Romantic Relationships: A Spiritual Perspective

Romantic relationships.

When two people catch a glimpse of each other’s beauty, we often get a feeling that the relationship will fulfil our emptiness and we clutch onto the other person.

Meeting someone so attractive, so beautiful. Your heart beats like the rhythm at the races and your knees become Jell-O.

We all know this feeling of falling in love and seeing the amazing beauty in another. Couples fall in love blissfully and fall out of it with such heartache. Love does not have to be so difficult and as we all have grown to learn, you get out of something what you put into it. But there is a thin line to keep an eye on here. Our minds have grown to make us believe that we are “not complete”; “unfulfilled” or “unloved”, until we meet the love of our life. This was the mind talking (also known as the Ego), not our soul.

Your soul knows that you are complete, an extraordinary being, a creations of God. A creations of God being a creation of love. Innately, inside of you, you are pure love and our Ego is here to challenge that. Only when you love like God loves, you will experience the fulfilled life that we call “heaven”. God loves all equally, no-one is more special than any other. Which brings us to the “Special Relationship”.

When two people catch a glimpse of each other’s beauty, we often get a feeling that the relationship will fulfil our emptiness and we clutch onto the other person. Initially you might have extraordinary times, but the core on which such relationships are built, is simply your “thought” that you are not complete and that you NEED another to complete you. It is for this reason that when such relationships change form (traditionally known as ending the relationship), that lots of pain is experienced. Release your partner and all people in your life every moment. This is one of the principles to fulfilling relationships.

When you wish the other person their freedom and have faith that the relationship will serve both of you, for your spiritual growth, beautiful things come to fruition. Set them free every moment of the day and have the knowing that the purpose of the relationship is to create opportunities for you to “show up” and be the most glorious, most amazing person you know you are. This includes forgiving, not judging, showing compassion and loving unconditionally.

Relationships have nothing to do with the other person. Knowing this puts you in a powerful place where you have control over how you feel and who you are going to be in the relationship. Initially there will be bliss and lots of joy, followed by opportunities to work on your soul. I once read that you ask for God to send you the perfect partner, but instead he sends you something much better – someone slightly less than what you expected. See the relationship as a sacred space where you can grow. Your soul knows that you will slowly re-member your magnificence and uses romantic relationships to show us that.

We see that so often by being told my our loved ones how amazing we are, just to remind us of our soul’s natural state – perfection. Perfection does not mean you will not experience heartache, sadness or some of the less pleasing experiences, but it does mean that you are wonderful as you are and need not change a thing. Play fully – every moment of the way. Open your heart and love without bounds. When you open your heart completely and love another without conditions, people see the perfect person you are and get a glimpse of the God within you. Do not be afraid of rejection of any kind, because remember rejection does not mean anything is “wrong” with you, it is just a choice the other soul makes on it’s journey. You are complete and perfect by design and need not chance a thing about you to be loved – just love others and you will experience love.

This lesson places lots of emphasis on judgement. When we find someone and label the relationship as “Special”, so easily we place expectations on that person: “Will he call by 6?” or “Will she like what I got her?”. We place too much emphasis on the “form” of the relationship and less on the “content”.

A holy relationship is intimate, has authenticity, and allows freedom for the souls to grow. You need not be in a Romantic Relationship in order to experience intimacy. Your best friend allows you to cry when you wish to do so and he/she does not judge you for being sad. Consider being that to your Romantic Partner, allowing them the freedom to be anyway and know they are loved, irrespective of what space they are in on that day. Are your needs met? You have no “needs” for you have it all. You are whole and complete, filled with pure love. Consider that you have no lack and by doing so, you have no needs. You might have some things you wish to experience, but experiencing them could be with anyone, not only your Romantic Partner. Our generation has separated ourselves from God. “Separated from God” does not mean we are ignoring the entity called “God”, but instead, it means we have removed ourselves from the “knowing” that we are all love. That we are all connected, all beings, all elements and all that exists are one energy source called “God”, experienced as LOVE.

We can regain that consciousness by loving every being, every element and all opportunities that crosses our path – equally.

Authors Details: Justin Luyt facilitates a Spiritual Discussion Group for Teens in Dallas, TX. In addition he talks to teens on subject matter that deeply touches their lives and shares valuable transformational tools.   The Authors Web Site.

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