Positive Attitude Tips Around Negative People

Here are 10 positive attitude tips because no matter how positive you, how focused you are on attracting positive people into your life, there are times when you will come into contact with negative people. The type of person that loves to talk about all the things that are going wrong in their life. They live for gossip, talking about the latest tragedy in such and such a “Royal’s” life, or the life of their neighbour. This type of person delights in being the first to point out why your next idea or a project won’t work.

Sometimes these people are not relevant to your life but often they are they are firmly embedded in the fabric of your life – at work or within your extended family. Either way, when they are in your life and you happen to be around them, they provide a true “test” of your ability to maintain your current positive vibration.

What To Do?

So how do you deal with this type of person? How do you maintain a high vibration and stay positive when you find yourself surrounded by people who have the potential to bring you down. First of all if your vibration is high and stable and you are grounded and in a good place it’s unlikely they will effect you unless you “buy” into their drama.

Here are ten positive attitude tips, tools, techniques and insights to help you maintain your vibration. Give them a try and discover what works for you. Let me know how they helped in the comments below.  As you work on yourself within the realm of personal development you will begin to discover your own tools and techniques for maintaining your highest frequency in every situation.

10 Positive Attitude Tips For Staying Positive Around Negative People:

1. Leave.

One of the technically easiest things to do is to remove yourself from the presence of the lower vibrations as quickly as you can. This is the easiest and often the best way to deal with the situation. If you find yourself immersed in a conversation around the water-cooler that takes a negative turn just excuse yourself as soon as you wake realise what’s happened. This is not always possible, you might be at a family gathering, work function or want to stay in the conversation for a specific reason.

2. Control The Conversation -Keep It Positive.

If you recognise that the conversation is taking a turn for the worse, see if you can turn it around to something positive. If you have done the exercises in the “Speed2Enlightenment” online workshop, you will know that ANYTHING can be turned into a positive. Politicians and marketers have a similar strategy that they call – staying on message. Your “message” is being positive. The topic of conversation is irrelevant – it’s the tone that counts. Say anything you can – do anything to keep the conversation positive.

3. Think – What’s Positive In Your Life.

When you learn to separate yourself from your thinking process you will have the ability to be in a negative conversation yet you can focus your mind on something positive. I don’t mean you are daydreaming – I mean you can do both at once, split your attention. It’s like the “picture in picture” feature on your TV. Insert a little positive thought or a positive memory into the big picture of the conversation.

4. Focus On The Positive Aspects Of The Person.

Everyone has redeeming qualities. They may be more difficult to notice in the heat of a negative negative conversation, especially if your thought pattern is along the lines of; “boy oh boy he’s negative” See if you can find just one good thing about the person you are with. Maybe you like his tie, her scarf, his haircut. Maybe they once did you a favour, you get the point. When you notice and focus on something positive it cancels the power of the negative energy.

5. Relax.

An easy way to relax is to close your eyes, this works well on the phone. Obviously this is not always possible when you are engaged in a one-on-one conversation.  If you slow your breathing or deliberately slow down the blinking of your eyes it can have the same effect. Closed eyes, even if they are closed for just a few seconds, begin to bring your brainwaves down towards the alpha state. Try it right now. Take a few slow eye-blinks and watch what happens to both your physical and mental state. You are much less susceptible to negative energy when you are in that relaxed, contemplative alpha space. One word of warning – this doesn’t work if the other person is telling you something negative about yourself. In this case you need to stay vigilant and internally reject what they say

6. Focus On Your Breath.

Like number 3, see if you can split your attention and focus part of your awareness on your breathing. Be aware of the air that’s moving in and out of your body. Feel your chest and belly expanding against your clothing. Notice the rhythm of your breath. See if you can consciously slow your breathing down.

7. Unplug / Cut Your Energy From The Other Person.

You are an energy being and your imagination can work wonders. Try it and see. Use your imagination to find the cord that connects you to this other person. Literally imagine that you are pulling your plug out of the other person. You can also imagine cutting the cord that connects you to this person. Negative people subconsciously thrive on their ability to bring others down to their level of vibration. Use your imagination, your feelings, or your intention to pull that plug and maintain your own high vibration. Although it’s harder to do, this works particularly well if you are closely connected with the other person.

8. Prayer Or Mantra.

Depending on what you know use a prayer or a mantra to focus your mind and keep your vibration high.


Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.


I am the soul, I am the light divine, I am love, I am will I am fixed design.

Whilst you are doing this understand that the other person’s negativity is an expression of their inner doubts, despair and sadness. The way you can make a difference in the world is by remaining positive and allowing yourself to become an instrument of love or peace in that present moment.

9. Stop Judgement.

If you find yourself being judgemental of the other person – stop. It’s one of the easiest traps to fall into – judgement. We all have moments of negativity and the person you are talking to may be doing the best they can. The mere presence of this person in your life could be a signal that there is negativity in you – it may be showing you what you have failed to acknowledge. The world is your reflection and this is an easy way for you to know what you need to improve on. Stop judging the other person and instead, offer your gratitude (in thought) for the opportunity to find your own tendency to drift into lower vibration.

10. Be Kind To Yourself.

No matter how hard you try and no matter how strong your intention is – it can be difficult to stay positive. Sometimes you will be pulled down into a negative state, even for a very short time. Be kind to yourself and monitor your own self talk – make sure it’s constructive or positive. If you judge your self negatively there is the potential for a downward spiral, especially if you are new to this. 

What’s Next?

If you want to learn more and find out how to keep your thoughts in alignment with what you want – how to keep them positive and become a person with high self awareness, I teach 3 steps in the Speed2Enlightenment method. Master your mind, Release emotion and Control your reality. I also do this through personal coaching. Let me know how you have experienced situations with negative people. How have you handled it? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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