Release Your Past By Going Back To The Future

My beloved ones, this is a most critical time in your transmutation-ascension process. A time when you are most vulnerable to outside influences and concepts. New information, new methods and theories are brought forth daily for you to contemplate, investigate and integrate. But what is true and what is not? How do you discern? Did we not tell you in our last message that you are to sort and glean through the multitude of concepts that are being brought forth and discern what is your truth? You and you alone can decide what is right for you and what path of awareness you are to follow for you are a unique and vital creation of the Divine Mind.

There are many smaller dramas being played out in the greater drama of transformation and evolution, and you cannot totally comprehend or envision what is occurring in this beautiful dance of ascension back into the realms of enlightened reality. It is just one more step on the path back home. What may seem to many of you as negative or punishment is in reality a necessary step toward jolting you out of your complacency or out of your old patterns of thinking. Many beautiful and brave servants of the Light have accepted the task of being the catalysts for mind and heart-shaking events so that you will be shocked into your higher awareness. So that you will begin to think for yourselves. At a divine level, they accepted the opportunity to do the Creator’s work, no matter what the cost or condemnation. We honor these magnificent and wondrous beings for their task is not an easy one.

Because you are in a very critical phase of your illumination process, a time when you are most vulnerable and your trials and tests are not as dramatic as in the past, quite often, you are confused and do not know what the next step is or what the next truth is that you are to incorporate into your ever changing reality. Many of you are falling back into the old patterns of allowing others to do your thinking, to lead the way without question, without validating what is your truth by going inward and connecting to that infallible source, your own Divine Presence. You are still seeking outside yourself, turning to those you think are more powerful or more knowledgeable than you, hoping they will lead the way so you will not have to step to the fore, into the line of fire or into untested territory. We tell you, beloved ones, this will not work. You, as a Light Warrior, must lighten your own path, draw on your own precious wisdom, paid for and won through many long ages of experience, trial and suffering.

A great variety of beautiful, loving and dedicated messengers and teachers have been thrust out into the arena of public service in order to give you access to the multitude of new information that is pouring forth since the ring-pass-not or the quarantine was lifted from the Earth. But with the plethora of information, much of which is in harmony with the concepts and teachings of the Hierarchy and Beings of Light, there is still information that is brought forth in thought forms that are filtered through the belief systems and reality of the messenger. Information that is conflicting and confusing, some partially true, much shaded truth and evensome distorted fallacies picked up from the myths of mass consciousness. This is a testing ground you see, you are learning to use gifts and abilities that have lain dormant for centuries beyond centuries.

You are not judged by your score or level of authenticity as you move into the realms of illumined truth, only by your intent. Each person who channels or brings forth information will find a following for that level of knowledge, those who will learn from it, much of which has not been available to you before. Insights, tools and methods you will need to traverse the ladder of ascension. Sometimes they will bring forth the innocence of Spirit, a gentle loving nature that resonates with unconditional love to be a shining example of a true master. And others may be teaching the lessons of discernment, quite possibly through painful experience, so that you will come to realize you can no longer give your truth or power away to another.

You must take the information offered and validate it in your own heart center, thereby attuning more and more with your own divine intuition. You may not have all the knowledge, and it is not necessary for that is the role of these messengers of the higher realms, to give you a wide variety of viewpoints, a panorama of information gleaned from the Universal Mind or from their own memory banks of ancient experience so that you can choose what resonates most closely to your lineage, your heritage and your destiny. But you must find your own spiritual truth via conscious awareness, mental discernment and intuitive attunement with your Higher Self. You have within your Divine Blueprint that memory of where you came from, your origins. You have indelibly stamped there how it was in the beginning, this Garden of E-Don, Planet Earth, this most wondrous place of beauty and perfection. But as eons passed, these perfect memories have faded, been covered over, replaced or distorted by all the effluvia, the negativity, limitation and isolation you came to accept as your reality. We ask you to release your past so that you can recapture that memory of perfection, that perfect you that descended, a fully-empowered representative of the Creator, in order to assist in bringing forth all the great varieties of expression and creation to the precious planet Earth.

Each level of higher vibration you attain sets up a resonance within your physical vessel that sends waves of this new frequency down into the very core of your being. It then begins to vibrate loose those core memories or energies that are not compatible with that more refined frequency. Many of these residual energies come from your ancient past, memories of your first experiences of failure, betrayal and separation in the physical. They have been with you so long that you have accepted them as who you are, and they have had an impact on you in some way, in every lifetime you have lived since you became disconnected from Spirit and sank down into the quagmire of negativity and separation.

In order to release those ancient memories that are still holding you in bondage you must go back to that time of perfection, when you were in a beautiful etheric-physical body. When you were a co-creator of this pristine planet, living in paradise. When we interacted, communed, labored together in perfect harmony, building a new world from a blueprint sent forth from the God Mind. A wondrous, new experiment, a unique concept in a never-ending spiral of creation. A time when you were innocent and pure in your delight of expressing, creating, experiencing and sharing. But in order to get there you must break through the layers upon layers of thought forms that are not yours any longer, are not who you are. Let them go, you have learned your lessons, you have integrated the knowledge and wisdom this physical experience had to offer. IT IS TIME TO LET THEM GO.

Run the words through your mind that create pictures or activate memories, if they create feelings of love, peace, harmony and unity then they are memories and energies that you brought with you from your Divine self, but if they bring fear, depression or anxiety then they are concepts of limited thinking that you have incorporated into your reality. Failure, unworthiness, abandonment, scarcity, rejection, betrayal, bondage, slavery, manipulation, imprints, encodings, devils, demons, Satan, hell and darkness are all words that set off frequencies and memories of fear in you. More crippling in some than others, depending on how much of these impacted energies have been released and set free back into the Light of illumined truth. Words cannot hurt you, but these memories and impacted energies can keep you tied to the wheel of Karma and enslaved in the illusion of the third dimension. You no longer walk through the shadows alone, you no long trod through the dark night of the soul alone for the angels and your Divine I AM Presence are with you. Even though you may veer from the straight and narrow path now and again, you are quickly nudged back by Spirit for these are most wondrous and exceptional times.

Never before has humanity had such a precious gift offered to them–that of mastership and illumination in one lifetime. But there are pitfalls, tests and trials along the way. We assist you and we will walk beside you, but we will not hold your hand and lead you. We will guide you, but we cannot remove or help you evade your lessons. That responsibility lies solely with you for you are in training to, once again, be a master of co-creation of paradise worlds. Leave the fear behind, precious warriors, leave the memories of failure behind as well, for this time you WILL NOT FAIL.

It is imperative that you, once and for all, decide how you will create your future, your new reality. Will it be from someone else’s blue print, their point- of-view, or your own? Will it be by someone else’s methods, or your own? Will you live someone else’s dream, or your own? You must decide NOW. The wonderful servants who so faithfully devote their energy, time, effort and creative endeavors are to be honored and commended, and theirs is a momentous task, but they are gifted with their abilities and insight to give you guidelines, to give you a variety of viewpoints and concepts to choose from so that you may gain a broader spectrum of the higher truth. So you may glean from all the information and concepts that which will increase your knowledge and awareness, and then you must sort out the knowledge which resonates with your inner truth and incorporate it so that it becomes your wisdom and a part of your personal expression. An expression of wisdom and truth that will resonate in perfect harmony with your Divine Self so that, more and more, you will eliminate the distorted truths and energies that keep you from merging with that powerful, most wondrous part of yourself, the real you.

You are breaking through the final levels of illusion, most of you have moved out of the third dimension of pain and suffering and now, are swirling through the emotional levels of the astral planes of half-truths, glamour, mystery and myth of the fourth dimension. There are many enticing thought forms and realities that can draw your attention away from the higher goal of illumination and ascension into unity and harmony with you Divine Self.

Do not tarry along the way, my faithful ones, your true destiny is in sight. Hold on, hold on, we are almost there.

My profound love and gratitude to you all, my faithful servants of Light, I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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