Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Here is a simple exercise that goes a long way towards premature ejaculation treatment.

Last week we spoke about the PC muscle and how it is one of the greatest secrets a man can know. This week we give you exercises to strengthen it!

You can strengthen it by doing the following exercises:

PC Hold
Contract the PC muscle as if you were holding back urination in mid-stream. Hold it and count to three then release. Make sure the muscle completely relaxes before your next contraction. Hold it again, then release. Draw it up now while you are reading this book. Hold, count to three and release. Do this at least twenty times in your first session.

You can build up to whatever is comfortable for you.I suggest you commit yourself to five minutes on the way to work and five minutes while travelling home.You can do this while you are sitting or standing, walking or resting. It may assist you if you combine it with the breath. Breathe in as you contract a muscle, hold your breath and
contraction for a count of three, then make an extra strong contraction. Next release the muscle and the breath together. Do twenty cycles at a time.

If after a week of practice you experience any soreness, take it easy. It’s like any other muscle, if you overdo it in the early stages, it can become tender.

Just because you can thrust for an hour doesn’t make you a fine lover. What’s more important is the time you and your partner take to absorb the energy, fully awaken all your senses and build up the feelings of passion and intimacy.

Authors Details: ‘Premature ejaculation treatment’ Dianne and Kerry Riley


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