Pleiadians: Whose Plan Is It Anyway?

Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak.
The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012

We are here. Many of you have heard us talk about your need to commit, to live to the highest attainment that you can achieve consistently, all of the time. You have heard us talk about the idea that you are involved in many dramas that are occurring in many places at one time. You have heard us say that your planet is in the midst of an incredible transformation. You have heard us talk about the Divine Plan. You have heard us talk about the Family of Light. You have heard us talk about the need for the Family of Light to begin to work together. Some of you have begun to question some of these things.

Some of you have begun to say, “Well, whose plan is it anyway?” Whose plan do you operate under? Who are the overlords, the overseers, the owners of Earth? Someone does, indeed, own your Earth. Someone does, in deed, own every planetary combination of molecules that exist. Someone believes they do. You are isolated completely from the higher knowledge of existence. You are isolated and quarantined for a multitude of reasons according to certain plans. You are isolated by frequency control, electromagnetically. Sometimes it is even difficult to locate the Earth on maps that chart space. Some of the owners of your Earth have disguised the existence of Earth as you would know it and forgot it on the maps of existence for a long time. That is interesting, is it not? Why would they do that?

Some of you have heard us speak that there are incredible treasures of consciousness locked here in the Earth. You have heard us speak about the original purpose of this planet, that it was to be a storehouse of information information that was gathered together and generously given by a huge collection of sentient consciousness. The experiment was to create a place, a storehouse of information where one could travel even from other universes into this universe and go into a Living Library and understand the purpose of the energy and the history of the universal structure. Feel out what we are talking about because what lies ahead in the next few years is that this concept of the Living Library is going to be plugged in to your body. [What will it be like] to experience these things? Once you begin to plug your body in to the pebbles outside your door, the pebbles begin to sing to you what is in their molecules. Or the salamander that walks across the fence. Or the bird that comes to sing by your window in the morning. The Living Library was formed with a grand purpose. It was an experiment where life could genetically be implemented and planted with knowledge. When one came into this Living Library, if one knew how to play the frequency codes and learned how to change their own electromagnetic spectrum through thought, they could receive the entire history of the universe as it existed the insects, the plants, the soil, the rocks, the trees.

All things on this planet were purposely designed to hold knowledge. It is just like your Library of Congress holds knowledge on the printed page or on microfilm. The Original Planners designed Earth and the solar system for a very important reason and then eons later there were schisms, separations. In your most modern times you have been owned and controlled by a very renegade group. This group started off very small and very insignificant and somehow created a raid of the probabilities of time and were able to go into many different realities because they began to own different portals that existed in space. There was a tremendous revolution and a great upheaval that lasted for millions of years. Your Earth was not affected by this until 300,000 years ago. You must remember that time is very elastic and affects different realities not all simultaneously. As we remind you over and over again, you are part of the Family of Light, energies that carry an ability to transform energies. You, as members of the Family of Light, have something in common. The characteristic that you share is that you are able to be impeccable transducers. It is like you could be struck by lightning and keep going and it would just give you a high jolt and you would be on top of the world for the day. You can take energies that are sent from the cosmos and you can hold them in your body and change them and pass them out to the planet. Others cannot even perceive that this energy exists. The energy does not penetrate their physical body because there is nothing in the physical body to catch or to hold the energy because they have been rearranged as a species. A battle was fought amongst beings that you call gods whose sole job it was to oversee structures of consciousness that you call planets. When these tyrannical owners came and took over here 300,000 years ago, after tremendous destructions, they created an entirely different species and they genetically rearranged and manipulated who was left upon the planet. There is a plan now that is in the works. The plan has to do with bringing the original owners back into alignment with your Earth, bringing the Original Plan back into its own purpose. Who are the original owners? Whose drama are you in? Who is making a movie of your life? On what screens in the cosmos are you famous? Begin to think in these terms. Begin to allow yourself to expand your identity about who you believe you are, about perhaps how anonymous you are not. As members of the Family of Light you are sent on assignment to go in to alter a system. You have been trained to handle incredible amounts of energy.

In Hollywood you have stuntmen. They are able to perform tricks and to take blows. You are like the stuntmen of energy. You are the stuntmen of life. This is what the Family of Light is. You are specialists within the systems. There are many individuals on the planet at this time that are specialists. The Family of Light is here in the millions. There are other families of consciousness. When the time is right you will find that there will be many, many, many millions who will pool their energies together. The days of what you do not have in common will fall far to the past because events will unfold that will draw you all together and you will find that your life will never be sweeter. It is true. You will find that all of the emptiness and the loneliness and all of the things that have kept you separated from your higher identity will be gone.

Question: There is a lot of information coming to us now from off-planet beings yet, I understand they aren’t allowed to alter free will. Is that right?

Pleiadians: There are two sets of laws. The drama that the Earth is presently involved in is a multidimensional drama. You are pressured into your own integrity at this time. Any lack of integrity will catch you with your pants down. It is true. So you must come on alignment with a consistency. Your globe must come on alignment with it’s consistency. In other words, you cannot have corporations pretending to be environmentalists and at the same time doing more dumping and starting more wars than anyone else. That would create a tremendous dichotomy within the energy. There are those that are doing something in the ownership of your planet in this way. There are those who are not following the laws that say that a world exists in its own integrity and it is not allowed to have a frequency control. The energies that want to bring these laws of freedom back into existence are bringing in their plan. It is only one of the plans that are presently clashing at this time on the planet. [There are those who] say, “Hey, you cannot involve yourself with this. Life must evolve.” On the other hand, if you are left alone and never had any assistance in evolution, you would go nowhere because you are owned. You cannot exist without those whose playthings you are. You do not exist separately. You exist in a collective. It is just that right now the humans are at the very low end of the collective, locked in 3D and frequency control. They have no idea of the richness of potentiality that comes from the cooperativeness of existence when one form of existence knows that it influences another, that it adds to it. It is a symbiotic relationship. We are not certain we are explaining this as appropriately as is necessary. It is very large. Sometimes when we say you are the playthings of others, it pisses you off. You think, “Well, wait a minute. I have free-will. I do not have to be owned here. Who is going to tell me what to do?” At the same time, those who First Cause created to go out and create other worlds, could they exist without First Cause? You could not exist if someone didn’t create you. You are the product of a plan. So you are the playthings of others. You have been the overlords when others have been your playthings. You get to act it all out in the multidimensional self, the self that knows that it has hundreds of thousands of simultaneous existences. It can be that vast. That much energy can collect and know itself, no big deal. There is a sense of reward. There is a sense of achievement because one knows how complex one is. One does not wonder if one is isolated all by themselves. One knows one is not. And information threads itself back and forth from one system of reality to another and one does not feel that one is owned and operated, one feels that one functions in a sense of harmony. Does your finger get mad when it has to go some place that it does not want to go and the rest of the body goes? You begin to understand that your hand can’t say, “I’ll stay home while you go here. I don’t want to go with the rest of the body.” It is part of a collective. As your body ideally works together and understands the cooperation of all parts, it is the same with all of your identities. This is what your creator gods did not want the humans to have access to any longer because then they could not control them. So they destroyed the place as best they could, took what was left, rearranged the genetic structure and created a species that was biogenetically locked in ignorance and could perform and would emit fear. That fear was utilized. It was cultivated. It was harvested. It was used to broadcast out to control other worlds in your universe. This is what is presently being done in the Middle East at this time.

Question: It’s almost like there is a culling of who is standing for the light now. People are being shaken and they are either paralyzed in fear or they’re saying, “This is not right. I’ve had it. I’m not going to do this anymore.” Now is the time and we cannot be lazy, we cannot sit on the fence. You are either going to be paralyzed or you will be moved into action.

Pleiadians: Yes. And those who are not moved will be affected by events that are formulating themselves with even greater impact. It is going to come about shortly. There is a steady increase. Whose plan is it anyway? There are many plans in action. It is like a multidimensional holographic chess game where different pieces are being moved and different ones have different intentions and another plan comes in. This one wants to do this. This one takes the energy of that one and lays this on top. There is tremendous creativity outside of your planet that is orchestrating events. Powers you have no idea of that exist, move human consciousness like puppets. You, as members of the Family of Light, are coded and programmed. It all lies within you. You must come to the place where you trust that you have it. You must begin to listen to the message, to the energy that is programmed inside of you, coded inside of you, that will begin to reveal itself. There will be an ongoing communication to move you as those who oversee the planet use the plan of others to bring things about. Those who wish to control and up the frequency of fear do, indeed, do this. At the same time they count on their technological superiority to create frequency control and to have this fear frequency established upon the entire globe. They do not count on the members of the Family of Light having it together enough to telepathically link themselves and become an entity, a station of power on their own. There are those who are not informed enough of your abilities. Or, perhaps, they don’t believe in them. We believe in you. We are counting on you. There are multitudes of energies, energies that have no number who are counting on you to be able to do this one simple thing to be able to transform your reality from the place of fear and chaos into a place of freedom simply because you intend it and you know that you can do it.

Question: I’m interested in knowing how to receive information or receive guidance.

Pleiadians: First of all, for all of you, let us go over a few basic things here. Believe it or not, everywhere around the globe at this time, the energy that you are all feeling is a very common thing. Many are not alone any longer. They have discovered a small family or a growing family of consciousness. They are beginning to understand that there is a purpose that is much grander to their life than they ever realized. They are being unified through one source or another. We are only one source of information. We are on assignment just as you are on assignment. So, let us remind all of you all over the globe, wherever you are, those who are not here today in this time of February 19, those who are in the future, we speak to you as well. Begin to rely on yourself. Begin to know that how you think it is, is how it is. Begin to call and to commandeer to yourselves all of the assistance that you require for no matter what you require it. There is not energy available only for some events and not for others. When you begin to recognize yourself as a member of the Family of Light, you realize that there is a host of energy that has been quite aware of who you are for a long time. They have been waiting for you to know it. Once you are certain of it, you can begin to have all of the assistance that you ever dreamed of and you can begin to operate at optimum capacity simply because you believe it. Trust and love what you have and the vehicle that you occupy. Begin to feel the communication that is waiting for you to listen. Then, with great discernment and no foolishness and with all fear put aside, begin to allow yourself to feel loved. Not by a woman or a man or a parent or a family member. Begin to feel love of self to self. As you begin to commit, to agree to love what you have, then you will begin to feel the multidimensional self’s existence that loves you where you are on assignment because you feed all of these other identities a potential to bring about an incredible universal change of consciousness.

Question: Fear, as I understand it, is used as a food source and beamed off planet. Also, on other tapings it’s been stated that this fear is directed to other worlds to keep them in control.

Pleiadians: It is like a radio station or a frequency that is sent to other worlds. This is what surrounds them. Like we said to you that there is something surrounding your planet that controls you.

Question: My question is that if the emotion fear is the desired frequency what occurs at the other end when on this end we have the World Peace Meditation? Does that disturb those beings who are using the fear?

Pleiadians: Of course it does. It is obvious that the signals that the planet was emitting at one time have changed. That is why you have the return of these beings, to deal with this.

Question: This frequency of fear that’s being transmitted off planet, say someone is utilizing it and all of a sudden mixed in the signal there’s a great deal of love and happiness and joy does it do more than just give them indigestion?

Pleiadians: It gives them great concern. Great concern, indeed. Yet, sometimes because of the energy, the frequency, the link that has been established, there is nothing that can be done about it. When you believe that you are in charge, you are in charge. The will that you begin to muster will be tested. Sometimes something will come to throw you off track. Yet, when you can pull yourself back through will then you cannot be tampered with because you begin to operate on your own strength and you begin to receive energies. The electrical fence, or the energy that was put around the planet, keeps certain energies out to some extent. Also, when other energies were able to be penetrated through the electrical fence, there was no one there to receive them for a long period of time. The energy can come through but what if no one takes it into their body and can transmute it. What good does it do? It is like pouring water. It is great but if you don’t have a container to catch it, it simply goes into the ground. The bodies of the humans could not be penetrated even when the Earth was found, even as electromagnetically the pulse of the Earth was uncovered. There was nothing here for a long time to receive, to hold the energy that would allow the reorganization that would allow the putting of the pages back together of the big book. As some of you around the planet are able to alter your frequency it is absolutely, positively noticed. It is quite understood within all existence that Earth is undergoing a tremendous shift at this time. It is counted on. It is planned on. It is a gigantic game. It is a gigantic war, as it would be in some energies’ eyes. Your Earth exists in so many realities. We are not talking about one Earth or one reality of Earth. There are many versions of your Earth and of your future and of your present.

Question: Have those other aspects of ourselves figured out how to unlock the reality or come to an understanding of their multi-dimensional selves?

Pleiadians: Some of them have come to that realization and they wait for you to come to it. Others are still oblivious, have no idea that they are connected. You intellectually are told that you are connected and that you exist in many places. Some of you experientially have tip-toed into this. Yet, because of the over-eagerness of logical mind you have completely and totally discounted even the remembering of experiencing something of this nature. Sometimes it is difficult when you create the experience of it and then block the memory of its existence. You have no idea how intricate or how controlled the frequency of the body is and how many realities are always pushing at this reality and how many experiences you have that you blank out because you have no place to plug them in. You are continuously monitored as to the effect of the neurological changes that take place in your bodies. When you have this rewiring or this restructuring, we like to say you are going from a two-lane highway system to a twelve-lane highway system in your nervous system. When this takes place, you will have memory of events that run simultaneous to other events and at first you will maybe freak out a little bit because you will have no place to plug them in. In other words, say two years down the road you could be remembering a Thanksgiving dinner that you were having in 1989 or 1990. Suddenly you would have memory of an event that you never before remembered and you would have it right next to and parallel to the Thanksgiving dinner that you did remember. And you would realize that you were at two Thanksgivings. This is what will happen as the nervous system begins to come into a new pulsation, as the body is beginning to have the library put back together. As the lightencoded filaments reform themselves and begin to broadcast what they have available, the nervous system must be able to carry it and translate it. Why do you think the brain has been dormant all of this time? Why do you think you have been using such a small percentile? Because the DNA was unplugged. That is why. Obviously if you have a brain and you are only using 5-8% of it there is a reason for the rest of it. Something in the body is not hooked up to it. Doesn’t that make sense to you? Now the body begins to be hooked up, because rays from space, electromagnetic cosmic rays, can pierce through the electrical fence and you are here to catch them. You are on assignment to do it. The process has to be slow at first, otherwise you would be fried. It would be too much. It would be way too much for all of it to happen overnight. There is an unfolding that will take place so that eventually you will begin to bring about the full use of the brain on the planet. Whether it is in your lifetime or not we are not, certain. For yourselves, yes. When we say we are not certain if it is in your lifetime or not, it means for the whole human race, those who decide to stay here. For yourselves, yes, more than likely, you will go, if you are not frightened and you do not hold yourself back, you can extend your life by hundreds of years, you can move the body into complete rejuvenation that is unheard of at this time and you can come into complete operative ability with the DNA in complete alignment of twelve strands operating with full brain capacity. Think about who you would be.

Question: In your opening comments you were speaking about whose plan is it and maybe we could ask about how they affect our personal lives. Recently I had a feeling for myself that I would be doing certain sorts of things in the future and I’m beginning to see there are other sorts of things and I’m wondering now how many plans are going on and if the plan is switched.

Pleiadians: The plans are always switching. There is always new juicy material to insert. New scripts to write. New ideas. Just as you get all excited and see new possibilities, those who utilize you, your puppeteers as it would be, get excited and see new possibilities as you become more available. As you become looser you make yourself available for wilder adventures.

Question: Okay. So what I’m wondering, the idea that there are many plans that we work with and that they are changing and that that’s part of our job to be aware of the changes and to go with the new…

Pleiadians: Your job is to have a good time. To be clear about your availability and to be clear about the assignment that has been given to you, that you are a Keeper of Frequency and that you are here to defy the laws as they have presently been stated to man. In other words, everything that you have been taught about this place you are to defy. Every idea and every law that has been passed down to you through your educational system and all the degrees that you have tacked after your name. Any one that says “It stops here,” you are to say “Watch me!” You are to defy everything, to change the paradigm that drastically so that everyone becomes confused and no one believes anything any longer. And you are to have a good time doing it. You are not to be overly concerned about the plans. Sometimes it is really none of your business. It is alright for you to speculate. Sometimes you get too into worry and think that you have to orchestrate and check things out and you don’t. You be available to keep frequency and your condition we would imagine to be a Keeper of Frequency is that you want to have a good time. And you want to be well compensated and you want to learn. And you want to have joy, safety and harmony. A little sex now and again.

Question: I’m getting that it’s all connected. Light equals information. Love equals creation and DNA is creation. It’s almost like in the universe and maybe the multiple universes this is a very important unique way of forming creation when love is involved and free will is involved. I’m stretching here to see that this is all connected. The free will and the light and the information and the DNA and how important the human being is. In fact, human being now becomes the hub instead of the rim.

Pleiadians: As a matter of fact, that is dawning on a few throughout this universal structure that the human being does hold the key and is a hub and was tucked away by the Original Planners just in case a probable world, a probable universe cropped up where worlds began to die because the love frequency was not in existence. We come on assignment, on assignment, from that probable universe. It does not mean that we are from that probable universe. It means that it is our assignment to deal with that probable universe. Remember we have said to you that we are renegades and that there are those within the Pleiadian system who think we are crazy. Who wonder and question what we are after and if it can be achieved. We started with a few and we can say to you that our name is now known around your world and it is spreading. Our name is being remembered from the cells of many humans. Our name, “the Pleiadians,” which is only one collection of consciousness that represents the Pleiadian system your humans are coded to respond to that. That, alone, we are banking on to bring an awareness of consciousness within humans. That coding. Simply that code of Pleiadian knowledge, the Pleiadian love for the humans be activated in the human memory and that through this can there be a shift. Without the insert of the Family of Light, your world is headed for destruction. First of all, it has been under control for all of this time. Without the insert from the future of the Family of Light, without the ’60’s to activate the codings of many members of the Family of Light, without this, there would be a take-over. There are probabilities where there has already been a takeover in your ’50’s and in your ’70’s and now in your ’90’s. You change the probabilities because you change the frequency here. You change everything by your presence. We are banking on the fact that as we change this kernel and that as the secret is unlocked in the humans, and as the humans are able to carry the frequency, that they will of their own knowledge and their own history [make a change]. You cannot force it on them. You can’t force the humans to change. You can simply make the possibility available. As you make this frequency available and as the humans make this choice, they begin to insert something into a reality that is needed millions of years into the future. They begin to stand up to a tyranny that has taken over this universe far into the future where worlds are dying because there is no love. So, what occurs is that from this kernel, from this point in time are we and many others instigating the erasure of a probable universe where love and freedom are forgotten, where they have no context. That is part of the plan. These next twenty years are incredibly important. The events that are going on now are incredibly important. We want you to sharpen your wits. We want you to experience love and play in these multidimensional terms while enjoying life, while intending what you want, while going beyond limitations, while being a Keeper of Frequency and stating with clarity what you want as a Keeper of Frequency. As you become aware of your potentiality and as you become aware of your abilities, how would you like to be compensated for having developed these abilities? What do you want? Get clear on it and forget it and then just watch these things come into manifestation. The more you worry about whether you have these abilities and what you deserve, the more you get yourself all turned around and twisted and don’t know what you are doing.

Question: You said we have a lot of responsibility here. You talked about the future of the world and the universes coming from a point of no love. So we are to go on this path and have fun but we have a big purpose.

Pleiadians: That is why we tell you to have fun, because if you don’t have fun you might take yourself to seriously and it might become too heavy of a burden and you all might check out and say, “We are not doing this.” See, if we tell you to have fun and you create your own reality, we tell you to create this and you go and create it, then you will hang around a lot longer and we will get a lot more mileage out of you. If you are having fun you are more available. If you are having fun it is easier to utilize your energy than if you are not having fun. You are very resistant when you are not having fun. You are very mutable and available and flexible when you are having fun. You say, “More, Pleiadians! More! More!” Do you understand how we trick you in certain ways? If you are not having fun, stop it. We don’t care what it is that you are involved in. If you are not having fun, don’t do it because you are building up a resentment and you are building up a misuse of energy. If you don’t like it, simply say, “I am not available. Sorry if I offend you. I’m not mad at you, I’m simply not available for something that is not fun.” It might be your mother inviting you over to Sunday dinner. You might have been doing it for twenty years and now you say, “This is not fun anymore. I’m not available.” You need to face these things and stop being victims in situations where you have refused to stand up and say, “I don’t like this.” Don’t do any longer what you don’t like. It doesn’t mean that you have to be angry about it. You simply begin to stand up now for the integrity of your molecules.

Question: What if it involves your job? Do I just stop my job and don’t pay my bills?

Pleiadians: You sound as if you have no choice. You sound as if the only choice that you believe that you have is that you have to stay in something that you don’t have fun with because if you quit it there is no alternative. We are simply saying to you that when you begin to understand the idea that you have a right to have fun, that you can make much money and you can do many things to have fun. If you are stuck in a belief system that says, “I hate my job but I can’t quit it because what am I going to do?” Hey, that is your reality that you have designed. We are saying to you that you can say, “You know what, I am not going to work any longer at things that aren’t fun. I am going to stop all things that are not fun. I am only going to participate in things that are fun. I will be provided for and I will be safe.” You have a tremendous fear about losing. This is how society controls you. The whole society is controlled by fear. How many of the millions in the United States do you think love their jobs? Very, very few. They go to their jobs because they believe that they have to in order to survive. There is a whole society that has been moved to keep their jobs based upon the whole idea of intimidation and that they need their jobs in order to survive. You have been fed an available material abundance and you feel that you cannot exist without it. Once you understand that that material world is only one weeny world and there is a spiritual world that is much more fun to start with and that you don’t need jobs to keep yourselves going, that you can manifest what you want, simply because you are clever enough to believe what no one else believes, that you can get things for free and that you can simply bring things from other realities into this reality. When are you going to get this and start doing it? You all act as if it is completely difficult. It is if you argue for the limitations that your society has fed you with mind control. There is no arguing with us.

Question: Do you mean bringing something from another reality? Is that how one could theoretically win the lottery?

Pleiadians: To some extent. You act as if winning the lottery is an effort. What is the big deal? You don’t have to rely upon the lottery. You can rely upon yourselves. You can rely upon your ability to commandeer reality to simply bring you what you want, to have money manifest for you. To have prosperity. To have nurturing and security simply be available for you. You completely erase the idea that you need to work hard for it or that someone would tell you that you don’t deserve it for free. That is what stops you from getting it. You are afraid you don’t deserve or you have been trained, you have been programmed with the idea that you must work in order to be compensated. That money doesn’t grow on trees. No, it grows in the air. It doesn’t grow on trees, it grows in the air and it can show up in your hand if you begin to believe it. It has a tendency to show up in drawers now and again. It is planted there by different energies. Things go from one reality to another. It is an open system. The more you get in tune with these nonphysical beings the more they will play with you with these kinds of energies. Your wrist watch is here one day, it is gone for two months and then it shows up again where you are certain you left it two months ago where you dusted and cleaned and looked high and low. Then all of a sudden it comes back. It happens to you all of the time. Get clear about what you want. Get playful with it. If you get clear about what you want and then worry about it, forget it. It is a waste of time. You are to get clear about what you want and then forget it and let it come to you and stop worrying and wondering about what your mother taught you, about what your sixth grade teacher taught you, about what your friends are going to say. That is what stops all these things from coming to you. Enough of a pep talk on creating your own reality. You are all well along the way and you are doing very well.

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