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Let’s delve into how you can protect your aura and why? You have probably experienced being drained by another person. You may have been talking to him or her on the phone or in person and when you finish, you are exhausted. This might even extend to a simple physical problem like a stomach ache etc. What you are experiencing is an energy drain. You need to protect your Aura.

Certain individuals draw upon or siphon off the energy of other people. Some people call them energy vampires. Most of the time this happens because the individuals involved do not realize what’s occurring. In many cases these people are using your energy to supplement their own – dare I say, feeding from you rather than building up their own energy.

From their point of view all they will be aware of is that, when they finish talking with you or being with you, they feel better. This does not give them the right to take your energy and it will play out better for you if you don’t allow it. I’m not suggesting you accuse them of being a vampire or in any way call them out for feeding off your energy. Most people will think you are crazy anyway as they are still not open to the subtle aspects of energy. It is easier just to correct the situation without saying a word about it.

protect your aura

You can protect your aura and control whether another person shares or steals your energy. One of the simplest methods of doing this is to close your circuit of energy. There are currents of energy flowing through your body and around it within your Aura. You can close them down so that your energy only circulate around your own auric field and throughout your body. This prevents your energy from being drawn away from your aura and you prevent your aura from drawing in the energy of the other person.

Here Is How To Protect Your Aura.

To protect your Aura you can cross your feet at the ankles and bring your thumbs and fingers together so they are touching. This closes your energy circuit. Your energy will not move from your to them. Try it the next time you know you will be with someone that drains your energy – move into this position to protect your aura. Simply rest your hands casually on your lap, touch your fingers and cross your ankles. It is casual and simple, and no one will suspect you of anything. You can also apply this protection when you are on the phone with these people.

The side effects of protecting yourself can be amusing. you might get some feed back like; “You are just not as nice anymore” “You are not as open as you once were” etc. This is a simple and subtle way of energetically protecting yourself and has nothing to do with changing the way you interact with these people (that’s for another article) You are now just simply preventing them / not allowing them to drain you. Because they are not getting their usual “high” from you, they will assume something is wrong and the relationship will most likely change.

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