The Shri Yantra Mandala

The Shri Yantra Mandala is known as the symbol of wealth & prosperity. It is also known as the Yantra of the Cosmos. The worship / meditation on the Yantra of the Shri Yantra Mandala bestows peace, power, bliss and protection from evil. Shri Yantra mandala takes away all kinds of physical, mental or spiritual ailments.

Sri Yantra Mandala

The Shri Yantra Mandala is constructed with an intersection of nine triangles of which five triangles are pointing upward and four downward. A combination of these nine triangles makes the Shri Yantra Mandala the most dynamic of all Yantras. As the five upward-pointing and four downward-pointing triangles are intersecting and overlapping one another, they produce a total of forty-three visible triangles.

Shri Yantra Mandla – Nine Chakras

1. BINDU – The point inside the central triangle and the center of the Chakra. It is known as SARVA ANANDAMAYI CHAKRA, which means a chakra of total bliss. It is the seed of the entire Universe, and it is beyond time and space.

2. TRICON – The Central triangle, which contains the Bindu. It is known as SARVA SIDDHI PRADA CHAKRA. The Tricon is presumed to be the primordial prakriti with three states of consciousness: Waking state, dream state and deep sleep state.

3. ASHTAR – A group of eight triangles outside the Tricon. It is known as SARVA ROG HAR CHAKRA – a chakra that destroys all diseases.

4. ANTARDASHAR – A group of ten inner triangles. It is known as the SARVA RAKSHAKAR CHAKRA – a chakra that provides all kinds of protection.

5. BAHARDASHAR – A group of ten outer triangles. It is known as SARVA ARTHA SADHAK CHAKRA – a chakra that helps to achieve all kinds of realization.

6. CHATURDASHAR – A group of fourteen triangles. It is known as SARVA SAUBHAGYADAYAK CHAKRA – a chakra that gives all good fortune.

7. ASHTADAL – A ring of eight lotus petals. It known as SARVA SANKSHOBAN CHAKRA.

8. SHODASHDAL – A ring of sixteen lotus petals. It is known as SARVA ASHAPURAKA CHAKRA, the chakra of fulfilling all hopes, of materializing all kinds of expectations.

9. BHUPUR – The square form with four gates. It is known as TRAIYELOK MOHAN CHAKRA, the chakra that attracts the three Lokas (planes): Physical, Astral and Celestial. Eight Siddhis (Powers) are present in this chakra, viz – ANIMA (atomicity), LAGHIMA (lightness), MAHIMA (might), ISHATAVA (power over others), VASHITVA (attraction of others), PRAPTI (attainment), PRAKAMYA (ability to assume a desired form) and BHUKTI (enjoyment of power).

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