Signs Of The Zodiac

People are very complex creatures. We all have many of the signs of the Zodiac within our personalities and birth charts. While the Sun is the only “planet” whose sign we can tell for sure without an astrologer’s help, it does represent the ego and identity of an individual. However, as you read through these signs, pay attention to ones other than your Sun’s sign to see if you also possess some of those qualities. Good luck and enjoy!

signs of the zodiac

The Signs Of The Zodiac


March 20th – April 20th
You are the pioneers of the Zodiac. Fond of being first, you need to push back the barriers of life in order to be truly happy. Your natural enthusiasm and quick energy is a blessing. In fact, it is hard for you to understand why others can’t “just do it!” Competition is a game and you absolutely love to spar. Weak lovers need not apply here as you want somebody that—when you push—will push back. Being a strong sign, it is important for you to learn tactfulness. What others see is what they get with you; you can’t be bothered to hold grudges or harber ulterior motives (unless Scorpio predominates elsewhere in your natal chart). Usually successful, you are destined to go far.


April 20th – May 21st
You are the earthiest of all of the signs. Practical and pragmatic, you have an innate sense of value. Your highly developed sense of touch causes you to prefer natural materials (such as cottons, linens and cashmeres) on your body instead of synthetics. Some say you have magic fingers. You need to have a connection to the Earth and are therefore not happy on the upper floors of a high-rise (too far away from the ground). You also prefer to own rather than rent and are very loyal in relationships. When you feel out of sorts, take off your shoes and socks and walk around barefoot. This will reconnect you to the Earth and your own inner self. Investments interest you and you usually do well with them.


May 21st – June 21st
You are the communicators of the Zodiac. Needing to be free, like the wind, you weave your words of magic and wit for all to hear. Change is your watchword and you move from place to place, flower to flower, and dance to dance with equal ease. Laughter is your constant companion and movement is your religion. You bore easily and need to have many components to keep your interest in your job, your love life and your friends. The sign of the twins, there are really two of you holding court inside. You thrive in all aspects of journalism and speech. Your community is important to you and you seem to always know exactly what is going on.


June 21st – July 22nd
You are the sensitive nurturers of the Zodiac. Able to feel deeply, your compassion for others is high. Your family is number one, two and three in your book and you will do whatever it takes to provide well for them. This actually gives you a strong career nature and you can be found at the tops of many professions. Often a fabulous cook, you love the idea of feeding others. Like your totem, the crab, though, you may tend to “sidestep” issues and you could benefit from learning how to be a little more direct (most of the others signs just don’t understand innuendo). A more dedicated partner or parent could not be found.


July 22nd – August 23rd
You are the Personality Plus members of the Zodiac. You like the big, the bold, the bright and the beautiful. Preferring leadership, you strive to attain and maintain an executive position. Charm oozes off of you and you can be found in the middle of little gatherings at parties telling your fabulous stories. Dramatic and entertaining, you are often asked to all of the best soirees in town. It is natural for you to play to the audience as it is your nature to do things for the reaction. You give 150% again and again and all anyone else need do is notice. But notice they must! You have natural talents and abilities and are known for your sunny personality.


August 23rd – September 22nd
You are the bean counters of the Zodiac. You like everything to have, and be in, its place. Able to instantly spot the flaw in any given situation, you are perfection oriented. You have excellent critical and analytical capabilities. Science is a natural for you as you love learning, assimilating, storing and retrieving data. Many of you can be found in the healing professions as you love studying all the muscle groups, bones and circulatory systems of the body. Others are drawn into technical fields in which you excell. Cleanliness is next to Godliness in your mind and sloppy individuals need not apply for a spot in your love life. You are the organizers extraordinaire and can be counted upon to do the job right.


September 23rd – October 23rd
You are the arbitrators of the Zodiac. Your symbol—lady justice with the scales—is the very same symbol that we use for law and the courts. Able to see both sides of any given situation, you ponder and deliberate long and hard before making decisions. You are extremely relationship oriented; you want to live with a partner as well as work in partnerships. Because of this, you must guard against giving all of your own power away. You are profoundly tactful, innately social, overwhelmingly gracious and exceptionally charming. A strong sense of color and design is inborn and you can often be found working in the arts.


October 23rd – November 22nd
You are the strongest members of the Zodiac. Yours is the power of the will and you have the ability to focus on your goals and desires and reel them in like fish. Such strength belongs to you that there are actually two totems for your sign; the eagle and the scorpion. This is because you go to the nth degree of your chosen path so you must choose a high road or a low one. You are passionate in the extreme, fiercely loyal to friends and family, highly magnetic and sometimes driven. Sharp as a tack, you are also worldly. Success is often yours because you never give up until you have achieved your dreams. A strong emotional element is essential for you in relationships.


Novemeber 22nd – December 21st
You are the High Adventurers of the Zodiac. On a mission to discover Truth (with a capital T), you don’t believe that what you see is what it’s all about. You want to know what lies behind manifestation or beyond it. What truly does create this world of ours? You spend endless hours philosophizing and searching for the answers to your quest. You love foreign lands, languages and people. Travel is your favorite pastime and you must guard against believing that the grass is always greener on the other side. You cannot lie so sometimes need to learn how to sandwich your truths with gentleness. Adventuresome and daring, you can be counted upon to join the Quest.


December 21st – January 20th
You are the businesspeople of the Zodiac. You understand at a very early age that society has levels and that you don’t want to get stuck at the bottom. This makes you a very serious youngster and, until you receive your degree, title or business, you focus on getting ahead. Society itself is important to you and you admire those things that humans can do very well. Because of this, you are drawn to museums, the ballet or the opera. You are also very worldly and understand that business works because of planning, hard work, attention to detail and determination. Like your totem, the mountain goat, you take one very deliberate step after another until you have gained the mountain peak.


Janaury 20th – February 19th
You are the inventors of the Zodiac. You see the world as it will be, or could be or should be rather than as it is. Humanitarian in the extreme, you have oodles of acquaintances and get along with everybody. Cool and detached, you have the ability to examine situations and customs from a rather unique angle.You thrive on being different and others often find you a bit odd. You, however, know that it’s the rest of the signs that are truly peculiar. Freedom is your watchword and you will not be tied down. You have a longing to create a better world for all human beings and following your very strong intuition brings you success.


February 19th – March 20th
You are the empathizers of the Zodiac. Unlike the other signs, yours is not a particular energy; rather, you are actually a combination of all of the rest of the signs. This gives you true compassion and understanding. At first, you may consciously or unconsciously tune into what others want you to be. Once you have truly developed a sense of self, however, you can truly sparkle and shine. You are almost always gifted either musically or artistically. You do, however, need a space of your own and regularly scheduled “alone times” spent there. This is when you know where you end and others begin. Taking baths instead of showers and listening to the ocean can always bring you back to center.


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