Sacred Symbols

This is a very brief look at sacred symbols to give you an idea on how to glimpse into your — and the subconscious of the collective.

“God is hidden from you and so are the inner secrets of Her divine message. You may read or hear about them, but comprehending their meaning is difficult unless you have direct experience of their truth. That is why – to be able to talk to your soul – you use meditation, dreams, rituals, symbols and signs. Careful analysis and observation of the subconscious message of your soul” Aymen Fares

Sacred symbols are the symbolic language of your soul. Carl Jung theorized that you are able to go beyond the barriers imposed by language and speak directly to our subconscious. Symbols and images allow you to connect to your past as well as connect to the collective conscious of other cultures and religions.

sacred symbols

Jung recognized that the universal sacred symbols common to many religions are archetypal. Two of the most important universal symbolic images that he studied were the circle and the cosmic tree. Respectively they symbolize unity and eternity — and the self, or as a cosmic axis linking the underworld, earth and heavens.

Some other cosmic sacred symbols are:

Seed: potential of life
Dot: Supreme Being
Sun: male principal
Moon: female principal
Square: earth
Spiral: cosmic force
Wheel: solar power
Square: manifestation, foundation
Rainbow: a bridge between earth and spirit, the celestial serpent, the highest state of spiritual attainment before enlightenment.
Cross: cosmic axis, union of Earth and spirit, union of Opposites, spiritual union, sacrifice
Star of David: the downward –pointed triangle-the solar masculine principle-life. The upward pointing triangle-the lunar, feminine principle.
The Interlocking Triangles: as above, so below.
Egg: source of life
Water: unconscious, the feminine, the Great Mother, birth, purification
Fire: transmutation, purification, power, passion, illumination, and inspiration
Air: breath, thought, communication, and intellect
Earth: The Great Mother, fertility, nourishment, physical body, foundation, solidity
Cosmic Mountain: creation of the world
Ying/Yang Circle: represents opposition and synergy to the Taoists
Aum: the Hindu sacred syllable, the essence of all sounds
The Ankh: the ancient Egyptian sign of life, which seems to prefigure the Christian cross

Sacred symbols contain collective beliefs and therefore can be used as powerful tools in your own spiritual journey. Your thoughts can involve the intangible and supernatural, so you cannot help but express symbolically. The primary function of a symbol is to express a concept via visual shorthand.

A symbol has many advantages over the written or spoken language. The message in a symbol can be instantly registered and absorbed. It encourages a mystical or metaphysical reaction and facilitates closer communication with the sacred. Symbols are powerful and complex forms of communication irrespective of their simplicity.

When you are working on your inner world via dreams, meditation, basic contemplation, guided imagery then symbols appear to you as signposts or keys. They function as revealers or concealers of meaning. They enable you to look deeply into the mystery of life.

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