Self Made Millionaires

Self-Made Millionaires are not smarter or better than you. If you understand that money is a product of knowledge, opportunity and action. Having or not having money has no bearing on you as a person just the decisions and actions you have taken in the past.

Self made millionaires have just discovered these secrets and used them to become wealthy. You can do it too. Here are 21 points that will help you on your journey to wealth.

(1) Dream Big Dreams

Thinking Big will change your life. For a crash course on this read “The Magic of Thinking Big.”

(2) Create A Specific Picture Of Where You Are Going

The more specific you are the more likely you are to get there.

(3) Think & Act Like You Are The Owner Of A Business – In What You Do

Even if you work for someone else, you’re attitude will plant seeds for your independent greatness to grow.

self made millionaires

(4) Love Whatever You Are Doing Now

If you don’t love it, leave it. By saying no to doing work just for money you are magnetising work to you that you can love.

(5) Create A Mastermind Group

Have a regular meeting with others who are committed to building great lives. Share what you’re up to and support each other.

(6) Establish A Healthy Work Ethic

Make taking action your best friend.

(7) Commit To Constant Never Ending Improvement

Every day be searching for how you can learn more. Take actions to improve yourself. Hire a coach.

(8) See Your Work As Service

This applies irrespective of what you do. Helping others will grow your business.

(9) Know Your Business From Top To Bottom

That’s your job. Know everything in your business and how it works

(10) Prepare For Opportunity

Create space in your life and business. Opportunity will knock. Will you be ready?

(11) Stay Physically Fit

Strong minds create strong bodies. Weak bodies are the result of weak minds. Your physical and mental health are the core of your success in life.

(12) Prioritise Your Life

Do what’s most important first.

(13) Deliver More Than Your Customers Expect

This builds loyalty and repeat business. It feels good too.

(14) Discipline Yourself

Fill your life with activities and people that make you grow. Discard activities that have negative results in your life.

(15) Pay Yourself First

This is the first rule of the wealthy. Put money into savings before you pay bills. And DON’T touch it.

(16) Make Time To Be Alone

This time is for planning and listening to what’s inside you. Give your creativity time and silence to speak to you.

(17) Go For Greatness

Value the best and don’t settle for less.

(18) Honesty Is The Best Policy

Know who you are and what you want. Express this with integrity at all times.

(19) Make Decisions Quickly And Be Slow To Change Them

Change only if you realise you have made a mistake or you understand that the current path is taking you nowhere. Don’t be emotionally attached to your decision

(20) Failure Is Not An Option

Your mindset is focused on success. You will have success. Personally I often burn bridges behind me for this reason (That’s not for everyone)

(21) Be Determined To Attain Your Goals

Tenacious persistence builds confidence which leads to victory.

Have these tips helped you on your path to wealth? What sort of progress have you made? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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