Psychic Power – The Psychic Pathway

The Psychic Power Pathway

My name is Sonia. I was named after my mother, Sonia, a psychic, and I have psychic power. For 25 years I have given psychic readings. For a decade and a half I have taught psychic development. Perhaps more important, I have lived my own life on what I call the “Psychic Pathway.” I have developed my own psychic gifts, and I have learned to develop them in others. This means I have lived my life publicly as a psychic. The book which follows is a practical source book, a developmental guide to nurturing your natural psychic gifts. It is the fruit of my life experience — and it works.

I like the word psychic because no one knows exactly what that means and it doesn’t mean the same thing for any two people. For me, being psychic means being able to look at someone and know who they really are. To see past the facade people stand behind. I can recognize their soul and I understand where their fears are, where their dreams lie and where they must concentrate their growth. Most of all, I can see the ancient and beautiful self lying deep within the personality of each person I meet. I’ve always been able to see the real soul inside each person, but it’s been a long learning process for me to come to the understanding that that is what I’ve been doing all along. Even I wasn’t really aware of what I was seeing at times, especially when those around me didn’t know what I was talking about and laughed at me.

When It Began

I found myself doing psychic readings for people ever since I was a young child, as early as age 11.

People frequently ask me how I came to realize I was psychic. I never remember realizing I was psychic, but after I began first grade it became apparent that what was obvious to me was hidden from others. It took me a few months to realize that my perceptions were different from those of others. I was constantly trying to fit my reality into the more limited framework of those around me.

Helping people see their souls’ work is my soul work. The psychic details now only serve to get their attention. My real work, after gaining their attention, lies in teaching them to look into their own experience with a wide open heart, and helping themselves to become content.

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But What Is Psychic Power?

When I talk about psychic power, people conjure up a widely differing ideas and beliefs about what psychic means. Some people imagine that it bestows upon a person extraordinary abilities to know all things at all times. Some think it’s like having “X?ray vision.” Some people think it gives one the ability to know the future, or the past, including past lives. Some people believe it means seeing ghosts, or talking to dead people. Some people believe it’s a great power. Others feel it’s an evil affliction. What we can all agree on is that rarely do any two people hold the same beliefs on what “psychic” means, so let me begin by establishing what I mean when I say psychic ability.

The word psychic comes from the Greek word psyche, meaning soul. Therefore, psychic means “of the soul.” In following the psychic pathway, you are following the pathway of the soul.

The Path Of The Soul

What is the pathway of the soul? It is the pathway of life lived with the belief and understanding that you are a soul, and that spiritual growth is your primary purpose. It is the understanding that your true essence is spiritual, and that your physical body is your instrument of expression, just as a piano is an instrument through which music is expressed. The piano is designed to be capable of expressing beautiful music, but without the understanding and discipline of a talented and developed musician playing it, the piano may sit silent, or worse yet, if played carelessly, will send out awful and discordant noises. The piano expresses the creativity and awareness of the musician. It does not create the music, it channels the music.

An evolved and knowledgeable musician creates beautiful sounds that soothe and inspire all who hear its vibration. The same holds true for people. We are souls, here on Earth to express our divine gifts of creativity. Our physical body and our mind are our tools, our instruments of expression. The creative force behind these miraculous instruments is our soul. If we are knowledgeable and conscious of our true spiritual essence, we too send out beautiful and soothing vibrations that inspire and heal all who are around our vibrations, including ourselves.

The Path Of Learning

The psychic pathway is the pathway of learning how to express our highest degree of creativity and love in this lifetime. It is the pathway of living life receptive to spiritual assistance, and conscious of all planes of energy we share with each other, with higher planes, and with God. The psychic pathway is not the usual pathway so many follow, focused on the ego, feeling alone and frightened by others. It is a spiritual pathway focused on connection to God, on our creative purpose, and on spiritual growth. It is the pathway of the extraordinary life.

Developing psychic power is training your awareness to expand and receive more information from others, from astral planes, and from God than it receives now. It is learning how to expand your consciousness and to better understand how your instrument of expression — your body — receives energy. The art of evolving your physical body into a highly sophisticated receiver of vibrations, thus giving you much more accurate information to work with as you interact with others in life. Training your mind to be open and receptive to the subtle planes of energy that constitute psychic activity. It is living a life that communes with spirit, sees into things rather than looks at things, and is open and responsive to the guidance of God at all times.

Walking The Path

If you walk the psychic pathway, you live in the world differently than the ordinary person. You look at life differently, and respond to it differently. You know that you will be helped with each experience you face, however difficult. It is the pathway of trust and belief. That is what we mean when we talk about psychic ability.

Different psychic skills, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition, are like different melodies a pianist plays on the piano. Each is beautiful, and some may be more appealing to you than others. You will learn to play all these “melodies,” to express all these psychic faculties naturally, if you remember that the musician, the creator, the true you, is Divine soul, a beautiful reflection of God.

The Basic Truths About Psychic Power

1. Psychic gifts are gifts of the soul.

2. We are all souls; therefore we all have psychic gifts.

3. The development of our psychic power is our birthright.

4. Psychic gifts are messages from a divine source, directing us toward our own divine nature and its highest creative xpression.

5. The development of each soul’s psychic gifts is not selfish; psychic gifts benefit us all.

6. Psychic gifts bring light and healing to us all.

7. The psychic pathway is born in love and results in understanding.

8. The psychic pathway is gentle, powerful and always non-coercive.

9. The psychic pathway does not flatter the ego; rather it supports the soul’s true essence.

10. Exercising psychic power is fun.

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