Sex Magick Rituals

Many sex magicians prefer to perform their sex magick rituals in the form of auto-eroticism and/or having intercourse with a partner. But there are more possibilities and variations. You may wish to take a look at them and consider to implement them in your sex magickal practice.

Solo Sex Magick Rituals

“Hey, don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love!”
Woody Allen

To many of us the word masturbation has a bad taste. It is said to be sinful and make you deaf, lame and blind (?) Let’s be honest and admit that almost all human beings masturbate since the discovery of their sexuality in childhood. Masturbation is a very good way to overall self-acceptance and respect for your body as an earthly home for your spirit. If you practice physical self-love this way I guarantee you a much greater feeling of satisfaction and calmness of mind then when you use it as a quick way to get rid of tension. The above mentioned quote of Woody Allen makes me smile, but it contains truth: accepting and enjoying self-stimulation is making love with your inner lover.

sex magick rituals

After this intro it won’t surprise you that many sex magicians advice to start practicing sex magick rituals with masturbation. It’s simply the best way to learn to know your body, to explore your individual reactions and learn how to prolong orgasm. Another reason is that it makes you independent of a partner; it is a powerful sex magick technique in itself. And this explains why most sex magickal acts are auto-erotic.

The best known solo sex magick practice is one person raising magical energy by self-stimulation.

Make Love To The Gods

Another possibility is visualising a god or goddess making love to you while you’re masturbating. Gods and goddesses personify important human characteristics and talents/qualities, or aspects of life in their pure form. We can imagine yourself in sexual union with a deity in case we wish to strengthen or emphasise these qualities in ourselves.

  • You may need help for a specific goal, for instance from a goddess of love, a god of healing or a god specialised in divination. If this is the case, start the ritual, arouse yourself and invoke the chosen god/goddess. Visualise the deity as vivid as you can with all your senses! Keep on repeating the name of your deity; at the moment of orgasm you channel the energy into your goal (something related to the deity).
  • You may wish the god’s help to improve certain qualities in yourself, let’s say intuition. In this case your ‘goal’ is projected inside yourself: while astrally making love you absorb the divine energy which will help you manifest that same energy yourself. Build up as much energy as you can and climax.

Thank and release the deity before you end the ritual! Working with a god/goddess can be intensely erotic. Deities are free from negative sexual conditioning, they will let go, and they bring along much energy.

Note: each deity has its own personality and they will bring it with during their love play. Therefore know who you invite. Working with deities is not something I would advice for beginning sex magicians.

You can even go further by invoking a god/goddess into your own body. Here you deliberately surrender your ego. You offer yourself completely for a higher purpose. You can work this deep and intense sex magick as described above. At the end thank and release the deity! Again: this is not for starting sex magicians. And never, never invoke an entity lower than a god/goddess/archangel into your body!

A technique between solo and duo sex magick is this: one magician fully concentrates on the magical goal, while a supportive partner arouses him/her. After having explored auto-erotic sex magick first, this is a good way to smoothly ‘glide’ into working with a partner.

Sex Magick With A Partner

“Come forth, o children, under the stars, and take your fill of love.”
Aleister Crowley

In partner sex magick the energy circulates and builds up between two people. To produce great effect it is best if both partners are more or less equally trained in sex magick, or truly willing to become so and practice a lot. Your partner should always know that you intent to do a sex magick ritual! – and agree with it! It is perfect to expand barriers in duo sex magick as long as you both feel comfortable with it. If for any reason something happens against your will immediately stop the ritual!

The commonly known technique of duo sex magick rituals is having intercourse, be it with a partner of the opposite sex or of the same sex. Several magicians advice the position woman-on-top for sex magick; in this position the woman controls the depth and rhythm of penetration, she can get clitoral stimulation, and most men need more time to reach orgasm. All good reasons to use this position, but even more important is your personal preference. And you might wish to change positions as well; for this reason it is practical to place your symbol/sigil on different places in the room – or draw it with body paint on your partner’s body!

Position Is Everything

Intercourse positions can be seen as asana’s, yoga-positions, each having a specific way of freeing and directing energies. I came across some considerations on certain positions:

  • The famous missionary position (man-on-top): here the chakra’s of the partners are placed opposite each other and partners can look into each others eyes; this enhances intimacy, contact, healing and energy. A good position for a man to reach orgasm. This position is advised if you’re doing magick for a positive change in the man’s life.
  • An interesting variation for sex magick: still man-on-top, but the woman holds her legs together after penetration and does not move; only the man is active giving her his energy, she holds all this sexual energy and directs it into the universe. I would name this a good position to do magick for a mutual goal – or for something the woman wishes to realize.
  • Woman-on-top (cowgirl or camel-position): this woman-active position is good to do magick for a goal the woman wishes to realize. The woman gets more stimulation and the man tends to ejaculate later.
  • Woman-on-top-reversed (with her face looking at her partner’s feet): in this position there’s no eye-contact, but it can be very stimulating for both partners. A good position to do magick for a friend of the woman (she receives much of his energy and can direct it into the universe).
  • Side-to-side-positions: both partners are equally active/receptive; their chakras are placed opposite each other and their eyes meet – what means a lot of contact and exchange of energies. Good for magick for a mutual goal.
  • Doggie-position (woman on her knees, or lying on her belly, and the man entering her from behind): many people like this position, because it brings up their wild, instinctive side. A highly energizing position, and good for sending energy to someone the man wants to send energy to.
  • Lotus-position (the man sits in lotus- or meditation-position with the woman on his lap, her legs around his waist and his arms on her shoulders): a highly meditational position with not much room to move but much contact between the chakra’s, a very good position to use the ‘secret language’ consisting of male and female rhythmical internal movements with the pelvis muscles. A good position if your magick aims at spiritual development with slowly and steady built up energies, not really directed at a specific goal in the outside world. (for this aim also the side-by-side positions are very suitable).
  • Anal sex; this strongly brings up our wild and beastly side; while the man penetrates the woman he can stimulate her G-spot and/or clitoris. Good for highly energized sex magick.
    Warning: I hate warnings, but I have to let you know that everything that has been in the anus – be it a finger, sex-toy, penis, whatever – has to be cleaned thoroughly before you can insert it into the vagina! Because the anus contains much bacteria which in absolute no way should be transmitted to the vagina, being the inside of a woman’s body, where they can cause very serious infections!

Oral Sex

Another way of partner sex magick is using fellatio and cunnilingus, better known as ‘position 69’, being mutual oral sex. Visualize the energy reaching you through the mouth of your partner, entering your body at the genitals, moving up to your mouth and then leaving you to enter the genitals or your partner; in this way you visualize an increasing circle or energy. Mutual oral sex magick is not suitable if you work with affirmations, but good if you work with sigils and visualizations.

Partners can agree to invoke a god or goddess into one of the partners, while the other partner keeps his or her human form. This is a strong way of adoring the divine core in your partner and it can be really special for both partners. The partner who will take on the god-form allows his or her mind to go blank, while the other partner invokes the god/goddess into his or her (it may be clear that you have to agree on the deity on beforehand). These rituals merely serve spiritual development; you normally don’t use them for a specific goal in the outside world, but both enjoy adoring the divinity in a sexual way.

In the sex magick ritual “The Great Rite” a god/goddess is invoked into both partners. This is for advanced sex magicians. The male magician invokes the goddess into the female magician (having her mind blank), and the female magician invokes the god into her partner (having made his mind blank) – or the other way around. Again this is sex magick for spiritual evolution, and it can be very intense and unusual.

Distance sex magick. For instance you live in London, your partner is on a business-trip in Tokyo and you want to do magick together. Agree (on the phone or email) on a goal, affirmation/visualization/sigil, time to start the ritual and approximate length of it (mind the different time-zones). Visualize a very big circle of protection, covering all the way from London to Tokyo. Then start masturbating, strongly visualizing your partner having sex with you, calling out his/her name from time to time and complete the ritual.

Group Sex Magick Rituals

“There is no act of passion that shall not be a hymn in mine honour.”
Aleister Crowley

A group sex magick ritual is not a kinky party; see it as a serious dedication of a number of people to a certain goal. The fact that magick works synergistic is a very good reason for a group to practice (sex) magick. No one in the world can demand you to ever do a sex magickal act against your will. But you may also consider that social behavior has taught us to regard our bodies and sexual expressions as being sinful – thus keeping us from showing our nudity and sexuality in public. So the big question I’d like to ask, and I don’t know the answer, is: how natural is the aversion of many people against group sex?

Group rituals are for advanced sex magicians. Every participant must know how to raise, control and direct energies. They must be determined to work magick with their sexuality; if their aim is to sexually freak out with many partners they will ruin the ritual. In a group ritual it is absolutely not possible to cross barriers, the group has to agree on possible borders on beforehand. If someone namely does something another member of the group feels uncomfortable with, the whole energy chain will be broken and the ritual will be worthless. Generally spoken group rituals can follow the techniques described under solo and duo sex magick. They can be masturbatory, in the form of having intercourse,or in the form of a large oral circle. Of course establishing an atmosphere of contact, trust and openness is very important within a group ritual. A group meditation, holding hands in a circle feeling the energy circulating, or maybe chanting a mantra together are very good to start with.

A larger group will have a leader, a person not participating in the ritual, but spiritually and magically guiding the group. The leader will do the banishments and take care of the timing and process of the ritual. This gives the group the opportunity to be completely sexually involved, raising enormous energy. The leader will from time to time ask the group to spread the raised energy amongst the group and to focus it into the direction of the chosen goal. The leader will also harmonize the energies by directing them with his will, and raising them if needed, from a place with much energy to a place within the group with less energy. And at the peak of the sexual energy the leader will ask the group to work towards orgasm and channel all their energy into the magical goal.

I would like to end this piece with the suggestion of a group ritual for the healing of mother earth. (Or a partner ritual, or a solo ritual…) Nowadays many groups meditate for the well being and healing of our planet. By using sex magick we can actively send healing to the planet who gave birth to all of us. The bible states that our bodies are made from dust of the earth. With sex magick we can return mother earth some of this gift.

Authors Details: Sex Magick Rituals by Anja Heij – Unknown Web Site.

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  1. Thank you for writing so beautiful about sex. I am very inspired to look at sex this way.

  2. I feel good that you least tried to describe about the sex magic rituals. For the beginner it is very good. But for the people who are devoted to get Shaktipat from Tantra ,it is still incomplete.

    Rituals is incomplete if we talk from tantra view through Vajrayana and Tantric Hinduism. .Mantra, Yantra and Tantra and Havana plays a great role in complete rituals. I wish I could translate all those things in English from Sanskrit.

    I appreciate your work. you have dome really nice work Aymen.

  3. Ursula Y. Lawson

    Well I think its deeper than actual intercourse. Its about real sacred love an the divine.
    If you have that spiritual connection, higher awakening of one another. It only comes from having mutual feelings, for if you have ill will towards someone your having the ritual with, you sending it out to the universe. So if its not real love bad karma an results will begin to fester an someone is going to be unhappy, that’s why cheating an having multiple partners is truly not recommended.

    Even death can occur when jealously begins to manifest if partners are not in mutual agreement with a variety of partners. Jealously depicts envy an or not being mutual with that direction. I recommend One man an One woman, your stronger an the unity an harmony is of better essences, even for the children that you might bare. The behavior of the offspring towards both parental units shows true feelings, even if there is never verbal negativity. So lets say you love your children an there mother, you get remarried, you very much dislike the other woman[whoever they choose to engage in sexual activity with] but you are using her or him for your ritual an energy feeding, her intent will rub off an vibrate a tunnel of energy that can affect everyone, even the offspring. Like minded people, with like minded direction. Equals harmony, your nothing but a reflection of who you want an choose to be by your actions an intent.

  4. Katie Dishnneau

    Thaks for such description of this majick! My newlywed husband and I read it together and all of our questions and curiosities were answered completely. We are deciding our telos tonight! Watch out.

  5. friedly Jasper A.

    Your Comment Here…what are the names to chant to invoke the god/goddes in a sex ritual chants

  6. Calling on a false deity to enter you is just plain STUPID, what you will end up with is DEMONIC POSSESSION. NOT smart to toy with the spiritual world at ALL, let alone to feed your fleshly desires. This is just asking for trouble.


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