Power Of The Positive

The power of the positive plays a key role in your life. You get to choose to be happy or not and choose to succeed or fail. It’s also your choice whether you put scorn or blame on others. You can choose to complicate your life or to simplify it. There is no doubt that the responsibility for your life is yours.

‘A man is just about as happy as he makes up his mind to be’

Abraham Lincoln

power of the positive

You have on average 60,000 thoughts each day. Around 4,000 of these are usually positive, the remainder are negative. This means that, if you want to advance yourself or enhance your well-being, the balance between positive and negative in your life is pointed in the wrong direction. Another way of looking at this is that YOU are making up your mind to be unhappy.


To be happy you have to reverse your cycle of negative thinking. The first step is to look at what you currently do. Here is an interesting Gandhi quote;

‘Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.’

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This is simple wisdom from a wise man. What does he mean?

Gandhi’s words mean that you need to become much more aware of what you do. Many of the negative thoughts you have don’t even originate within you. They come to you as a result of what you do and from outside influences and entities. They enter your mind through these outside sources and you allow this to happen because you’re not on guard. Perhaps you haven’t stopped to think that this is a possibility.

Power Of The Positive Questions

Here are some quick questions that you can ask yourself – they relate to the power of positive.

1. How positive are the TV programmes you watch? Do they lift you and make you laugh. Do they inspire change or do they bring you down and make you sad or angry?

2. How positive is the news you watch or read? Is it based on war and scandal or peace, love and harmony?

3. How positive is your music? What do the lyrics say to you? Is it all about heartbreak, anger and dysfunction or love and hope?

4. How positive are the movies you watch? Are they about a better world or about destruction and violence?

5. How positive are your friends? Do they whine and moan or do they look to create and change things for the better?

Let find out why these questions are important.

Positive Thoughts

They’re important questions because you probably think that you have or want positive thoughts and perhaps often give off that ’I want to be happy vibe’ but then you go and contradict what you say and what you think by what you do. If you spend the majority of your time on TV, radio, news media, musical lyrics, movies and friends or family talking about problems and drama then this will have a detrimental effect on your life. Negative stories and problems all have a profound influence on how positive you feel. You don’t have to block everything but be mindful of your major inputs and how much time is spent on negativity. If your life isn’t going where you hoped it would then change the things that influence your mind.

How To Become Positive

You can change what influences you by learning to manage the incoming content to your mind. Do this via choice. You have choice. Turn on the TV now, watch it for 2 minutes and decide if watching this TV show will help you achieve anything. Anything is based on whyat your dreams, goals and aspirations are?  One of those dreams you keep locked away in the back of your mind can happen if you are discerning with your choice. Pick up a newspaper, hold it and ask yourself, will I feel uplifted if I read this? You can do the same with everything in your life.

Once you become aware of what you are taking in – you have the power to choose. Choose a positive news publication to read, change our internet default settings to websites that are uplifting and encourage you forward. Chose that which empowers.

Let me know how you have use the power of the positive in your life, has it worked? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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