Rich Witch vs. Poor Witch, conjuring Up the truth!

Now, this is only my opinion…but….It seems to me that whenever two people of the Witchly persuasion meet there is one subject that always comes up. The subject is this:

“Is it correct to ask for things for yourself when doing Magick. Is self gain ok?”

A little story……Within the past year, my mother eagerly attended a circle and lecture by a respected authoress, but was quickly dismayed, when the woman proceeded to “bash” another, albeit even more successful, authoress for her apparent greed in writing books and having a successful store and company! Hmmm…I suppose that the first lady hoped to make not a penny on her books? I use this stricktly as an example of a common misconception in WitchCraft today, that somehow it is sinfully wrong to ask for anything for yourself, or gain in any way by the means and uses of your own Magick.

When considerring any spellwork, ethics state that you should never, under ANY circumstances, attempt to affect anothers’ free will. So, for example, you cannot make someone do something “for their own good”, BUT, you can send healing energies in hopes that they will accept it and eventually come to a healthy conclusion on their own!

If you do spellwork for everyone except yourself, how can you be sure that your vision of their desired outcome is really what is best for them, and exactly what they’d want? Is it not best to begin your spellcrafting on yourself? You make a fine proving ground for your skills! I feel that you are the first “line of defense”; that a healthyWitch naturally makes everything around her/him more healthy! So, work on your own faults, problem, shortcomings, and the whole world will be improved as a result, I guaratee it!

Furthermore, there are many people who work entirely for the healing of others, the Earth, etc. This is a most noble endeavor! BUT, these are usually the same people I see having horrendous problems paying their bills, finding a job, or in less than healthy relashionships! If you are attempting to end “World hunger” or Create “World Peace”, would it not be best to start within your own home? Be sure that you have all that you need, and much more, so that you can set the best personal example!

The golden Wiccan rule is, “Harm ye none, do as ye will”…. The authoress who did the unseemly bashing, should have taken a look at herself: First, She had some major health issues that needed her immediate attention! Second, Her display of judgement and jealosy was most unbecoming someone who has sought and accepted the responsibility of teaching the ancient ways to others! They will surely get the wrong idea if one does not practice what they preach! Perhaps she had a bad daythat particular day, but one our jobs (and it is not an easy one!) is to understand what negativity can do to our goals and lives (and therefore the lives of all those around us), and to mindfully redirect our energies toward something correct and healthy!

If it were incorrect for us to profit or gain from our spellwork, then we would not have any control over our lives, and WitchCraft IS the “taking back the reins of control” over our own lives! THAT is our true power! We need, first and foremost, to make ourselves the very best versions of ourselves humanly possible, or we can help no one! If you have no love, you cannot help another to know how to love; if you have no food, you cannot feed another; and if you have no money (because, lets face reality here! Money makes this World we live on go around!) you cannot benefit others!

So, cast away! Create a life beautifully and bountifully filled with everything you have ever wanted and needed, and know that you are most deserving of it all! Know also, that when you achieve it, you will have already improved the World with your very presence immeasurably!

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