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Many people automatically think of prosperity as something that is financial. However, this is simply not true. Prosperity encompasses much more than money. In fact prosperity is synonymous with self-esteem. You could view prosperity as manifesting what you feel you are worth.

It is success by your standards, so this could mean being able to have the freedom of lying on the beach for an hour a day.

Prosperity is the ability to have. You limit your success according to what you think you are worth. This occurs unconsciously and it also reflects in the quality of your relationships. They match your self-esteem. There have been countless stories of people winning fortunes in lotteries and within 12 months being back to where they were before their win. This is self esteem at work playing through your subconscious.

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Limits to your prosperity can be imposed by your ego and come from fear. There are real and specific fears of what may happen to you if you have prosperity. People kill other people for their possessions. If you don’t have much you won’t get killed. Responsibility comes with high levels of wealth, if you are not prosperous you can relax and not carry this perceived burden.

Prosperity is about feeling worthy enough to have your life be the way you want it to be. It fills the vacuum of “lack” and is about having abundance in all areas of your life.

Spiritual Prosperity

Spiritual prosperity and spiritual power is related to living through your higher centres. Three components of your higher centres are truth, love and energy. How you handle these directly relates to how prosperous you are.


Truth relates to your intellect and having truth in your life makes you prosperous. When you have told the truth and also hear the truth you can act on it. You can decide what relationships you want in your life. When you tell yourself the truth about your job or career, you can decide to change it or to keep it. Filtering through your life like this automatically makes you a more powerful person. You are not spending time with people you don’t want to spend time with. This frees up more time and energy. Your ability to “have” increases. When you can see and face the truth you open yourself up as a spirit without boundaries to connect with your guides and the universe. This leads you away from pain, fear, and suffering. From this space you can make powerful choices.


Prosperity relates to having more love in your life and if you are working through  your higher centres this is unconditional love. More love is about feeling that you deserve it and loving yourself enough to let yourself have it. Fear blocks higher levels of prosperity and the remedy is learning how to love yourself. Love yourself and all things are possible.


Prosperity is about having the energy to manifest what you want. Living through your higher centres means the quality of your energy is at a higher vibration. This also makes the integration of truth and love possible. When truth and love work together in your life, you can become as prosperous as you wish. When your energy is at a higher vibration this raises your capacity to have, do and be more.

Becoming More Prosperous

Balance is required to become more prosperous in an integrated way. Don’t just acquire, use inspiration, natural expression followed by action. Inspiration needs action and action needs expression. If you go into action without an inspirational vision you will probably only manifest chaos.

Work out exactly what you want and write it down as a series of goals. Create positive affirmations around these, stating them in present terms. “I am enjoying wonderful health and good relationships.”

If you are present and watching your thoughts, this will instantly bring up any negative beliefs that have held you back in this area. Those beliefs can then be listed, acknowledged, and let go of. New positive affirmations can take the place of each one.

On a regular basis visualise being the way you want to be, having what you want, doing what you want. Persist in doing this despite current circumstances and absence of immediate results. It takes time for thoughts to manifest on the physical plane. Make a plan of how to meet the goals you have made.

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