Reiki Healing Questions & Answers

Reiki Healing – Questions Answered.

Dr. Usui passed the Reiki onto his students by a method known as “attunement” which is a ceremonial procedure where the Master attunes the student to the symbols and energy of Reiki. Dr. Usui passed the attunements on to his students as he received them (all at one time), and Dr. Hayashi broke the Reiki healing attunements down into three levels: 1) Reiki Level I – this level is attuned to the symbols and energy for physical healing; 2) Reiki Level II – this level is attuned to the symbols and energy for mental healing and remote healing; 3) Master Level – this level is attuned to the symbols and energy for spiritual healing, and at this level you are able to attune other students and teach Reiki.

Who can learn Reiki Healing?

Anyone can learn reiki healing. Reiki is practiced by people of all spiritual backgrounds and beliefs. Reiki is not limited to any particular religion or philosophy. Atheists are as free to practice Reiki healing as any other group of people. Reiki can be passed on to people in comas, children, or even to animals. As long as you are properly attuned to Reiki, anyone can have the Reiki activated in their hands, as it is already a part of us all.

There are different schools of Reiki healing. Some practices say the student must wait a 21 day cleansing period between attunements, and some practice the “unlimited” system where the attunements are given over a weekend period. There is a great amount of price difference between the different schools. (prices relevant locally and at the time of writing only) Reiki I usually costs from about $150 for the first attunement, Reiki II usually around $450, and the Master Level can cost up to as much as $10,000 or more, while the classes given over a weekend are usually $500 – $1,000 for the weekend, and all three attunements. Others still will allow spiritual gifts as part of your payment. Another difference is that some schools teach the symbols should never be written down under any situation, and other schools don’t think that is absolutely necessary.

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What Is Reiki?

Reiki (RAY-KEE) is a healing energy that channels through the hands of the practitioner and into the body of the client. The word Reiki is Japanese and means “universal” or “including all” (Rei) and “vital life force” (Ki) which flows throughout our very being. Once you have been attuned to Reiki, you will never lose it… you will have the ability to channel Reiki energy your entire life. I firmly believe that anyone who practices Reiki must hold the principles close to their heart and live the life of a Reiki Practitioner or Master in everything you do.

How does Reiki healing work?
The Reiki energy changes the frequency in the body’s energy (and it is a scientifically proven fact that the body has an energy field called the Aura), healing the body first, moving to the mental and the emotional levels, and then to the spirit. Reiki is “hands on healing” but also allows energy to be transferred remote or across distance. The universal energy fills the practitioner and flows out through the hands and into the client’s body, thus giving every cell, all the way to the DNA, the proper energy and balance it needs to heal, harmonize and balance.

The client must allow the Reiki energy to work. Before performing Reiki on the client, the practitioner must first ask the client’s spirit for permission for this healing and then ask the Reiki energy to flow if it is for the client’s highest good. The energy is started by rubbing the hands together and drawing the symbol either in your hand, possibly the roof of your mouth, or in the mind… and then the hands are placed on the body (or just above the body) of the client.

The practitioner does not have to know what is wrong with the client, nor does he/she have to know how to heal what may be wrong with the client. The Reiki energy instinctively goes where it needs to go. Sometimes, the Reiki client will not be healed of what they went to the practitioner for because the Reiki energy goes to the thing that your body, mind or spirit needs most. Frequently after your first Reiki treatment, you will go through a few days of cleansing… you may develop a slight cold, you may cry out something you’ve been holding in, you may work through some type of problem you’ve been trying to, or not to, deal with.

What does Reiki feel like?

During a treatment, the practitioner and client usually feel a sensation in the hands of the practitioner: possibly a warmth, tingling, pins and needles, cold, or static/electrical feelings, though sometimes, there is no noticeable sensation whatsoever. Also, the Reiki practitioner and the client may feel completely different sensations. Reiki is said to increase or decrease it’s level of intensity by the need of the client… this is how the practitioner instinctively knows where to move their hands during the healing session.

The uses of Reiki?

…are unlimited. One of the things I really love about Reiki is that you can treat yourself. Many forms of spiritual healing also drain the practitioner because they use their own energy in the healing. With Reiki, the practitioner is constantly recharged during the treatment of themselves or another person, so you actually feel better after treating a client than you did before you started.

Reiki can be used in conjunction with any other healing therapy. My teacher said, “Reiki is brilliant at promoting the rapid healing of cuts, even large ones; however, if you amputate a limb, you should be seeing a surgeon.” Serious illnesses such as AIDS and Cancer for example, still need to be treated with conventional medicine, but Reiki will increase your overall health, vitality, and ability to recover. Reiki also reduces the negative effects of chemotherapy and medications. There are no harmful side effects from the use of Reiki.

Besides the healing effects of Reiki on human beings, Reiki can also be used to treat animals, plants, or anything else that has energy (I have Reiki’ed my car while driving down the road). Lots of practitioners Reiki their food before eating it. Reiki healing practitioners all over the world have times when they send the Reiki energy out into our universe to help it heal. I have used Reiki to charge the crystals that I use for healing, to charge the water I give to my plants, to clear a house of negative energy, and much more than I can possibly list here.

Why do I recommend everyone use Reiki healing in their lives? Reiki is a powerful form of healing. It is effective, convenient and fulfilling. Not only does Reiki heal the body, but it calms the mind and nurtures the spirit. Not everyone will be called to be a Reiki healer; however, I believe that everyone should at least allow themselves the experience of Reiki’s healing and loving energy at least one time in their life. I believe when you experience Reiki, you are experiencing the touch of everything on the planet simultaneously, and the experience is rich and lasting.

Just for today, I shall trust… Just for today, I shall do my work honestly… Just for today, I shall accept my many blessings… Just for today, I shall be at peace… Just for today, I will respect the rights of all life forms.

I wish you all health, balance, and harmony.


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