Psychic Energy

Psychic Energy

What is Psychic energy?

The Golden Dawn L.V.X. (latin lux meaning light)
Hinduism Prana, Shakti (fem), Shakta (mas)
Judiac Mysticism Ruach Elohim (Holy Spirit), Shekinah, Chiah
Modern Psychology Psychic Energy, Libido
Taoism Chi (or Qi)
Other sacred fire, mana, fohat, serpent fire, sacred lightening, cosmic energy, holy spirit, lightening flash, divine light

Psychic energy is an all pervasive energy or force (hence George Lucas’ ‘force’ in Star Wars) that modern science has failed to discover and thus chosen to take a negative, skeptical stance upon it’s existence. Thus anyone who claims to believe in the reality of psychic energy or the paranormal in general is deemed a superstitious ‘kook’. The standardized and accepted definition of psychic energy is that of the biochemical energy essence of internal psychological thought and emotion whether as a part of the conscious or unconscious mind equivalent to Freud’s concept of libido. The metaphyscial and/or paranormal definition generally views psychic energy in part as the above definition suggests in being physically interactive but is not itself inherently dependent upon the physical for it’s sustenenance and/or existence. Thus a being of ‘spirit,’ a soul, i.e. a psychic energy life-form would have no problems with life-after-death since it was merely the physical body that died and not the actual being.

Psychic energy is generally conceived of as an all-pervasive essence which is not only the quintessential life-force but is also the medium or essence of force for all paranormal phenomena as well. People seem to have less problems with the concept of a psychic energy life-form whether angelic, demonic, or somewhere in between in characterization being the source of paranormal phenomena than they do with the idea that all physical beings are in truth psychic energy life-forms incarnate.

While science has yet to capture in a net and place in a jar a sample of psychic energy so that it can finally feel secure in venturing forth even so much the theory of it’s reality, we ‘lay people’ can still speculate, experiment, and venture our own theories about what it is and how it work. Various clues about the reality of psychic energy:


  • Psychic energy is often described in a fluidly dynamic energy wave or vibe analogous to both light and sound.
  • The physical manifestation of psychic energy is commonly associated with:
  • Brownian motion reminiscent of Maxwell’s demon.
    [i.e. unusual atmospheric disturbance whether local {e.g. indoor ‘dust devils’}or regional {e.g. sudden storms}- check your physics text for a more accurate and precise definition with regards to pure physics].


  • Electo-magnetic fluxuations.
    [e.g. swirling compasses, electro-magnetic surges both major and minor, etc.]
    All of which involves quantum interactions and thus would seem indicative of the probability of a quantum or subquantum existence of psychic energy (although most scientists would seek other causes for these anomalous events).
  • Psychic energy is mentally maleable. (Even science has had to accept this one although only as an internal medium.)
  • To date the only ‘tool’ indicative of the capacity to measure psychic energy as a paranormal force is the psyche of both humans and animals. In general it is best to seek a more mundane probability of cause(s) for an unexplained event before jumping to conclusions about it being a paranormal phenomenon. In most cases such causes can be found. However, that does not preclude the reality of both psychic energy and the paranormal.Psychic interactions and Biophysical interactions.

    The synaptic conduction of biochemicals (e.g. acetylcholine – ACh) in the central nervous system (c.n.s.) occur at the quantum level. This has lead many quantum theorists including both physicists and metaphysicists to speculate that the interaction of psychic energy with the physical body begins at this level within the central nervous system. Certain paranormal and/or mystical experiences such as kundalini or chakra (i.e. energy center) awakenings where the agitation or stimilation of the c.n.s. especially along the spine (i.e. the primary path or center of the c.n.s.) is a commonly associated albeit secondary symptom also suggest a psycho-physical connection.
    Authors Details: Frater Merk 1996 Unknown Web Site

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