Prosperity – The 7 Secrets – Pt 2

Prosperity Secrets Money Skill #1. Value It

So lets get right into the subject of prosperity secrets with Money Skill #1 which is to learn how to value each and every dollar that flows into your life. Because you can achieve Financial Freedom on just a Dollar a Day! That’s right. A dollar a day. When you think about it, financial freedom all starts with a single dollar.

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Authors Details: Robert G. Allen – Prosperity, 7 Secrets. His colossal bestseller Nothing Down established Robert Allen as one of the most influential investment advisors of all time. Also the author of ‘The One Minute Millionaire’

Dig one our of your wallet or purse and examine it. This simple piece of paper doesn’t appear to be worth much. Buys you a soda. A chocolate bar. A bad hamburger. So what if you waste one, or lose one or throw one away? It’s just a dollar. Losing value every second. It’s just a dollar. Use it or lose it. Or is it? Is this ordinary dollar bill more than what it appears to be? Could it be a magic ticket to a fuller more abundant life of anywhere/time/thing you want? I promise, when you’ve finished done with this tape, you’ll never think of a dollar bill in the same way ever again, ever.

You see, prosperous people don’t think a dollar “is just a dollar.” They imagine it is a seed…a money seed…that has the power to grow into a huge money tree, giving off fruit to fulfil every one of their dreams.

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How Will You Make Your Millions?

Prosperous people are absolutely right. Every dollar is a money seed. Just like a tiny acorn contains the power to grow into a mighty oak tree, each dollar has the power to grow into a mighty money tree. If you destroy an acorn, the oak tree inside also dies. So, too, with a money seed.

You can grow one of these money trees…on as little as a dollar a day. Could you afford that?

In a few short years, your money tree will be full grown and majestic, growing right in the center of your future dream home. Imagine that! Branches of your money tree spreading along the ceiling into every room of the house. Every few feet or so is a nodule which pops open once or twice a day…and releases the fruit of the tree…a crisp one hundred dollar bill. That hundred gently floats down and lands in the strategically placed basket. All night long you hear the pop, pop, pop as these nodules open and release their fruit. It takes only a few minutes to collect the fruit in the morning.

24 hours a day, your money tree is producing fruit. While you sleep, work and play. While you eat. It never stops. An endless stream of cash flow. Get the picture? That’s why it is so important to preserve and protect each of these money seeds. Every time you waste one of those silly, green pieces of paper, it’s just like throwing away a money seed. No seed? No tree.

Seeds For The Future

So, how much is one those seeds really worth? That depends on how long you let it grow and at what rate of growth. Let’s suppose you take one dollar and put it into a special bank account that will let the dollar grow, untouched by taxes and fees. How long will it take for this ONE SINGLE DOLLAR BILL to grow into a MILLION DOLLARS? That depends on what interest rate the bank account pays. If it’s like ordinary bank accounts…paying 3 to 6% interest…then it’s going to take a long, long time.

At 3% it will take 468 years for a single dollar bill to grow into a million dollars.

What? Not planning on living 468 years? Relax. We’re not done with that dollar bill yet. We’ve got to supercharge it, so those nodules can start popping in your lifetime. How can we do this? Rather than just planting one money seed, could you plant them more often? Could you afford to put away a dollar a day? Just a dollar a day. $30 bucks a month! You can do that.

Well, a dollar a day at 3% grows into a million dollars in only 147 years. That’s still not fast enough, is it?

What if we raised the interest rate from 3% to 5%. That cuts the time down to about 100 years. Still not fast enough. How about ten percent interest? Only 56 years.

Dollar A Day

Hmmm. Not bad. A dollar a day becomes a million dollars in only 56 years. Let that sink in for a minute. A measly dollar day can grow into A MILLION DOLLARS in a the span of a normal lifetime. If you put just a dollar a day away for each of your children or grandchildren on the day they were born, they could all be lifetime millionaires.

But what about you? Is it too late for you? Could you still be a millionaire on a dollar a day? It’s going to take some fancy work, but I think there’s even hope for you. First of all, we’ll have to find ways to fertilize your dollars so that they grow even faster. Suppose someone had put a dollar a day away for you …stuck it under the mattress…the day you were born and every day thereafter. By the time you were to reach retirement age…there would be $25,000 waiting for you.

Now, what if they stuck it in a bank at 3%. There would be about $75,000. At 5% there would be just under $200,000 at ten percent interest, there would be $2.7 million and at 15% there would be $50,000,000. That’s right. Fifty million dollars. And at 20% there would be…One Billion Dollars!. That’s one thousand million dollars. All from one dollar a day.

I hope that sinks in deep. Most of us waste dozens of dollars a day without even thinking. No big deal. It’s just a dollar. But extremely prosperous people know the real truth about dollar bills. Each dollar bill is a million dollar money seed. After all, it only takes a dollar- a-day…JUST A DOLLAR…to grow into a fortune.

Now, it’s no small feat to make your money grow at 20%, year after year. I’ll show you several ways to do this later. But for now, I want you to just become aware that a single dollar bill has incredible power.

You could be a millionaire in about 30 years on JUST A DOLLAR A DAY!

Prosperity Faster…

Still not fast enough for you? OK, there’s a way to speed things up. Could you plant two or three seeds a day? Or five? Or ten? What does that do? We’ll let’s cut right to the chase. If you put ten lousy bucks a day away every single day and put it in the right mutual funds, or stocks or real estate and let the clock tick at 20 %, you’re a millionaire in just 20 years! (Pop, pop, pop, pop) Excited yet?

What makes a few dollar a day grow into such huge amounts of money? It’s the power of compound interest. You’ve heard of this before but I want you to really understand the concept because it’s going to power you on to your dreams. Einstein himself, said, “The most powerful invention of man is compound interest.” Compound interest is a magic money magnifier. Compound interest works for you while you sleep.

Remember, money that’s compounding never sleeps. Every second of every day. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. You’ve got to figure out a way to get money working for you instead of you working for money. And all it takes is a few lousy bucks a day! You don’t have to be a financial genius and you don’t have to own a big company. In fact you can do it from your kitchen table using the money that you’re now foolishly throwing away. If you just re-divert a few of your ill-spent dollars and funnel them to some well-timed investments, you can achieve financial success. It’s within your grasp.

Money Seeds

Look again at that dollar bill. Take care of it. It’s a money seed. I’ll bet you’ll think twice before you throw away one of those silly, green pieces of paper. It’s like throwing away the seed to a million dollar money tree. (maybe even a billion dollar tree.)

Every time you save one of those money seeds, you start your way to wealth. The real key is to keep socking away the money, even if it’s only a dollar. Let the numbers whisper their silent but relentless message. Consistency, day in and day out. Save, save and save. Invest, invest and invest. It doesn’t much matter what investment you choose. Low yielding government securities are fine…just as long as you invest consistently for the long haul.

Constantly save. Consistently Invest. Like clockwork. Old Faithful. It might be boring, dull, difficult and it might take discipline, persistence and sacrifice. No matter what just do it.

I met a young man in Chicago who had made the decision to make his future bright by dimming his desires today. He worked full time as did his spouse. If they had been like the normal (broke) young married couple, they would have pooled their two paychecks and bought a new car (with a fat monthly payment) stretched themselves into “too much house” and stressed out for the next 30 years. Instead, this young couple make an uncommon decision. They decided to live in “too little house.” Then they disciplined themselves to get by on her paycheck and to save his entire $2,000 a month income. They put the money into well-selected mutual funds and watched the cash begin to pile up.

This Is True Prosperity

Live on less than you earn.

Invest the surplus.

Avoid debt.

Build long term security

It may not be get rich quick. But it’s get rich sure.

It’s not the exciting rabbit.

But the tortoise laughs slowly all the way to the bank.

But there will be no billions, no millions, no thousands, no nothing at all unless you get started with this plan… you need to start today. Because waiting even one day can be extremely expensive as I shall now demonstrate.

If you could sock away $200 per month. You set a target to have it grow at 20% per year for the next 20 years. Now, 20% is no small feat…but with some fancy stock picks, some real estate and perhaps a small business on the side, you think you can pull it off. According to my calculator, $200 per month at 20% for 20 years grows into $632,000. Not bad!

Suppose, instead of starting now, you wait a year to get started. This leaves you only 19 years of growth instead of 20. How much is in your bank account in 20 years from today? Only $516,000. That’s $116,000 less than what you could have had if you had started on schedule. In other words, your procrastination cost you $116,000 future dollars! Procrastination is expensive.

For each of the 365 days that you waited, your future portfolio was shrinking by over 300 dollars. (116,000 / 365= $317.81) In other words, every day you put this plan off, costs you $300 future dollars. Every hour you wait costs you more than $13. You are wasting 13 dollars an hour, 24 hours a day.

What if you were to invest the same $200 per month over thirty years? The cost of waiting that extra year is now a whopping $842,803. That’s right! Waiting an extra year cost you almost a million future dollars. That’s over two thousand dollars a day. Or almost $100 per hour!

Don’t Wait

Let me say this again for emphasis. Every day you wait, every hour you delay, is like burning up your financial future. Do it now. Yes, it will take sacrifice. It means deferring gratification for a while to allow your money tree to grow. When you prematurely pick the fruit from your money tree, you stunt it’s growth and this can dramatically slow down the time for you to enjoy a fully matured, fruit bearing money tree.

Now, why do all of this money multiplying? In the truest sense, money is a spiritual concept. With proper planning, you can not only take care of yourself and the ones closest to you but you can leave a positive legacy for your posterity. If you won’t do it for yourself, at least do it for them.

Look at that dollar bill one more time now.

This simple money seed contains the power to bless you and countless future generations…if you’ll start now. A wealthy future is awaiting you. It’s worth the sacrifice. Let nothing divert you from your task. As we continue, I’m going to share with you the six other secrets or skills of that will make this bright financial future become a reality for you.

Remember, it all starts with a single dollar bill.

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