Pleiadians: The Only Lesson Is To Love Yourself

Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak.
The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012

There’s only one lesson to be learned. One lesson. To love yourself. It is the only lesson that there is. And that is what you are all going to be struggling with over and over again. You all have come from great entities creator gods that were curious about your Earth sphere, who came here to be a part of a vast experiment. Certainly from their perspective, they were viewing themselves as entities who were an extension of Prime Creator, who had vast abilities. They did not look upon themselves as Gods. It was only those that were not so evolved who looked upon them as Gods. You all have been in that position.

Why is it you have given up that position of godhood and broken yourself off and separated? Because you are curious, you wanted to know what it would be like to feel certain emotions, to have certain perspectives about life. You agreed to separate yourselves, willingly, anxiously, and to sojourn throughout many civilizations and cultures. The time has come for you to make yourself whole once again, for you to remember. That is what is going on. And how are you going to remember? You are going to tap into the alteration that is occurring within your body. And you will facilitate all of this if you could but love who you are. You all have a confusion about what is called service. You think that you must take care of others to do service. Service truly means when you take care of the vehicle that you are, because that is your concern. When you take care of the vehicle that you are, you send into the consciousness of the Mother Earth a certain vibration. That vibration works with the consciousness of Mother Earth and there is a uniting of spirit. There is a resonation that comes to being. Loving yourself is allowing yourself the greatest honor and dignity to be. It is placing yourself first through value, not through selfishness. Whenever you are putting in your life that which is less than keeping you happy, it is because you do not value who you are. You settle for less. You settle for less because you are afraid that if you don’t settle for less you will end up with nothing. That is a belief. That is a fear.

That is a program you have accepted over and over again. It is part of the cultural paradigm. The children of the new main stream of ideas are not going to get involved in [that belief]. The new children know they do not have to settle for less. They will teach their parents. They will teach others that no one has to compromise. No one has to take less than what they are wanting.

We would like each and every one of you in this moment to make a commitment to yourself, to place yourself on your own throne. Honor that vehicle that you are and intend that all that you bring to your lives from this moment forward be gifts of great treasures for yourselves. You will create it. Do not fear your power. That is underlying all of this. You are to some extent afraid that if you start creating what you are really wanting, you are afraid of where you will go with this. And so you put it off. “I will be successful in a couple years. I am not ready.”

Love the vehicles that you are so that you can be a guiding light for all of the others. It is your right. It is time for you to remember. It is important for you to honor and cherish yourselves and learn the only lesson that there is to learn. That of love because love is the key that is going to open every technology. It is going to open every doorway to extraterrestrial and interdimensional communications, inner-earth communications, that will allow you to truly live.

QUESTION: What time period are we looking at before we start seeing technology that will save us being used and manifested in the world? Are we looking at a few years or a century?

PLEIADIANS: What has occurred within this last year has been a good twenty years worth of work. Within this year that you are going through, each moon is like five years. And it will be sped up even more so that it will be more like ten years. It has that much energy, that much brilliancy.

Mankind is moving into a state of genius. Mankind is mutating. What is going to occur in the next ten years is beyond your comprehension at this time. The time is so accelerated, the energies are so vast that are coming that is why so many of you are having difficulties with certain things in your personal lives. Whatever it is that you are utilizing to stop yourself from growth, is smacking you in the face.

This is why some are moving into disease and discomfort, because there are changes to be made and the bottom line of those changes is that the love and acceptance of yourself about where you are and what you have done and not judging yourselves is very important. [You must have] the flexibility to change with the times, to give up old behavior patterns, and to be able to move forward into the future.

It is sometimes difficult to move out of old places that you have lived because it seems as if that is your identity. One of the best things you can do is leave, close the door and go forward. Build new houses and new structures of your identity. That is very important. You are on the verge of a leap of consciousness, and you all would not be sitting here if you were not very interested in it and if there was not a portion of yourselves that was attempting to be very courageous to go in this direction.

It is not a century. You have fifteen or twenty years ahead of you that are going to be some of the most interesting times the planet has ever experienced. There will be scientific inventions that will begin to flourish in vast numbers. They will not be able to be held from public domain any longer. They will not be able to be kept in secret because there will be so many of them coming simultaneously.

The libraries of knowledge are infusing themselves with the atmosphere of earth. At one time there may be two dozen individuals inventing the same thing simultaneously on the planet.

Your teachers from the higher realms are seeking students. If you are wishing to do something revolutionary, if you are wishing to alter your life, simply invite a teacher in. You will be infused with great inspiration.

QUESTION: I was wondering about a coding in our DNA system and how it continues from embodiment to embodiment.

PLEIADIANS: From your perspective when you come into body, you very very carefully select who would be the family that would allow you to have the characteristics that would enable you to represent yourself in the fashion that you are after. Many individuals have stored within themselves what are called recessive characteristics. In this time, many recessive characteristics are coming to the surface.

Many recessives have been crossed together so that the dominates are moving in the background. You select with care the lineage that holds within its own storage of information that which you can utilize.

Your DNA is long strands of chromosomal matter stored inside the cells. These very long, thin types of filament hold different codings for how the body would be projected whether you would be musicians, whether you would be female, whether you would be male, whether you would have blond hair, the tendencies of expression of health versus the manifestation of discomfort, or whatever.

What the scientists have uncoded is perhaps one-millionth of what is there. They know that they have only scratched the surface of what is there. But they are thinking that all of this entire filament is filled with superfluous material. Junk as they would call it junk DNA. That it has no purpose. That it is about nothing. This coding is genetically stored and has been dormant, recessive within many lines of families.

When you come into body you carefully select a family that has a certain lineage so that in the times that are coming, you are knowing that with your assignment to bring light to the planet you will have the ability to fire that which has been termed the junk DNA and to move into an awakening of new abilities within yourselves. As you do this you will assist the rest of mankind to do it.

You are now not all that you can be. You are becoming more. In your lifetimes you will birth new abilities within yourselves. You will birth literally new beings by activating this DNA that has been stored away. It is true.

You assist this activation when you get into what is called oxygenation of the system. When you breathe. When you bring in oxygen into the body, it fires the DNA coding and activates it.

Not only could this coding be fired by oxygenation, those that are called creator gods look out over you and see how you do. They are creating a method of altering who you are and that altering is coming through the energy acceleration. All of these things work upon the body and allow the body to change. That is why if you are wanting something now and you think you are not capable of it, relax. You will be capable of it. Trust your wantings. They are about something. The capabilities will follow.

You are wanting to do something that seems “How could I do this?” Or, “I could have done this when I was a child but now I am an adult and I need all this training.” That is nonsense.

If you are wanting something you are responding to the beginning of the awakening of this portion of yourself, it can come very easily. You are all assigned the task of carrying the light and lighting the way for others.

There has been a darkness around this planet, a darkness as far as mankind can see. And you are here to light the way. For some of you it feels like it is a great struggle. “How can I light the way for others when I can’t even keep the light for myself going from one day to the next.”

Don’t be so hard on yourself when you are not in love with who you are. You create abilities to understand where the rest of mankind is. You see, you are all accelerating so rapidly that you have forgotten where the others are and where you have come from. And so, in your own states of what is called anxiety you beat up on yourself for not being perfect.

What is really occurring is that you are bridging realities. You are there one moment and back the next. What you are doing is showing yourself, quite literally, the difference between being there and not being there. It is obvious that when you are there you are on top of the world. When you are not there you feel like you have been assigned to clearing out the sewers of the world.

That will show you the difference in consciousness and what that consciousness can do. You will give up digging sewers. Believe us. It is not going to be a lifetime occupation.

You are going to want to light the pathway and when you dig those sewers or you clean out those sewers, you are doing a bit of self-examination. It is giving you an understanding of where other humanities are and where they come from and how humanities hold themselves in difficulty. These are all lessons that are involved in loving yourself.

When you are finding yourselves in the sewers of yourself, say to yourself, “Well, here I am again. Isn’t it interesting how I find that I am lighting the way one moment and I’m cleaning out the garbage the next? If I am in the sewers, must be there’s more cleaning that needs to be done. Let me just light it up a bit.” You bring the illumination into that portion of yourself that you do not want to look at, that represents the shadow of the dark portion of yourself.

Then look at what you see. What do you see that you are doing? What do you see around you without judging but with feeling? We want you all to be in feeling of yourselves. You are good feelers and you are learning how to be better feelers. You will be now learning how to balance that feeling

You have found techniques, you have found the ability to stop judging when you are in feeling and to be there. When you are in feeling there is valuable information that is on the threshold for you. It is there in front of you.

You all judge your feelings and say, “Oh, here I am feeling this way again. Darn it, I must be terrible to be feeling this way.” You need to say, “Being that I am after my greatest growth and I am feeling this again, must be there’s great growth in this feeling. What is it that I need to know?”

Relax with where you are. Be easier on yourselves. You are attempting to do great homework so that you can move out and affect others in a balanced way so that you will have the compassion to work with those who will be in the same boat that you have been in.

You can say, “I know, I have been there.” The greatest teachers live what they say, and they have done what you have done. And so they know. So when you see one running around going through what is called the crazies, you can honor them by saying they are going to be [a] great teacher when they get it together. Because of the time acceleration, these experiences are going to be jam packed into your lives.

QUESTION: I seem to be reviewing in the last month, things in this life time, I keep going back into situations I thought I’d forgotten about, and I seem to come forward.

PLEIADIANS: Yes. It is because you are cleaning house.This is what the process is about. All that you have locked away, all that you have not dealt with, is going to come smacking up. You make layers of yourselves and you cover it over, cover it over, cover it over. You are coming to the time when you will need to examine not only all that is in this life, but you will go into other lives and get other visions.

This is the beginning of your viewing of yourself. Do not under any circumstances judge what is coming up.

We want you to see it as if you are saying, “Goodness, I have this huge gigantic mansion and I have inherited this. I am going to have to remodel it and make it how I want it to be. I am going to go room to room to clean out and see what is here and what I am wanting.” And when you see it you can say, “I remember this. This happened then and this happened then.”

Do not feel guilty. Do not worry about it. Allow yourself to observe all that is coming up and to marvel at the dramas that you have put into your life. They are there to teach you.

These teachings you have been involved with, that are your own creation, are coming again to show you so that you can review all that you are.

Doing this for this lifetime and loving yourself and saying, “Goodness, there were times when I was a bit foolish here.” Or, “Goodness, there were times when I didn’t know what I was thinking of there. I guess I was really having my head turned on backwards there.” This is the most amount of judging we want you to do. Be gentle. Love yourself. Don’t feel guilty.

See who else was involved in your scenario. Look as if you are sitting in the audience and do a big clapping for the part that you played so beautifully.

Present yourself with an Academy Award here and there, for doing such a good job of portraying a role. See what the story is about and say, “I have got it. I see the purpose that I was working for.”

This process is going to come furiously fast. Let it come. Allow it to cleanse your body. In a few moons you will have an opportunity, or already have taken a journey to a new portion of the world where you will go and look into past activities of yourselves because you are needing to heal the entire soul of your being and to accept with completeness. Love who you are.

QUESTION: When you love yourself do you attract situations that will show you?

PLEIADIANS: Because you are committed, and because you have decided to carry light, and because you have decided in this lifetime to do a journey that is not the easiest of journeys, but it certainly is the journey that is the most rewarding, there will be certain challenges that will test you, to test your worthiness of commitment to be included in a certain echelon of leaders.

That is what you are doing. So be easy on yourself. When those feelings get stirred up inside of you and it seems as if they want to steam roller you, say to yourself, “These feelings are my teachers. I will not be afraid of them. They have something to show me. And I will learn. I will change. I am flexible. I am courageous. And I am committed to myself.” All of you, be easy on yourselves. Love yourselves.

We Pleiadians came to be involved with this experiment so that we could enhance our own service to ourselves. As you grow, you are our family. You are us. And we have come to gather you together and to teach you who you are, so that you can take your rightful place within the family of those that your Prime Creator has formulated, so that you can see the unlimited potentials that await you.

As we teach you, and as each one of you dares to try to do something that you thought you could not do, and as each of you moves a bit closer to honoring and loving yourselves, we grow. You add to what we are. And so, your success makes our success.

Our journey is contingent upon your commitment to yourselves. So we have a big stock in who it is that you are. And we do not want to see any crashings. Do you understand?

The lesson that you are to learn, the only lesson that there is, is the lesson of love. That love will give you the opportunity to go anywhere.

Go about your days in joy, in safety, and in harmony and step into that great unknown with love.

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