Self Improvement – 4 Major Steps

Building Momentum Through the 4 Major Stages of Self Improvement

First, I would like to remind you that self improvement is an on going process not a one time occurrence, so fall in love with the journey and do your best to remember who YOU are and why YOU are here.

When you decide to “dig in” and live your life becoming the best you that you can be, you are going to travel through (not around) these 4 major stages. So, where are you on this path?

Stage One: Self-Discovery

The self-discovery stage starts at childhood and hopefully lasts a lifetime. It is the time to find out what you love to do. Some people follow their hearts and are lucky enough to do what they love for a living. Yet others follow the advice “grow up and get a job” uttered by fearful well-meaning adults.

So they settle for a job that pays the bills but doesn’t offer fulfillment. Until one day their inner voice starts to question, “How the hell did I get here?” “Isn’t there more to life then this?”

The answer is YES and you are off to Stage Two!

Stage Two: Self-Inventory

The self-inventory stage is full of questions begging to be answered. Why do I think what I think? Why do I believe what I believe? You start to sort things out during this stage.

You begin to understand that most of what you thought were your beliefs and opinions were really just someone else’s fears and phobias thrust upon you during the domestication process. (Oh, I’m sorry – childhood.)

Personal freedom is found at this stage. You begin to figure out what the world means to you. Best of all you find forgiveness here, forgiveness for yourself and others.

You begin to research and learn about new ideas and eventually cross paths with authors like Ruiz, Zinn and Hesse. You begin to realize that life looks and feels better form the perspective of love rather then fear and you wonder, “Am I allowed to share my new findings and truths with others?”

The answer is YES and you are off to Stage Three!

Stage Three: Self-Motivation

The self-motivation stage is where you find courage. You discover a new world of books, seminars, programs and tests. You’re like a child again, devouring everything you can get your hands on. Your new ideas are validated and encouraged by other like minded people. You freely gain and apply new knowledge and conscious growth begins to take place.

Your life starts to come together and courage is building. You start gaining confidence from listening to people like Tony Robbins and Lee Milteer give you the step by step direction to make these positive changes. You start to discover your real power and purpose.

You REMEMBER that you are good enough, worthy enough and ready to stand up and create the life you desire, in all areas mind, body and spirit. Then you think, “Do I really have what it takes to follow my heart and become…?”

The answer is YES and you are off to Stage Four!

Stage Four: Self-Change

In the Self-Change Stage you begin to apply the lessons you have learned and your effort bares fruit. You are on your way to doing what you love. People start to respond to your positive energy and you bring out the best in others.

It wasn’t long ago you were where they are now. You have found the courage to take what you have learned through your long hard journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Inventory and Self-Motivation and use it to help others.

You are ready to become a mentor, a writer or maybe a speaker. What ever it is you decide to do with the love you have found within yourself, you know it will make the world a better place. And isn’t that why we are all here anyway?

So as you travel on your path through these four major stages, remember that you are here to touch the world with your uniqueness. Find your courage and develop your gifts, the world has never needed you more.

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