiencing immediately next to or ‘with’ another soul or souls is that you each have a similar method of perception. Therefore you can exist here on a mass level semi-harmoniously in general agreement of how things are supposed to be.

On a more intimate level you live only near those who share your current perception of life and reality and you socialize with those who harmoniously support your perceptions. As your perceptions change, your associates change, your job changes, etc. Always you magnetize toward those who share your perceptions. Therefore you have your Earth here and all of her matter and her oceans and her mountains and all of the people here who ‘get it’ the way you get it.

If you think that there is a vast difference between your own version of reality and those who choose to live on your planet in war, famine, violence, or poverty then imagine the vast inexplicable difference between your current perceptions and those on other planes and dimensions. Indescribable levels, masses of consciousness, live beyond your sphere of multiple realities and the greater amount never experience your Earth or anything like it. Consciousness is huge, vast, whole, and inseparable. But the Whole, God/Goddess, exists in realities and levels of perception that you cannot at this time imagine.

So you travel on your path, your road of soul evolution choosing and preferring particular methods of collecting experience. As you do so you ‘travel’ with groups of souls who choose quite similarly the same methods of perception. Soul preference brings you together with like levels of consciousness and you experience together and participate in each other’s lessons. Each object or form of life on your planet is in complete agreement with the chosen reality of the Earth’s mass consciousness.

Your perception of what is real and what is valid is by all means true. You are God/Goddess experiencing here and so your reality is just as valid as anyone else’s. It also follows then that anyone else’s reality is just as valid as your own.

Now. Some of you get great joy from categorizing guides and planes and vibrations and so on. You have developed beautiful methods of describing the universe and logical set ups that assist you in perceiving the non-perceivable. Many of you have books that outline the very structure of the universe – the complete ball of wax in a nice diagram.

There are levels and colors and hierarchies of beings – dimensions, vibrations, etc. all lined up in a neat package. And if you are comfortable with the words you can hold up your book and say, ‘This is how it is.’ But not long afterward someone or something will comes along and shakes that surety and you wonder who is right and some of you cling to your comfortable truth. And when your faith in what is found outside of you is challenged and shaken enough times, you begin to need to find the truth within you. You sometimes find you need to drop the methods, the diagrams, the hierarchies, the neat packages and you have to go to that sometimes scary place which is your own sanctuary of knowledge.

There is no greater truth than the one that lies within you. All stories are meant to be changed, all concepts are meant to evolve, all ideas are meant to expand. That is why every conception of the beginning of creation is in essence true to the degree with which it rings true to the heart of an individual. Every level of truth is not less than the greatest or highest truth but in reality is a reflection of that truth.

Einstein’s theory of relativity pointed out that events are perceived at different angles, levels, or perspectives. The truth of that event is relative to the perceiver. Three observations made of the same event will be completely different but all are true because each observer is perceiving according to his or her own perspective. This works the same way on every level of perception.

Truth is enormous and truth is owned by the perceiver. And so it is truly impossible for anyone else to know what is true for your self but your self. Every observation you make is a reflection of your own truth. Every bit of data that you collect, every bit of information that you gather is constantly reflecting back at you the content of your own truth. Your life circumstances constantly mirror back to you your own truth. If you want to know what your truth is, observe your existence. Observe the data you collect. Observe your observations about others. Observe the things that are said to you about others. Those things reflect your truth. Those things reflect for you exactly what you believe.

As truth is multifaceted, it is therefore flexible, dynamic, and willing to change. What we are saying is that your truth can change. Your belief system can adjust in order to alter or transform chaos in your life. In understanding the profound relativity of truth from your own perspective, it follows naturally that one must begin to understand the validity of truth from someone else’s point of view. Truth on your plane is forever evolving, forever mixing and churning and becoming more than what it was a moment before. One can say the only thing that is not an illusion is Love. And all other things are variations of this energy moving endlessly through creation.

All consciousness is seeking that highest Truth. We are, on all planes, evolving toward that greatest of truths. And no matter which path is chosen, it will eventually lead to God/Goddess. Choose your paths to return to Creation. But realize that perception is relative and the reason that certain truths remain constant in your reality is that your mass consciousness deems them so. Moving down from the mass consciousness to continents, nations, cities, groups, and individuals, truths become more intimate, more personalized. This is where truths vary, where they change and combine. You are learning to integrate your truths and to accept the validity of other’s perceptions. You have gone the route of killing one another in disputes over truth. Now it is time for growth, time for an evolution in perception, yes? And you are doing it. We are proud to work with you. We are forever watching over you.

Blessings to each and every one of you.

Your brother in Spirit, Hilarion

Authors Details: Lisa Holloway Hilarion Channeled


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