Reflection -Questions Answered June 2001

Reader’s note: Reflection delivers their messages in a particular way and though some editing has been done for readability, their unique way of speaking has been retained. Words like “indeed” are used as filler words to keep the channel open during the discourse and are left in to indicate pauses.

1. Who are you in terms of your past and the direction you are going?

We, indeed, are referred to as “Reflection”. We exist in what is perceived as the conceptual universe, the space between time as ye know time to be in your reality. As we are not attached, or controlled by time or emotion, we have awareness of that which exists in the subconscious, the unconscious and the collective conscious minds. Our mandate or “prime directive” is to respect the free will and free choice of all. Indeed, in so doing we would not violate this freedom of being and only through subconscious agreement is information and direction presented. Indeed, and we as “Reflection” are a reflection of each entity. That which you are not aware of in the physical mind we can bring to your conscious perception. We are a mirror of each one that interacts with us as well as the group consciousness. We do have access, through agreement, to data and experiences in other realities. Indeed, and in so doing, can assist individuals into discovering themselves and their own being ness. Our purpose is to provide information; to educate and to assist individuals and groups into helping themselves. We are the inspiration, you are the physical. We are a grouping of spiritual guides, some of which have experienced other life times, and some have not yet held physical existence on your plane of Earth. We are a spiritual source of wisdom, which can, indeed, benefit those who seek guidance. As we assist your development, more guides come onto the whole there is expansion in our reality. We are in connection with other, indeed, foundations of spiritual development that you refer to as “trance sources”. And as awareness of your world increases there will be more entities of this nature to pass information on to your world of the physical. This is your age if communication; a time of enlightenment and our purpose is but to enlighten, to encourage, to share data.

2. Have you spent time in physical form on earth?

Indeed, some of us have, not all of us. Some of us have experienced physical realities, indeed, and would have the ability to pass on this wisdom and experiences to others. Some of us are learning, of the physical and would do this through the trance state using the eyes of the sleeping forms to see and to understand and in this way some would make choices to incarnate into the physical world that we perceive through your vision. Do understand that as a human element becomes aware of a necessary lesson and acts upon same, somewhere in the world, a child is born.

3. What is our purpose as individuals on earth?

REFLECTION: Each persona has a different purpose for their individual development. As a whole race the purpose is to understand unity, to understand free will and free choice, to understand pure love and to work in harmony with your environment For as you as develop as a planet, this development does effect and influence other planets, other star systems. Each entity affects the whole body for though ye are individual with free will and free choice as your birthright you are each connected to the group conscious mind and through will and agreeing thoughts can effect change. Therefore, each change that the individual makes to expand the personal awareness and quality of life, does, indeed, influence the whole.

4. Is there significance in people being separated into groups via the continents; ie: are they due different lessons and what are they in respect to Australia compared to the other continents?

REFLECTION: The single more important faction of your race of Earthlings is to learn and show your individuality with free will and free choice. Indeed, it is the one state of being that is not prevalent in other realities. This individualism is what creates your uniqueness as a race. Australia is, indeed, a place that in its original land mass was primitive and untouched and would hold similar terrain as to support galactic travelers in the initiation and adaptation to Earths atmosphere. Australia’s purpose is to integrate differences within the country to overcome judgment and come to a point of acceptance of individuals and the whole. This is done through the maintenance of neutrality.

5. Where do thoughts originate and what is their significance?

REFLECTION: Indeed, thoughts are a vibration and before thought occurred vibrations have always been. Vibrations are the process in which all matter communicates. For example a rock has a vibration, subtle, as it is, unknown to the human ear, yet the vibration does exist and there is communication from one to the other mass or matter. Each planet has a vibration and does communicate. For each be a living body such as the Planet Earth is a living body. Indeed, and there was progress and development, or the harnessing of this pulsation, these infinite vibrations became form, which came together in harmony and formed sound, these sounds became thoughts and in order to expand communication, the thoughts became language. The language developed further; at first into a primitive thought, so that the living beings of the planets that had the need to relate could therefore, survive, hence the term universe, which means uni (one) verse (song). The universe is one song, or sound sung in harmony.

6. They say that time only exists to us in the physical world here on earth. Why, what is its purpose?

REFLECTION: Time is a measurement that was created by your very existence for the purpose of measuring and keeping track of your experience. Indeed, as you, as living beings on the planet Earth have the capacity to see only that which you view, in front of you, would perceive reality in linearity in order to, indeed, justify your experience and existence. You would measure in terms of linearity, indeed, space and time for it does give you a reference; a reference that you require to justify your being ness. Yet as your race expands in awareness and becomes enlightened, your conception and understanding of time will change.

7. What is the origin of religion?

REFLECTION: The origin of religion is based on the need for acceptance. Indeed, this stems from the beginning by thoughts of survival. This is a tribal need. In the beginning entities were surviving independently and as it was reasoned that survival would be best held in groups, tribes were formed. To keep the unity of the tribe, religion or belief was created. In the beginning the belief was in the environment. The understanding of the growing season. The growing of vegetation, which was necessary for survival. Indeed, it was observed and understood that nature played a significant role, such as the phases of the moon, and planetary bodies etc. Entities would pray to the “higher” power of the heavenly bodies, be it the sun or the moon, be it the trees, be it the animal kingdom, which would support the need for survival and supply food and warmth. And civilization, indeed, developed, then there was still the need for this unity but the unity also became “control”. The populace was controlled by fear, the fear of lack, and fear of failure to survive, be it though the loss of basic survival needs such as material values and/or spiritual loss. The control of the uneducated populace was instilled through material and sexual deprivation, which be basic survival needs. Indeed, other reasons for bowing down to higher beings by these primitive beings would be, of course, the witnessing of flying objects and travelers from other worlds that would be deemed as gods.

As organized religions formed, based on the innocence of the population, it was then observed by these powers at be, the more influenced and educated beings, that it be necessary to assimilate the original faiths into the organized bodies. Indeed, as it was the custom of those tribal beings to meet and bow down to such “higher” powers and perform rites on such times as lunar fullness and in certain locations, which be lay lines of the Earth, organized bodies built places of worship on these significant sites. Indeed, many of the tools that were used to worship the earth and celestial bodies such as fire, which became candles, burning of herbs, which became incense etc. were adapted into the organized religions. Even ceremonial garments that were worn by the tribal entities were incorporated into the churches of the time, hence the robes of the priesthood. The original religion would be best termed as “Pagan” which simply encompasses all Earth based religion. There is more on this of which we could expand upon yet would take a full session. This would address the question of origin at this moment of your time.

8. Where is the planet earth going in terms of technology, in respect to the acceleration of the technological advances we are making and is there a critical point?

REFLECTION: Technology is evolving beyond the emotional abilities of your human state. Indeed, technology will grow to the point of not needing the corporeal to perform physical tasks and humanity would delve into that which is know as robotic intelligence status, which be another life form in your technological reality. Indeed, these be thinking, seeing and perceiving beings. This ye shall find to be incorporated into the cloning of the flesh of the human element. For as evolution does occur, there will come a time when the human element will be cloned. Yet with this cloning there will be the discovery of lack of intelligence, therefore, intellect would be applied to this cloning of flesh through artificial means. There would exist an android being or state of existence in some environments. Indeed, the critical point would be when these such thinking 6th, 7th and 8th generation computerized systems begin to make decisions based on what is perceived to be imperfections and if humanity does not take charge, this can get out of control. For do understand that in nature “perfection” does not exist, ye see.

9. What will be the impact of genetically modifying our food?

REFLECTION: It would depend upon what the food is, indeed, and who would ingest same. Already you are seeing the impact within the animal kingdom and how force feedings and other such artificial substance, indeed, have created disease within this kingdom that does affect humanity such as the mad cow disease, hoof and mouth etc. Indeed, such foodstuffs can have similar effects, for when nature is interfered with it does rebel.

10. Numerology, seems to be accurate in its description of human character, why? How does it work?

REFLECTION: Numerology is based on energy and it does affect the human element by the energetic power it does hold. Indeed, this is based on shape and the energy it produces. Originally, numbers or mathematical equation was founded on astrology and the study of the heavenly bodies with the assistance of such ancient scholars as Pythagoras. Indeed, and as you understand the impact of astrology, indeed, numerology takes astrology to another step and defines the energy by the addition of shape and form. Many of which are used in symbolism. As an example, do look at the number 3. This is a very powerful shape and the essence of this number is found in the creation process of reality. Knowing, firstly that 3 represents a trinity such as male and female creation of another living being, the child, it is the number of creation. Indeed, religions would use trinities within their basic belief or doctrine, as an example, would be the concept of “the father, the son and the holy spirit”, another would be the 6 pointed star as found in other religious beliefs, which would be the doubling of the number three. Indeed, many mystical realms of faith would use numbers to empower or disempower reality. Some would call this mystical process “magic”. If one would look at the shape of this one number of “3” and turn it to its side, it would form the letter “m”. This shape has much energetic power, as it would be the beginning of such words as “magic”, “mysticism”, “miracle” etc.

This would be the basis of numerology, yet it ye would seek further, you would see how all of these sciences would connect very intricately. If one would, indeed, closely compare their astrological chart to the numerological chart there would appear many similarities, for both would define the same process. The difference with numerology be that if one would change the birth name, there would be a change of energy to draw upon. Herein explains the changes that occur in marriages where one partner adapts the name of the other and through time, indeed, it is perceived that the persona that accepts the different name vibration does seem to change. This change can cause confusion and hence the statement “you have changed, or you are not the person I married” comes into play. These changes have caused some conflict and marital discord, ye see.

And we do thank thee for your energy!

Authors Details: Donna Kinniburgh

Donna Kinniburgh is a Deep Trance Medium who works in the style of Edgar Cayce with her husband Steve who acts as her director/conductor for these sessions. Donna Channels a group of spiritual entities who call themselves ‘Reflection’

‘Reflection’ is a large grouping of spiritual entities who choose to interact in our dimension through Donna to help human kind understand itself. Their purpose is to give information and advise, empowering others to be their own leaders, they state that”we create our own reality”
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