Poppet Dolls

Poppet Dolls

The use of Poppets is an age old practice, the poppet itself is similar to a luck charm only much more powerful. Not ALL Witch Poppets are used for cursing. Poppets can be used to promote health, healing, love, and happiness, to protect loved ones from harm, and to charm friends and enemies alike.

Types of Poppet Dolls:

soften candles and shape them into poppet figurine. Rub lavender oil, or similar onto your hands first for ease, and ensure the wax is not too hot. Use small pieces of coal or gems to adorn the poppet. For a more powerful effect use hair, fingernails, or some token or possession of the recipient.

Cut round a template on two pieces of cloth, stitch almost all the way up, then fill with herbs, or hair (depending on the spell) Adorn with coloured threads, or draw symbols on. The name of the recipient can be written on the poppet.

(quickest way) simply cut paper into poppet figure, you can anoint with oil it draw symbols on it. You can even stick a photo on it of the person the poppet is intended for.

carve poppet into figure, glue on hair or use a piece of cloth from the clothing of the recipient of the spell. Use paints or colour crayons to adorn the poppet.

several plant roots can be carved into poppet figures. (potato, apple, ginseng..)Make sure the poppet is finished before using it, do not carry on carving once you start using it. This poppet is for short term use as it will inevitably rot within a short time of making it.

mould into poppet shape, be sure to create a hollow to place hair, fingernails or herbs, etc, before sealing. Adorn with paints or by carving with a sharp object.

In modern days, the most common poppets are filled with herbs and incense. But pure Witchcraft still uses the practice of urine, blood, fingernails and hair.

The poppet dolls will be magickally charged by the Witch, using a simple spell, chant, song, dance, drumbeat. etc

Depending on the desired outcome, use the elements, winds, or moon phases to bring life to the magick.

IMPORTANT: Take really good care of your poppet when not in use. The last thing you want is to accidentally drop it and break it, or set fire to it etc. Wrap it in white cloth and keep it somewhere safe. To dispose of a poppet, dig a deep hole and bury it. Be sure to sever the magickal link between the poppet and the person before disposing of.

This information was shared in the good faith that no reader will use this to bring harm to another.

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