Pleiadians: The Pleiadians

Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak.
The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012

The earth sphere, Terra, is in a state of great change. Historically, from a linear perspective, you have been told that you have been on

your planet for X number of years. Your scientists think that you have been civilized for a short amount of time and evolved from ape to man.

That is completely incorrect. Highly formed Adamic man has been on your planet for eons. Your planet was seeded by extraterrestrials. It was an experiment initiated by the one we call First Cause whom you may refer to as God, Prime Creator, All That Is, whichever you are comfortable with. First Cause is the energy essence of creativity.

First Cause is in all things. Consciousness is within all things. First Cause’s primary journey now is to gather information and increase the potential of being. On a global scale, humanities are attempting to understand that your world is a direct result of your thoughts.

Your main challenge at this time [is] to learn how to handle thought manifestation and the manipulation of matter and existence. Once [it] is implanted within you that this is a core, basic idea, a universal law of being, you will be liberating yourselves from a restricted existence that has been boxing you in all these millions of years.

There have been those on your planet who have individually, or within small groupings, taken this information and utilized it and freed themselves from the tethers of three dimensional experience. But what is occurring on your planet and why all are restless is that the movement now is towards a universal knowing and understanding. As each of you learn to expand your own consciousness and allow information and experiences to enter into your reality, as you grow telepathically, you effect those around you, in your family, in your school systems, in your neighborhoods and then, of course, within your world. What will eventually happen is what you call critical mass, when a certain number of individuals achieve a certain state of knowing, others will instantly comprehend.

The times that lie ahead in the next ten to fifteen years are going to be quite interesting. You are going to see your reality turn upside down. You are going to see chaos, confusion. You are going to see a crack in the cultural paradigm structure that has been the reality of your world up until this time.

Historically speaking, your world has been defined most explicitly in the last five hundred to six hundred of your years by scientists and by learned intellectuals and you have not questioned this. The world seems solid. You seem solid. You all seem to live in the same world at the same time. Not so. It is not so at all.

You are moving into the fourth dimension of experience. The third dimensional experience is composed of thinking. The fourth dimensional experience is more involved with perceiving, utilizing the entire being.

You have been defined so precisely that you do not question who you are. You have accepted a thousand years of definition from those you consider authorities because they happen to speak louder or publish books or gather degrees. That is nonsense.

Always question what you hear, including what we are telling you.
Become your OWN authority. This is what Terra is moving towards each one discovering their own integrity, their own completeness of being, their own responsibility to themselves and to the world that they participate in.

You will discover how to become this authority by trusting yourselves and by questioning what you are told, particularly from your governments, school systems, television and newspapers. Read between the lines. It would do you a great amount of good.

QUESTION: Some of us are getting to the point where we are no longer willing to listen to the government. We want to know how we can bring about environmental changes.

PLEIADIANS: The changes that are most important for everyone to make are the changes that are within yourselves. We speak over and over again that you are your primary tool to be working with. If you are concerned with the environment and what is occurring, take care of whatever you have, your amount of land. Wherever you are involved, use your thoughts to create a harmony with Mother Nature.

What you must understand is a certain amount of disruption is necessary in order for this shift of consciousness to occur. It seems as if your planet is falling apart environmentally. It is, from our perspective, a necessary path in order to move humanities through their growth. If all were perfect on your planet, in other words, if the environment was in ideal condition, it would not be ripe for the shift in consciousness that will occur. A certain amount of disruption or chaos is necessary to create new order.

Your earth is a sentient being. It is alive. It is conscious. Your greatest step is to align yourself in communication and ask Mother Earth to give you what you need and commit yourself to giving Mother Earth what she needs.

If you feel the need to be involved with others to clean a stream or a lake, that is fine. But it is not for you to go out and wave flags at others. The work that you do is work within your minds. You are mental beings, far more than that, you are spiritual beings. You are thought manifestors.

You can do much more with your thoughts than you can by racing around from one committee to another pounding the hammers and the nails. When you use the mind in meditation to bring light to Mother Earth, you act as a bridge from the cosmos and from First Cause to earth and light is carried in.

We say this to allow you to rest easier about your environment. There are extraterrestrial energies that have technologies that could clean your environment up very quickly, within a few days or weeks. If, however, this was done, what do you think would occur?

Those who have been destroying the planet would say “No problem we can keep doing what we are doing, the world is fine.” Then you will be back in the same boat.

Terra is working towards becoming the jewel within your sector of the universe that it was originally designed to be. The darkness is being thrown off. Terra is indeed moving towards great enlightenment. There is a state of consciousness that needs to be understood. You are all connected. You are all one. You cannot be here without your earth sphere. Can you understand that? Can you understand that the others need to learn this lesson?

It will be learned. The earth will heal itself. There will be changes, earth changes. You had an experience of an earth change in your past summer when you had the big fires throughout your United States. That is a form of earth change. Your recent experience with the forces of winds, the tornadoes, are forms of changes. As you see these things occurring, rejoice because lives and consciousness are effected. Each time something like this occurs, a new person steps into a state of realization. It is Mother Earth cleansing and healing herself.

Do not worry, your world is not being destroyed. There is great assistance hovering around your planet. Within physical realms and non-physical realms there are multitudes of extraterrestrial beings throughout the solar system here to assist in whatever needs to be done. Because you are a freewill universe, we cannot interfere. We can assist . As you call for assistance we will be giving it for those who wish to consciously evolve themselves into a more dynamic, fulfilling experience. Questions?

QUESTION: I have a question concerning the painful things like alcoholism and abuse that effect many children and many lives and carry over into adulthood and effect relationships. I come from an alcoholic family and I realize that I’ve chosen that. But the pain and torment from that has created some very confusing choices that I’ve made that were detrimental to my life. I’m trying to rid myself of that pain, but it’s hard for me to put myself in situations that are good for me instead of being attracted to something that is familiar.

PLEIADIANS: All can learn from this story that is being shared, the story about pain and confusion and anger and powerlessness and recognizing that it is a choice of sorts.

First of all, understand that when you are in a state of confusion and you recognize that you are in that state, congratulate yourselves. You are scrambling up old behavior patterns and beliefs and you are disturbing old orders and ways of being so that you can realign them. Do not feel you are going nowhere when you are in a state of chaos and confusion. It is a high state of being as long as you do not perpetually stay there. You prevent yourself from perpetually staying there by honoring, surrendering and acknowledging that you are working on something.

Self-love and trust is essential for personal growth. When one creates a situation that seems to be less than ideal, when one has parents who are not “Father Knows Best” types, it seems as if one perhaps was gypped. But then, if one believes one creates one’s own reality and they choose their parents then you can get into a bit of a muddle [about] why you choose a situation that is less than ideal.

One must ask what is it serving for me? In what way am I creating an opportunity for my own growth? What are the challenges of the parents? What is in this for me? As you judge any situation you keep yourself there. Relinquishing the judgment of right or wrong allows one to move through the experience and have compassion for one’s own self.

Often you place yourselves in situations of difficulty so that you can help others that are in greater difficulty. If you have a silver spoon life, often it is more difficult for you to relate to the other members of humanity. When you have come from an area of great challenge and less than ideal situations and you are able to see that you are a result of thought manifestation, it is quite simple through great intent and desire to change whatever has been occurring around you. Because you have finished with the lesson, you see now that you needed to experience those parents and that they needed to learn about their addictive behavior that keeps them sequestered from life. It is a lesson for you as well as for the world. Your families are your mirrors. You are all mirrors for one another. Learn to accept this and surrender to the idea that it is your play you are in. You are the primary actor, the primary writer and director.

Allow yourselves to step outside of the scenario that you are enacting and observe it and see what it is doing for you and then rewrite it. Allow yourself not to annihilate that experience but to build on it, add on to it. You get yourselves in big trouble when you try to erase chunks of your lives. Integrate who you are and make yourselves whole by adding new information, experience and trusting that you are moving towards great opportunities of love, self-love and growth, and that ideally you are working towards service.

Service is the ultimate healing of the self. When one is involved in service, it seems as if one is assisting others. When one is involved in service, one is involved with the ultimate healing of one’s own soul. One is liberated, connected with the oneness of being. In order to move into service, you need to have a file full of experience so that you can relate and carry out what is necessary for you to [serve]. Any of you that are finding yourselves in situations of pain, ask yourselves do you believe life is painful? How much pain is necessary? Is it possible to live a life without pain?

Remember that you selected your parents because it was in that nest that you could do your greatest growing and learning. You did not take last choice, for there are no last choices. You are born in the most ideal situation that there is. Your parents are your guardians in the physical world. They structure your belief system and they structure your thoughts.

Life does not have to be painful. Examine your basic feelings and beliefs. If you are finding some of them are less than ideal, lay them to rest, discard them as you would go through your closet and pick out the clothes that no longer fit. It is what you all could be doing now with your thoughts. Those that no longer fit and aren’t productive or enhance the world as you need to experience it, discard them.

In your mind’s eye create a mental visualization in meditation where you have a big box. Inside of this box you place all of the things that you do not need any longer, all of the old behavior patterns and teachings. Mentally forgive your parents for their own ignorance. Forgive them for what they did not know to teach you. Forgive yourself for judging them for what you think they did not do for you. You will see that you will move forward and you will repattern and effect many others for your own personal growth.

Remember again, you are your primary tool. You are the lump of clay that you are designing and working with. Keep that in mind. You are working with yourself and not others. Others are a by-product.

Work with the self and you will change the world. Love yourself and you will change the world. Ask that you be shown the way. Call for guidance. Call for assistance. Allow yourself to surrender to the highest good that your self can manifest. And then release and forgive.

QUESTION: I feel that my whole being is getting ready to change, and there is a big fear there of not knowing. I want to know. I am praying for guidance. And the answer that I get now is “wait,” and “it’s not time” and “patience.” Instead of the patience building, I’m reaching a point of impatience.

PLEIADIANS: That is because you are not trusting yourself. You are afraid of what is Iying ahead of you. First of all, understand that each of you live in your own world. You agree on a mass level that there is one world, but you each form your own world of experience. If you choose that world to be safe, it will indeed be safe. Within that safety, fearful elements may brush up against you. But, if you believe, that you are guided and you are blessed, and you intend beyond all others that you have a safe world that is joyful, then indeed it shall be. We are not talking about the world that anyone else lives in but you.

When you learn to trust and to commit yourself to a world of safety and beauty, then there is a certain patience that comes as you allow that world to unfold in front of you.

It is up to you to be patient and love who you are and trust that the dark journeys that your soul has chosen to take were all a part of experience which was needed so that you would have a greater understanding of where others choose to go. You, yourself, can carry a light now, and lead them out. But first you must realize what it is that you are and why you have gone there. You would not understand if you did not have first hand experience.

Do not judge what you do and where you have been. Accept your power. Accept who you are. Accept that you carry light for yourselves, and then surrender to your role and be patient and allow it to unfold. Time will accelerate quickly enough for you. Do not rush it ahead. You have many years of work and play ahead, all of you. It is what you are about. You are gathering now. You are gathering your knowledge, your commitment. You are forming your roles of leadership. There will be many pillars that will be needed in the new society. Many who will be needed to stand strong and to believe in themselves. We ask that you accept this responsibility, all of you.

QUESTION: I feel that when one is involved in a search for self that one is quite vulnerable, especially in the sleep state. I’ve experienced what I felt was a very negative intrusion during this sleep state. Is that possible?

PLEIADIANS: Your opening statement to us was, “I believe” or “I feel one is vulnerable.” That is your essence. That is what you are putting power behind. That is what you are calling to manifest. A demonstration in your belief in vulnerability. So, of course, you would experience anything that would demonstrate that you can indeed be vulnerable to unexpected intrusions. To takeovers. To whatever goes along with being vulnerable.

It is not in your greatest opportunity for growth to believe in your vulnerability or that you can be victimized. You will create for yourself demonstrations. It is more ideal to utilize the thought manifestation to form the world that says “I believe I am safe. I believe I am guided. I believe I am blessed. I believe that I am divinely taught and instructed within my dream state.” Can you see the difference?

QUESTION: In choice of words.

PLEIADIANS: In choice of belief. You can choose those words and believe still that you are vulnerable and try to convince yourself that you are not vulnerable. You must search into your life to see why you select the idea that you are vulnerable. Whenever one thinks one is vulnerable, one can say, “but this happened to me to demonstrate that I am indeed vulnerable.”

We are saying thought comes first and experience is always secondary. It is never the other way around. It is never that you have the experience and then you base the thought around it. Always your experience is a direct reflection of what you are thinking.

This is why we are saying monitor the thoughts, get to know the self. Speak with others in a loving way. Speak out. “I believe” and “I feel.” When you speak in this fashion, you are coming to the core of who you are. And when you come to this area you can see how you form your experience by what you feel and what you think.

If you are finding areas that seem less than ideal, then attempt to change. If you cannot change immediately then, for a few minutes each day you institute the new feeling by adapting the idea that for five minutes you will feel safe and guided. Then go back to feeling vulnerable the rest of the time.

If you do this a few times every day, you will see that your thoughts make you feel one way or another.

QUESTION: Everything that you have said tonight seems to me to be the basis of metaphysical teaching, the way I understand it.

PLEIADIANS: It is so. What we are saying to you, to your planet, is that the information has been here for eons. It has been covered up and kept from you, but it is basic free information. We are merely here to remind you, prod you forward and to give you a direct experience through contact to smooth out any areas where you may have questions and allow you to propel forward. And, for our part, to encourage you, and to send you love, so that you can know that you are love.

You are greatly regarded, and your planet is a beautiful place of being. Be proud of who you are. We are coming here out of choice. We are coming here because we cherish you.

You are multi-dimensional beings and you peek into many realities, all of which are valid, and all of which are real. Awaken yourselves.

It has been our pleasure to speak with you, we send you our blessings. Call on us when you need assistance. Create your own avenues of expression, for you truly are on the journey of greatness.

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