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Sometimes poor people or the average person takes issue with rich people. Often these rich people are though of as evil or selfish. If we divide people into groups, tall and short, rich and poor etc., there will be no correlational between evil or selfish people and any of the groups that they are attributed to. Predominately people everywhere are good by their very nature because this is the human condition. There are not that many, actual evil people in the world. Selfish is a little more complex and you could argue that most people have their self interest at heart to some degree.

Many people have issues around wealth and money because they have lived a life, without, compared to the richest people in society who are paraded endlessly in the media. This highlights a gap between the wealthiest and the poor.

rich people

Wealth Can Be Created By Almost Anyone

Most people don’t understand that wealth can be created with knowledge and action. Many rich people have applied themselves over long hours and made huge sacrifices in some area’s of their life. Often those that criticise others are not willing to “step up” and gain knowledge, take risks and action.

I would suggest you look at your life in terms of what you need. Be grateful for what you have. Not everyone that has money has an easy life, rich people have different problems.

Poor people assume that only the poor worship money, but wealthy people know that this can be equally, if not more so, the case with the rich. There are also plenty of rich people who don’t derive pleasure from the material world and believe that material things hold no value or desirability unto themselves: they are a means toward a higher end.

Spiritual Perspective On Rich People

Here is my perspective on this issue. The Creator of all souls has given each one of them a mission to accomplish in course of their physical life. God also equips each soul with all the material resources it requires to accomplish its mission. Certain missions require only a minimal amount of material resources to carry out; that’s why we have poor people. Certain missions require large bank accounts to pull off; therefore we have rich people.

The Creator has also granted the human being freedom of choice. That means that every empowerment we are given carries a certain degree of risk. We can use our resources to accomplish our mission, or we can use them to sabotage it, and even sabotage the good that other souls are trying to achieve.

What all this means is that the big-money jobs are also the more risky investments. Here God is taking a much bigger chance: if the person doesn’t use the resources he or she have been given in the proper way, s/he can cause lots of damage. God is obviously going to be very selective about the souls to which he entrusts these particular missions. He is aware that they will be able to make a real mess of things; but he believes that they can do it right.

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