Receiving Abundance

Many people have a problem with receiving abundance, in fact you could call it an art form to be on the receiving side of abundance.

Receiving: verb (r-sving)
To admit; to take in; to hold; to contain; to have capacity for; to be able to take in. To allow or to accept.

Recently, myself and three friends were celebrating a recent success at a Melbourne restaurant. We had a wonderful lunch, followed by a long fun filled afternoon of friendly banter. One of the guys wanted to pay for the lunch and one of the others protested. I could see on the protesters face he was having “receiving” issues, sputtering in protest, and not wanting to accept this generous gift. I butted in with, “It is his joy to give and you are taking away his happiness if you don’t receive this.” He got it instantly—and accepted the generosity graciously.

receiving abundance

Receiving Abundance Is An Art Form

Why do we have receiving issues? Most of us give easily, but often have resistance to receiving. There is an art to receiving, and once we start holding our selves in a good feeling place, we come to recognise and appreciate that it is a joy for people to give.

Receiving becomes more natural and comfortable as we practice allowing, letting it flow graciously, which simultaneously honours the giver.

Find The Vibration Of Abundance

Everything has a vibration. It’s easy to find your vibration on most subjects if you imagine having a meter on a variety of topics. Both the high and low are the same just different vibrations. Hot and cold are both temperatures at opposite ends of a scale. Giving and receiving are at extreme ends of the same stick. Zero and 100% on a meter if it could measure this.

If you find yourself vibrating in a place where you are uncomfortable receiving, whether it be compliments, gifts, etc. then understand that you are disallowing the true gift. You are self sabotaging and disconnecting from the Source.

Seek & You Will Find

The well-known Biblical quote says, “Seek and you will find, ask and it shall be given, knock and the door shall be opened. We live in a universe that is energy and vibration. Everything is magnetic. It’s the Law of Attraction in action. Abraham-Hicks has reduced the universal creation equation to three parts:

1. The first step is: Asking.
2. The second step is: Source responds and answers.
3. The third step is: You allow it.

Become conscious of opening your heart to receive—don’t automatically feel like you have to reciprocate. Simply BE a vortex and pure open channel for receiving.

Jacques Maritain the French philosopher says, “Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy.”

Vulnerability & Gratitude

When you first try this you might feel tender and vulnerable as you open up to graceful receiving. I invite you to actively engage in receiving by taking baby steps. Once you understand the principle of cause and effect, you see how being receptive is part of the magic for the giver. Be willing to receive without feeling you have to give back.

Embrace it. You get to modify, control and put into form your experience of receiving. Know you are worthy and deserve to receive. Resistance or reluctance keeps you from receiving fully. Receiving is not passive. It is a conscious, active, dynamic choice.

Many people have past conditioning that gifts have to be “earned.” There are some things that can’t be earned in life and receiving is one of them. Practice the art of letting it in. It is an art form you can play with to feel the movement energetically. Some people see gratitude as a weakness when in fact it’s a very high vibration state of being that magnetises you to receiving “more”.

Advanced Receiving

When receiving begins to feel familiar, I invite you to allow it to flow more. Make it alive and vibrant! Do  rituals that will anchor the experience of receiving. This can be as simple as looking in the mirror and exclaiming out loud, “Today I openly received! Isn’t that great – I did well!” Have fun with it! Value it! Treasure it! Welcome it! Say Yes!

Know the art and joy of your receiving matters to the giver and appreciate your newfound ability to receive. Look for new opportunities and open the floodgates to receive. Give the gift of receiving to yourself.  Nurture it and let yourself truly feel the joy in receiving. Let it be contagious. It strengthens the bonds between the giver and receiver.

“Today, declare to the Universe that you are open to receiving all the abundance it’s waiting patiently to send to you. Each day offers you the opportunity to learn that as well as giving, it is blessed to receive with grace and a gratitude.

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