Reiki Symbols – Part 2

(…Continued From Reiki Symbols Part 1)

reiki symbols - hon


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – The Distance and Mental Symbol

Hon = Spirit, Source, Origin, Universe
Sha = Mind, Surviving
Ze = Space, Be, Being
Sho = Feeling, Emotions
Nen = Consciousness, Body, Attention


It is not difficult to discover the various levels of existence in the meanings of this symbol. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen makes the connection between Spirit and Body, heaven and earth, and is therefore known as ‘The Bridge’. It travels through time and space to fulfill its function and is commonly known as the Distance symbol. You can heal absent persons with it or send energy to a situation or relationship. You can treat a cause rooted in the past with it, and it can change thought patterns (mental healing), what makes it a perfect symbol for karmic healing. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen connects your higher self with the higher self of the one you send energy; ‘The Divine in me greets and honors the Divine in you’ and this really is the best approach we can take towards our fellowmen.



Dai Ko Myo – The Master Symbol

reiki symbols - hon - traditional













Above you see the traditional Dai Ko Myo and below the complete different, modern version of it.

reiki symbols daikomyo - modern




The traditional Japanese form is given by Mikao Usui. I don’t know what the origins of the modern spiral are; it has been channeled that this ‘new’ Dai Ko Myo fits better into the vibrations of the training of this time. Both very powerful, it seems a matter of preference which one you choose to work with. Dai Ko Myo means Great Shining Light. As Aleister Crowley in another place states: “Every man and every woman is a star”. Through the master initiation you’ll reach a strong connection with Spirit, Source, Higher Self, the divine light which nurtures itself and wishes to spread to nurture others.

The Dai Ko Myo is the strongest Reiki symbol and it can replace the others. An exception forms distance work where you, next to the Dai Ko Myo, also have to work with the distance symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Once you have been attuned to this symbol it is strongly advised to use it with all your Reiki works. Your energy work will receive an extra boost and you constantly draw this strong energy through your energetic system. The Dai Ko Myo is the symbol which transmits the Reiki initiations.

Authors Details: Anja Heij – Unknown Web Site


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