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Relationship Help – Twelve tips for a great relationship

1. Talk to each other. Your partner cannot read your mind, no matter how much they love you. Be clear about what you want to say and listen carefully to your partner.

2. Spend time together. Love is time, the time you invest in each other. Make your relationship a priority.

3. Balance the time you spend at work with the time you spend working on your relationship.

4. To feel good about your relationship you need to feel good about yourself; work on it.

5. Make room in your relationship for differences and value those differences.

6. Relationships are flexible; let yours grow and adapt with you.

7. Set goals for your relationship and plan for your future life together.

8. Try not to judge, criticise or blame each other. After all, we’re only human.

9. No one is perfect, arguments happen; resolve them with respect.

10. Be sexually considerate of each other. Be affectionate and have fun. Remember your sex drives may be different.

11. Be attentive and romantic. Remember how it was when you first met. Keep the hugs, flowers, chocolates and love letters coming.

12. Express and demonstrate your commitment to the relationship. Have fun and regularly celebrate the things you enjoy in your life together.

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