Prosperity Focus & Meditation

Prosperity Focus & Meditation

The topic before us is prosperity. What that means to you may be quite different to what it means to another. There is the prosperity that we all crave in the way of material possessions in the physical realm – houses, cars, clothes, furniture, jewelry and on and on. And then there is prosperity within the spiritual realm. This is what we shall speak on for the next few moments.

For within the spiritual realm there is infinite abundance for all in every moment. BUT you must remember to ask for what it is you desire and then allow it to come to you. No need to push, no need to pull, just let it come to you. This is not a hard task. Just be willing to receive all that you deserve. As a child of the universe you are entitled to a universal inheritance of infinite wealth, infinite abundance, infinite LOVE. Prosperity on ALL levels is simply waiting for you to step outside of your old beliefs systems, your old thought patterns – and start to use your higher mind to assist you in the accumulation of all the infinite wealth you could ever need in the 3rd dimensional realm. However, a willingness to receive and the divine knowledge that YOU ARE WORTHY OF RECEIVING is quite the stumbling block for many of you on your chosen paths at this time.

For whatever reason, there are those among you who choose to believe that you are simply not worthy of receiving all that you desire. This stems from a faulty belief system that, for one reason or another, you feel there is something inherently flawed within your physical reality. Because of this mistruth, you choose to disallow the universal abundance that is yours for the asking.

Just for this moment, choose to let go of all that has come before, ALL OF IT. Breathe into this way of being. Clear your energy systems of this old programming and breathe the One Breath in and the One Breath out. With each breath, affirm that you are ready to let go of all the old belief patterns, the old thought patterns. All the times where you chose to believe that you were not worth of receiving. Simply breathe these old ways of being out and breathe in the fullness of a new way of Being, a higher way of being. What you need just comes to you if you allow it to unfold.

Affirm that NOW you ARE fully ready to commit to all the abundance that the Universe will allow. Breathe in infinite wealth, breathe out infinite abundance, Breathe in infinite abundance and breathe out INFINITE PROSPERITY. Feel this infinite abundance surround your physical body, your emotional bodies, your mental bodies, your spiritual bodies.

In this higher way of Being, you have an infinite wealth of knowledge WITHIN YOU prompting you to claim all the prosperity that you are in pursuit of. Let us breathe more fully of this infinite abundance as we settle into the fullness of our Souls.

Take 4 deep slow breaths allowing your lungs to fill completely and then on the out breath allow all the air to leave your body, emptying it of any residual feelings from the past. Breathe in the infinite possibilities of the NOW moment. And then breathe out these same infinite possibilities to anchor into the reality that awaits you, around the corner.

And now in this place of infinite calm and awareness, imagine a bright golden white light pulsing down towards you physical body, immediately above your head. See the light coming closer and feel it as it connects with the top of your head. Breathe deeper still calling this light to you, enabling you to cleanse any and all of the old ways of being. Feel the light as it moves further still into your physical body and allow it to permeate your entire body. Feel the lightness of it all. Feel the warmth of your connection to this purifying light. Breathe deeper still as you allow this cleansing to occur on all levels of your being in this very moment. Breathe deeper still and feel the purity within this physical form as the light fills your every fiber. Breathe it into the bones, the skin, the cells, your blood, your heart, your lungs, your back, your legs, your arms, your chest, your pelvic area, your buttocks. Breathe deeper still and know that you are light.

And from this place of purity and light, anchor in the Divine Knowledge that you are prosperous beyond imagination. You are prosperous to the infinite. As you breathe in this knowledge, know that all that you desire is already yours. This purification that you are experiencing, in the here and now, is allowing you to release any and all challenges you have experienced UP TO THIS TIME. You are now ready to fully accept all that you have ever been and all that you now are, in preparation for all that you are soon to be. The possibilities are endless and it is all your infinite choice.

AND NOW, imagine that high above you stand your own Holy Hosts, those members of your Spiritual hierarchy here to assist in your every endeavor. They are all here NOW to beam to you any and all of the assistance you may need as you commit to the full responsibility for your own wealth – the wealth that is inherent in a healthy physical body. The wealth that is inherent in a sound mind, clear of any self-doubts or limiting beliefs. The wealth of a Soul full of infinite amounts of Love, Light, Compassion, and strength of purpose.

A large urn is suspended in the center of your Holy Hosts, your Divine Assistants from Source. As you sit in this deep place of calm, peace, tranquility and Divine acceptance, see these Holy Hosts start to tip the urn over. As they do so, see waves of rippling liquid light in gold and yellow and white radiating out and splashing down towards you. Feel these waves of liquid light wash over your energy bodies. Allow this liquid light energy to wash over and through you as you breathe more fully into the fullness of your Being.

And now here you sit bathed in light, full of light, simply LIGHT. Sit in this place of deep reverence for all levels of infinite abundance and fill to overflowing with the infinite possibilities for your own personal prosperity.

Stay in this place of infinite awareness for as long as you desire and when it feels right for you, slowly come back into conscious awareness of YOU and what is next, fully confident in your abilities to manifest all the Universe has in store for you.

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