Pleiadians: The Fullness and Sweetness of Your Days

Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak.
The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012

You are coming to maturity. You are coming to be full in your blossom, full in your vibrancy, full in your seed. The fullness and the ripeness, the sweetness of your own being the beings that you would be a bit nostalgic for, that would almost be something like an ache inside of your being when you look back at these times.

Many of you have done very well and brought yourselves to a very firm stance within yourselves. You saw what needed to he changed and you rose to the occasion and alIowed yourself to just be nourished by the energies that would bring you to become ripe upon the vine. Some of you have heard us speak about the time that is coming, the new energy accelerations. For some of you it must seem as if you live from one energy acceleration to the next.

Tremendous currents of energy come with each new acceleration. Now you are ripe. Now you are ready. Now you have moved past that which has been difficult. Now you are ready like spiritual warriors to face what is coming, to go full on into what lies ahead in the light, the brilliancy.

Your population is beginning to double at an accelerated [pace]. You are moving into the electrifying leap of consciousness because there will be more and more and more people upon the planet. [In the ’70’s] there were approximately 2 billion humanities upon the planet. Now you have over 5 billion people, in less than fifteen of your years. What is going to happen in the next fifteen of your years? Why are so many humans coming upon the planet?

You are at a very interesting point in your development. Many of you do not see so clearly where it is that you are. We would like to say that you are poised on the brink of the cliff. You have traveled very far and now the next step for you is the journey into the boundless energy. Life is going to get much more thrilling, interesting and exciting.

We would discuss with you the sweetness, the richness, the ripeness of life this evening of your days and how the point that you have reached will take you further into areas where you are all going to need to become experts [and] have tremendous confidence in your abilities.

QUESTION: I want to ask about the population increase. When people incarnate onto the planet they know the changes that are going to happen, so why would they be incarnating?

PLEIADIANS: You must understand how the earth has been for so long. It is the same place, the same cyclical type of situation where everyone comes onto the planet in order to work through what is needed always working, working, working. Think about 10,000 years ago. How many humanities were on the planet? Then think about 5,000 years ago and see how the numbers have increased. When the numbers were smaller, of course, things would go much slower. Now that the numbers have accelerated so vastly, things are sped up.

Now, this is where humanities get stuck. You all think it is bad to die. True? You want everyone to live happily ever after, forever. Immortality of being. So you all think it is not good if mass amounts of humanities are terminated. That is your premise, many of you, that starts off all this questioning.

You must understand that before one comes into physical body one knows that one is not going to become annihilated. So one comes in with confidence that they are a continuous being. It is only when one is entrenched in the body, in the physical reality, that one is not so certain that one goes on.

Many of the beings that are coming upon the planet at this time, that are helping to bring about this population explosion, are coming here knowing that they are not going to move into immortality within the physical body. That is going to be for a small grouping. It is going to be for a very dedicated grouping that will extend their physical lives. But those that come onto the planet knowing that they may be a part of the great earth changes, knowing that their lives may be a momentary light upon the surface of the earth, but they know the power that their transformation will have upon the consciousness of not only the earth, but all of the humanities that are involved.

You see, as human beings you need to be shocked out of your complacency, out of your apathy. Sometimes it is the only way that you learn. So there are shocks coming to your systems that will literally jolt you into other realities of being. If you were to find out that 20 million people died in a matter of a moment, and if you were to look upon the wreckage of it, it might jolt you into another reality. So, the groupings are coming because they are knowing that through their intention the purpose of having this many humanities on the planet is going to bring about a planetary shift in consciousness because the activities of this many people cannot help but make a psychic impact upon the evolutionary process of Adam Cadmon man.

QUESTION: If a volcano erupts and 2 million people are killed, do these 2 million people also benefit from having taken part in the experiment and having placed themselves in that position? Are they also involved in the growth process?

PLEIADIANS: Absolutely. There are 5 billion people on your planet at this time. Shortly, within the next five years you are going to hear much discussion about controlling the population although there will be no controlling it because you are in the midst of discovering your freedoms. It is something that is out of control. We are seeing that in the 1990’s at some point you are going to have a doubling and there are going to be 10 billion people upon your planet. 10 billion beings fighting for consciousness, fighting for breath, for air, for a place to be. Have you taken a trip lately and looked at your highways and freeways and airports to see how many of you are out and about? Can you imagine that that will be doubled in a number of years?

What will happen is that you will reach a point, and you are quite near this point, when you overload the circuitry of the planet. There will have to be a shift, a tilt to take it to a greater state of awareness. There will come a time, we guarantee it, where there will be mass group exiting off the planet. Mass death. These groups tend to bring about an alteration of consciousness. Those who remain upon the planet in physical reality are those who will alter the structure of the planet.

We would like to incorporate with this what you would be doing as you begin your intensive study of working in the astral plane. This is going to be your project. Once you get yourself involved in this you will find that it will be a life’s work. You are going to become pioneers in this area. You will come to work together for an amount of time. Many of you will eventually go off and lecture, perhaps write books from the experiences that you will have as you learn to become spiritual creators and travelers on the astral plane. You will be able, when you are capable, to get out to what is called the corridor of time. It is a place that at this time you would need to be guided to find this location. Once someone has shown you how to ride this corridor, you will go there astrally in groupings and you will project yourself into different time segments of your own future to see what probabilities are most prevalent and to see what preparation you will need to work with the changes that will come through the masses working together to alter the planet.

It is very interesting what lies ahead for you. You will be quite occupied and quite rewarded for the work that you will do. When you master these skills and techniques many of the struggles that you presently have will no longer exist because you will be able to move in a realm that will enhance the picture that you presently have of reality. Your means and methodology for securing prosperity and securing monies and securing all kinds of desires, will be closer to hand and you will have a much clearer picture as to certain decisions that you would make.

QUESTION: When I think of these earth changes, I don’t see how I can really plan anything.

PLEIADIANS: You cannot. What do you want to plan for’?

QUESTION: If I want to go to film school, the only places to go are Los Angeles, New York and Chicago and I heard they’re going to be wiped out.

PLEIADIANS: When the time comes for you to make a decision to do something, knowing your intention, knowing your exposure to the expansion of yourself, if it is in your best interest to [do something] it will all work out for you as if someone had planned the entire episode. If it is not to work, if it is not the timing to get involved in [something] then doorways will be slammed in your face.

You go about your life, all of you, with your intentions. You need to have great flexibility with how those intentions can be played out. It is a limitation for you to buy into the idea that film can only be studied in those three places. It seems that that would be the case. We are saying that if you had your heart bent on studying film you could create it anywhere that you are wanting it because someone that would be a great film director, or whatever, could be spending years in retirement and looking for someone to be a student.

What we are saying is keep your dream. Don’t give that dream up. Simply open the probabilities as to how you will learn about what you are wanting. You all get stuck in this. You think you have one or two choices as to how you can receive something or how something can be done for you. For all you know, you may go to the beach one weekend and be walking along the beach and find something upon the sand and pick it up and it belongs to someone. It is their wallet or something. So you return it to them and they thank you and invite you in for tea and it turns out that they were in the movies for fifty years and they are coming here three times a year for a month to do some work.

You never know how spirit is going to set up a situation for you. Remember, you are at the point where you are to recognize, those of you who choose this, that you are employed by spirit. When you really wish to make the acceleration and to make the big leap in what you are, you are employed by spirit. Spirit has no limitations. Spirit does not require that you pass any tests to get into school. Spirit will give you lessons for free with no tuition. Let spirit arrange for you what you are wanting and trust yourself. Intend that when the earth changes and the shifts in consciousness come about upon the planet that you will be safe and provided for and you will be flexible with what your choices will be.

QUESTION: Since we create our realities, with enough massive thought and loving light can we stop the earth changes from happening?

PLEIADIANS: Many have asked this question. You are thinking again that the earth changes would be bad because life would be annihilated. Correct? Remember that life came here to help, to participate. So some lives make their translation knowing the effect on consciousness. You are forgetting everything is integrated. Everything is all one. You, yourselves, may be able to bond and secure light-wise an area that you may live within. And you, yourselves, may miss any kind of deep catastrophe. Yet, in general, you are not going to stop the changes that are necessary to bring about the shift in consciousness.

You may alter the severity or you may alter one aspect of it. But, in general, the pulse of the world is moving towards something and all you need to do is look in your newspapers. Thirty or forty years ago, do you know how many earthquakes there were? In a year there were a handful that many years ago. Now there are thousands in one year. Each year they increase more and more and more. These are your earth changes.

Sometimes we don’t like the word “earth changes” because it gives all of you the idea that the earth is going to crack down the middle and that there is going to be horrible devastation. There are going to be changes, definitely. But, as we said, the earth changes have been building your weather patterns. All of these are about earth changes because they capture the attention of man and make them think. The purpose of all of this is to bring the species upon the planet to the brink of understanding that you are spiritual beings and not material beings. The bridging of spiritual self is the whole idea of this shift in consciousness. To take away the over-emphasis of the material world, the struggle of man, the competition of man, the need to go outside of the home to work, to bring monies in, to live in the material world, this is what you are moving away from.

It is a time when Mother Earth is cleansing herself, when she is shaking off the shivers of a fever. It is like she is birthing something.

Each one of you has allowed yourself to search inside of your own [personal] earth and to shake it up and to recultivate it and to go through your emotional furrows and plant new ideas of being, new patterns of energy. In a sense, you have gone through it already and now you are going to project outward what you have done and let the earth demonstrate to the rest of humanity what to do. This will bring about a cleansing. It will bring about a restructuring and bring about the coming together of a brotherhood upon the planet.

QUESTION: Can you talk a little bit about how we can juggle our schedules to fit in all of the things we want to be doing?

PLEIADIANS: That, indeed, can be a challenge. As you reach this sweetness of days, this ripeness of your being, all of a sudden you will find that almost anything that you turn your hand to you will become quite proficient in. You will find that there will be a multitude of areas to learn about.

Always do that for yourself which facilitates you feeling good first. It does not mean that it has to be first thing in the day. It means that it is your first priority at some point during the day. That during the day this must be done. That means breathing. That means eating properly. That means exercising and utilizing the physical vehicle in a proper way. Those things must come first. The breathing, the ingestion of good food and the proper expansion of energy, physical exchange of the body. And meditation. As you do these things on a regular basis you will find that you will have much more energy and you will have to prioritize what you are wanting. You will fit it in if you feel good physically.

Often people get busy and they say, “I need to do this, this, this and this and I don’t have time.” After awhile, you cannot do all the things you wish to do because your body is not up to par. Always put your physical vehicle first.

Let yourselves move with grace and dignity throughout your days. There are many adventures ahead and we are certain that you will all be upon them. We will do whatever we can to bring you the assistance and the energy needed to bring about the great transformation of earth.

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