Pleiadians: The Mind Game and Patterns

Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak.
The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012

You have heard us say that all is true according to the perception, and [that] reality is far beyond what you can conceive of. There is a vastness that is ever growing and expanding. There have been on your planet quite a few humanities who have figured out the rules and have learned a little bit better than other humanities how to create, how to bring about what they are wanting and how to become manipulators, rulers, and designers of the game themselves.

Your planet started off with a certain plan in mind. That plan was to design a new world where there would be great exchanges of information. The great computer-like mind connected a crystal network of information that would beam out in this galaxy as a storehouse perhaps. It was an exchange center. A world was designed that was beautiful because this information was going to be held in the cells of each and every creature and molecule of consciousness that existed here. Consciousness was going to be endowed within all things.

In the vast expansion of creation, many different forms of sentient beings exist. They are all playing what you would call the mind game. The Prime Creator, First Cause, was, or so it seems, the originator of the mind game.

The Prime Creator thought itself into a reflected state and moved so that it could see itself so that it could prove to itself it existed. It created outside of itself. And so the game has gone. Even the Prime Creator continuously surprises itself with the new rules and the new possibilities of this substance that has been endowed with consciousness.

The forms of this substance continuously mutate and change and even the smallest portion of being has new potentials. Within this mind game that all of existence plays, the rules constantly change. That is part of the game.

What is occurring on the planet at this time is that you are being instructed and given information because the rules have changed. It is time for large numbers of humanity to call on their own innate knowing, to bring about their own beautification of development, to step wisely and to learn to play with all of the abilities.

You have heard us [say] to become aware of what you present to yourselves. Every portion of the material that is outside of you determines how you are going to feel and how you are going to set the parameters of your experience and what you are going to allow yourselves to put within your lives. What you see is determined by what you believe is possible. You are in a double bind so to speak, for you wish to change what you believe to be possible about yourselves and yet you do not quite know how to change what you are perceiving.

Codings are inside of each and every one of you. [They] are being reactivated by some of those ancient creators who brought your planet into being when they were playing with their own godhood. There have been many struggles over the territory of this, your Earth Sphere, Terra. Many have come here and reigned and have utilized the rules of the game and developed societies according to how they wished humanities to perceive.

You have been very often the product of a few individuals designing the mass humanity experience. Once again you are involved in this. This time, you are being told that you can be liberated through your own thinking and through your own perceptive abilities. We wish to push you further into this so that you can truly realize what your boundaries are and realize that every portion is part of the game.

QUESTION: Do these creators compete against each other and have their creations make war on each other?

PLEIADIANS: There have been competitions. There have been vast amounts of information kept from the public for eons. There have been humanities who have known the capabilities of mankind. You find yourself attempting to expand your capabilities, yet you fight and deny that you even have them.

The time has come for you to tap into this. Those greater humanities who you have called gods, those more expanded beings, have indeed made their own rules for the mind game. Within those rules they designed societies where mankind was not encouraged to a state of independence. Think about the history of your world for the last 2,000 of your years and look at the different societies. What did these societies do? How many encouraged freedom? How many encouraged independence? How many societies work with the idea of suppression?

You have heard us say that you live in the United States, the land of the free, or so you think. We are not here to start a revolution, we are here to expand what you believe to be possible and to assist you in your own growth and to turn you ultimately to yourselves and your own answers. There is nothing more to believe in than yourself.

When you believe in a God that is so outside of yourself you are not acknowledging the God that is within you, that has been your birthright. This is a major state of awareness for each and every one of you to move into the holiness of your own being.

Each and every one of you are all that you need to believe in. When you believe in yourself, expand what you think you are, you begin to learn the rules of the great mind game and then you are up there with the big guys.

QUESTION: I have been in a massive state of confusion, going back and forth from one belief system to another.

PLEIADIANS: When you are about to make a change, in general, you will go through a bit of disorientation so that you can come to a greater understanding of yourself. Also the disorientation has to do with the releasing of old behavior, with the relinquishing of control, because wherever you are, in whatever state of development, there is a certain amount of control.

The control forms the boundaries of what you think is safe behavior, and safe avenues to traverse. So when you are about to make a change you have to allow that to come down and reevaluate what you think is okay for you as humanities to do. And you become impatient and you cannot understand why it has taken you a long period of time to move from one state to another. It is quite simple. You are not making the decision.

The ideas that you are sending out to yourself are not clear. It may seem to you that it is clear. You do not understand how intricate your thoughts are and you think you make one statement and this is going to create and you can forget about it and make all the other statements that are going to uncreate it. Only you do not hear those. Your thoughts are like fog and they seep out from you into all forms. And they always seek to expand, to be out there in territory. So, when you are not certain about what you are wanting, you are not giving out a one-lined direction.

The energies at this time are becoming really very powerful, very highly charged. You are learning that there is a certain intensity of commitment that is going to be needed to lift yourself into higher states of consciousness. All of your thoughts count. If all of your thoughts are not lined up to your greatest intention, you are not going to get there, not in completeness. You all need to learn how to trust yourselves, how to have a greater love for yourselves and, of course, much more joy.

Learn to utilize the greater vehicles that you have to keep you within a balance so that you can move at these great speeds. When you do not have balance you are not going to move forward with acceleration. You will crash.

Many of you have bumped the heads and bumped the psyches because you have gone after something that you thought that you wanted and have not understood the rules of the game. Or you have sabotaged your own rule making by thinking that you were not powerful enough, or looking to others as being such great humanities, or thinking that you were not worthy of what you were after.The kicks you get out of talking about it [are more exciting] than it would be to manifest it.

It is most interesting. What is happening on your planet at this time really makes it an “in” place to be. If there were a People magazine for the cosmos, the Earth Sphere Terra would be on the cover. And you all are stars. So, live it up. Be alive because that is what it is all about. Wherever you go and whatever state of consciousness you are in, there is going to be stuff to learn. As you learn how to utilize the rules here, then you would be changing the game for all of the other players. As you all become awake, you will be bucking the system. And you will be showing that the rules indeed have changed and that even the most minute forms of consciousness have figured out that they are like the gods.

QUESTION: What kind of freedom do we need to seek?

PLEIADIANS: When you are seeking freedom it is a freedom from expectations. Many humanities, just as you, have figured that out because word has been passed down on your planet and secret societies have known for eons many of the rules, so to speak. Many who learned how to play the games kept freedom as a precious food from reach of the majority of humanity.

They called it by mysterious names and they said that humanity would not know what to do with this if they have this. And so they kept it for themselves. So, when we say to you to seek freedom, it is freedom from anything that is going to define and suppress any of your ability that would limit you.

Stay within that freedom, move outward in all that you would affect within your life experience and your reality to extend that freedom outward to others as well. There are no limitations.

QUESTION: How far is it possible to jump from the level we are now?

PLEIADIANS: A tremendous amount can be figured out from here. In a very short period of time, the large majority of you will have made a gigantic leap. Within one, perhaps two of your years, there [are] going to be abilities to perceive in vastly different fashions.

Even now you are learning how to expand as you have seeded yourself with light and as you begin to listen to the internal self. Many of you are too intellectual with this. You are all “up here” and you are all afraid to be “down here” because this is where you are going to feel. You are going to connect your feeling and you are going to develop a compassion. And then you would move into these realms.

They are not thinking realms. They are realms of the highest connection of spirituality. And they would keep you tethered to great beings of light who would communicate with you as they are building light bridges to you at this time. You have no idea of what is possible. Your mind cannot conceive of what is.possible for your lifetimes.

We have recently spoken that something that is going to be and is available for all of you is what we call the immortality of your being the ability to extend life and to stop your nonsense of labeling a programmed degeneration of the body. That is part of the game.

That is a flexible rule. Why do you determine that you are getting older? Why do you determine that the body loses with age? Because a certain sector of society passed on a rule of the game. Someone wanted to have power and make money and make up a portion of the game that was called health.

Everything is the game and you buy into every portion of the game. We [get] you very stirred up so that you won’t be buying anyone’s game but your own. You can learn to work with one another for support to make up the rules of your own game and then you will set things flying. You are unlimited beings. That is the great joy that you are experiencing. This is why you have all come here. To participate in that. To remember it.

Many humanities on your planet are going through times of great difficulty right now because energies are changing and there are certain beliefs that are smacking them in the face. You have heard us say that electromagnetic energy has completely changed on your planet and all has been sped up within the cosmos because of the movement of your universe into the new area of space.

You are being charged by new particles of existence. This is bringing about the shift in consciousness. It is this that makes all things different, that makes all things possible now. This is what is ringing out within your souls to satisfy and to describe and many who you study and who you read about are all telling you the same thing. They may use different words.

All you need to do is have the lights begin to go off in your head. It does not matter whose words say them to you for you have all the information stored within you. What you are merely doing is exposing yourself to certain triggers that you have set up in the outside world to bring about the activation of certain patterns within you. You do not have to get into a big sweat about the whole thing, you know. You are working towards it. You are only a few steps away from certain amounts of great changes. You will be awed by those and you will be excited and then you will move into boredom once again and you will be wishing for new abilities. You are moving quickly now.

Think about what you have done in a few of your years. Think about when you all were at the beginning of [the 1 980’s] what you knew, how you felt about yourselves, what was possible. And think about where you were one year ago and what you know now. You are definitely moving.

QUESTION: What’s the difference between the old rules and new rules?

PLEIADIANS: There existed in what you would call biblical times, certain entities that came to your planet that were playing. They knew the rules were that if you created and if you sent out certain ideas you could get masses of consciousness to follow this action. So these entities came to your planet and they affected cultures. They played with the alteration
of your DNA and formed new men out of the basic Earth stock that existed here at different times. These entities sojourned and are written about in your Bible. They affected mankind through the ways that you are presently feeling the results of. The old rules were that this was a territory for what you would call certain skylords.

These skylords made the rules. The rules were that humanities would worship those that were in the sky and that they would develop all sorts of expression of this worship. They would be given an endowment of themselves but they would not be given the complete information because then, who would they play with? There were other skylords who wanted these humanities to have a decent game to be playing in. And so there has been a challenge on your Earth Sphere Terra as to the type of information that has come in to allow these humanities to perceive what they can be. The old rules were that the large majority of humanities were not given the understanding of who they were. They were kept in ignorance. They were kept in darkness. They were kept in submission. You were kept from ultimately understanding who you were.

The new rules are that all is allowed. You are being blown wide open so to speak. The gates have been opened and it is fine for you to know your ultimate experience with creation.

Do you know who changed those rules? You did. After sojourning here for thousands of times, you figured it out. This time was designed for you so you could bring about what it is that you have been after from the beginning.

One of the main rules, the one that you all are attempting to figure out and put into being is the idea of thought manifestation that you are a result of your thoughts. That is the one that is most important for you to learn at this moment. Not to wait for great beings to come from the sky to save you. You argue for your limitations. You hold onto them. You clutch them dearly like little dollies that you played with when you were young.

QUESTION: What about the dilemma of getting to know yourself and not liking what you see?

PLEIADIANS: It is an excellent point the dilemma of getting to know oneself, which comes with developing self-awareness and self-esteem, and not liking what one sees. Change it. What you are seeing is only your judgment anyway. You all love to call yourselves right or wrong. “I am beautiful today,” and the next day, “I am what the cat dragged in.” You do this to yourselves back and for, all the time. Why judge it?

You are learning. You are on your journey and you are feeling that certain expressions of behavior and experience give you exhilarations and others make you want to turn your head. When you are finding this within yourself you are allowing yourself to develop along a pathway. If you are finding that there is a portion of yourself that you do not like, allow yourself to love that portion and to release it. If you don’t like a part of yourself then let it go.

Utilize the rules and make a new you. Change your behavior. Believe that you can change a portion of yourself. But don’t release it out of hatred or anger. Allow yourself to realize that whatever it is that you are perceiving that you did not particularly approve of, you birthed it into being. Let it go. Do not tether it to yourself any longer.

It is not that you are going to always love every portion of yourself for you are teaching yourselves and you are bound to run across something that is going to get your attention. It is a message to gather more information and ultimately give you more compassion for others. So, be more easy on yourselves.

Until you love yourself, you are not going to experience love from anywhere else. This light energy that is being sent to you and this light energy that permeates existence, is made up of love. It is a substance of being that permeates all things. If your scientists were to break down the particles of the most minute aspect of existence to find out what makes everything go and everything tick, it is love. It’s what connects you. It is what keeps you alive.

Start with yourselves. Realize that in this game you picked yourselves. You picked yourselves to be the player that you would move around in this aspect of existence.

When you don’t except responsibility for the player that you picked, you deny your participation in the game. And so you are moved across the board of life without any control, always looking to connect with love and never realizing that in order to connect with love you must turn on your own light, which is turned on with self-love. When you turn on your own light by loving yourself because you have selected yourselves, and by not judging yourself, then the game completely changes. Then you don’t go looking for love. You are it.

When you are love, and when you move with love, all you bring back to yourself is love because you are like a beacon and you draw it all to yourself. When you do not love yourself and you go out looking for love, you cannot even see it because you do not have the electromagnetic capacity to even recognize it, to even draw it to yourself.

Remember that you, yourselves, are your primary tools for enjoyment and experience. It is you, yourselves, who are your greatest teachers. So live, for you have it all within you. Everything . else, when you discover this, will unfold before you in the most glorious magic of being.

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