Programmed For Poverty

Have you been programmed for poverty? Many people are missing abundance from their lives and think along the lines that money is bad, rich people are evil, and it is spiritual to be poor. This is programming that started when you were very young.

I grew up watching TV shows like “Gilligan’s Island,” “MASH,” and “The Beverly Hillbillies.” All very funny and pretty silly television shows. Let’s look at them from a different angle with prosperity in mind.

Remember the millionaire on Gilligan’s Island? He had a pretentious name and was always portrayed as a goofy, not so nice rich person. Think about how the banker and people with money were portrayed in the Beverly Hillbillies. Always in a negative way. The Hillbillies who came from poverty were always presented as sensible, down-to-earth hard working people who were amused by the crazy way rich people acted.

Programmed For Poverty

The television show MASH was centred around two good guys, and then there was always a bad guy, usually a rich guy who had different tastes and hobbies, a pretentious name and of course he was always portrayed in a negative way.

Evil Rich People

This is all about you being programmed for poverty. Making you think there is something wrong with rich people.

Perhaps you watched J.R. on “Dallas,” all the evil conniving rich people on “Dynasty,” or at Christmas time you watched the story of scrooge. The movie “Titanic” is filled with programming that money is bad, rich people are evil, and it is spiritual to be poor. The Dukes Of Hazard had Boss Hog as the stupid, nasty rich guy. I could go on and on.

Once you start looking you will find this theme everywhere throughout the media. Popular TV is saturated with images, stories and statements to promote poverty consciousness. The media has most likely shaped your perceptions about money, success, happiness and many other things in your life. Being spiritual is about living in awareness and understanding these unconscious drivers so that you can free yourself from them.

The average person more than 5 hours of television per day. How much programming for poverty were you subjected to? This programming subconsciously pushes you away from wealth. You don’t want to be like these rich people. Once this is ingrained in you, the guilt starts. It is the powerful emotion of guilt that can stop you from accepting the abundance you are meant to have.

Which TV shows did you grow up with — and can you see how you were programmed to be poor? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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