Pleiadians: Language of Light Geometry

Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak.
The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012

We are here. We would like to discuss with you the language of light and the geometric form and how they dance around you continuously. We would like also to tie this into your dream state. We would like to also speak about the unseen energy that is around you, that makes up a gridwork of your being. If you know a little bit more about it, it [will] allow you to create and to bring into your sphere of activity, that which you are wanting.

Much is going on continuously around you that you cannot see. There has been an acceleration of what are called avatars-masters, energy beings that have infused your system. They are permeating your world, assisting the raising of consciousness.

When we speak that the avatars and masters have permeated the gridwork of the world, they bring with them their own tools for teaching. The tools that are being utilized on your planet are artifacts that are not of your dimension. They are symbolic forms, but, literally, they have a life of their own and they make up what is known as the language of light.

You are implanted with a structure, a geometric form, and that geometric form triggers certain information within you. It is a way of receiving information and energy that will facilitate your development. It is learning without thinking that you have to do it all through books, or thinking that you have to do it all through the intellect. It is opening to the belief that there is indeed an immense hierarchy. Immense beyond your comprehension, that has been working with the dear humanities since the very beginning.

This hierarchy works with love, cherishes who you are, and has been able to see through the time mechanisms that are keyed throughout your planet. They have been able to read that the consciousness is ready for the evolutionary leap.

The next step in the evolutionary leap as you, yourselves, are all mutating, is to literally implant you with a geometric form. You are mutating to such an extent that literally it is a process unfolding within you that will allow you to move into another realm of experience. Each humanity on the planet has the potentiality to move through this mutation. Many will stop the process because many do not have the desire to align themselves with higher consciousness. When you are aware of a Divine Consciousness that seeds your planet, an intellect that is so vast, that is loving, that works with you, and when you call to be a portion of [that consciousness], that is when you bring to yourself an implanting of the geometric form.

The forms that are implanted come in a variety of shapes. There is the use of the geometric form of pyramid structure. Why is the pyramid so important? We will tell you that on your planet, and throughout the cosmos, the pyramid structure is utilized to represent a great unity of consciousness. It is the structure that is most difficult to create in all of its many facets, and yet it is a structure of perfection. It is a structure of using energy and sending it outward.

The structure of the sphere will also be used to be implanted inside of you. The structure of the spiral. The spiral is very dear to many of you. Many of you have sojourned within cultures and societies where the spiral was utilized to communicate many ideas. There will be the structure of the parallel lines. There will be the structure of the cube. And, of course, the structure for those who know of the merkabah vehicle. That is the five sided figure.

QUESTION: Could you talk more about the five sided figure you just mentioned?

PLEIADIANS: The five sided figure represents the figure of man. It represents man in his most unlimited state. Man totally free. It is man in his design without any limitations. It is man being able to fly, which is something that a large majority of you do not think you can do. Yet that is an implant that comes after a while when one truly commits themselves to what was formerly possible.

The implant, the geometric form, that is going to be implanted inside of your being is going to depend first of all on your request for alignment, your request and your belief that these entities are working with you and that they choose to be available to you if you choose to be available for them to work with you. As you begin to unfold and to allow what are called miracles, what are called magnificent events to manifest in your life, they will begin.

Many of you will start with the implant of the circle because it represents the god-form, the unity, the completeness. Some of you will select to have the pyramid structure implanted within you. That will be your greatest energy because you have aligned yourself for that structure on your planet.

Some of you have had many many lifetimes with that pyramid. Not particularly the pyramid at Giza, the pyramids all over the planet, discovered and still undiscovered.

You think in your world that your geography is known. It is not. There are many things that are still undiscovered because they are slipping from one reality to another. Deep within jungles there are many pyramids that are Iying buried beneath mounds of earth. There are still many wonders to uncover.

Back to this five sided structure. Those of you who are willing to take the physical body and believe that there truly are no limitations, and to take this body and move yourself off the planet with it while still living on the planet, that is the kind of desire it will take to be implanted with this merkabah. Some of you have attempted to travel with it. Some of you know how it can be used in your being. But when you truly call it to yourself and you are willing to get the feeling of what that truly means, to be unlimited consciousness that will travel with the body without body, that is when that implanting will come. It is not the highest implanting. There are no highest or lowest implantings.

It is implanting that comes when it will best suit your personal development at the time. Once you have become implanted, there will be now, an unending process of new forms that will come into your being.

QUESTION: Do we pick our own implant?

PLEIADIANS: No, you do not choose the form that will be implanted for you. But you, yourself, choose the life that you have. You choose what is important to you each day. What was important to you two years ago is not what is important to you today.

Two years ago, the way you carried your life would determine what energy would be best suited to facilitate your development at that time. It is a marriage of energies.

Once you have become implanted in the beginning, once you align yourself with this highest creator, with this consciousness, then a form is placed inside of you. It is a geometric light form.

That form resonates within you. When that form has been placed inside of your being, it facilitates a coming of knowledge to yourself. Once that energy from that form is assimilated, then you move, because your beliefs will change, your alignment will change, you will evolve in your thinking, in your being, in your consciousness, and you will be ready to have another light form placed inside of you.

Eventually you will all hold the alphabet of light inside of.your beings. This alphabet of light will teach you. How many of you have dreamt of geometric forms? That is an indication that the forms are working with you. If you wish to know what you have been implanted with, begin to see which forms continuously come first or that are larger than the others. Some of you will have cylinder shapes, the parallel lines, the spirals, the spheres, the cubes, the pyramids, the merkabah. There are many that do not even have names.

The shapes that you will recognize will number a certain amount and then afterwards they will take new forms and new shapes that your consciousness cannot translate. Eventually, you have heard of what is called the one hundred-and-forty-four? [They] represent those that are of the spiritual hierarchy that are infused in the gridwork of your planet at this time.

There has been an entry point as if a great gathering is taking place. You will notice as this year progresses, that there will be very very large unfoldings of consciousness. What does this have to do with the language of light?

QUESTION: Are the geometric forms sealed into the grid pattern?

PLEIADIANS: Yes, each one, each master, has its own seal, if you wish to use that term, that would represent one portion of the language of light. So you have one-hundred-and-forty-four thousand seals of energy that will be infused within your being.

You may think how could we live that long to have all that occur? You will start by working with twelve forms, because twelve forms are basically the forms that the body will be able to hold. Much later, once the transformation has occurred, there will be a movement and there will be an infusion of the entire one-hundred-and-forty four-thousand symbolic language structures that will pass through your being. That will be an unfoldment that cannot even be explained in your lifetime because it is something that you cannot consciously make room for.

QUESTION: How does this tie in with the gridwork that is also expanding around the planet?

PLEIADIANS: Each sacred site on the planet holds a mechanism that measures time, and it measures consciousness of those within vicinity of this structure. They are there to monitor the consciousness of mankind. When you go to one of these sacred sites, knowing that you are aligning yourself with it, you trigger something within yourself, and you trigger something within the mechanism.

Who planted these mechanisms? The great biogeneticists that are in charge of this experiment on your earth sphere, Terra. They have been nurturing you, allowing you to blossom, to grow to your fullest potential before any changes are brought to being.

You must, as a species, be prepared [mentally and physically] to make this great change. If those that watched you were not completely careful, and if they were operating with anything less than love, and if the dial was turned up too quickly, your complete structure of body would not be able to handle the leap in dimensional experience. You are not prepared to have things sped up so quickly at this time.

You are all feeling the acceleration of yourselves and you are getting as much as you possibly can at this time. If you wish to hold more within your being, then we will teach you with the language of light how to do it, how to keep your gridwork expanded.

Your physical vehicles are not in preparation to have you be able to realize how many channels you are tuned into simultaneously. That is what the preparation is. That is why we play games with you. That is why we have you on energy exercises. That is why we ask you to become clear.

The things we are teaching you are preparing you to see how multi-dimensional you are in each moment so that when you are able to tune in to the variety of stations that are your self, the variety of experiences, you will do it with joy, safety and sanity.

This is serious business. That is why your planet must be dealt with love. That is why the great lords of light, the biogeneticists who have designed you and who are now planning your next leap, are working with love, gently, slowly, in the dream state, in a state such as this, so that you can unfold in an easy fashion without fear of burning out who you are. Some of you have burned out in other lifetimes.

That burning out came from rushing too quickly, from not having the consciousness expanded in such a fashion that would allow the great energy to come in. Intentions must be of the most highest form in the greatest upliftment. What that means is you allow love to come into your being and all that you do is moved with love.

QUESTION: What place do the Native American teachings have?

PLEIADIANS: The Native Americans were seeded and taught by the star entities. They were brought to earth by those from the stars. They were seeded civilizations. They were taught how to live. They were taught how to harmonize. The Native Americans represent a star-seeded civilization which loved the earth, that implanted the earth with great energy.

The earth is what makes your experience possible. You could not be here if it were not for the earth. You do not yet love the earth enough and acknowledge it enough.

By awakening the Native American teachings, you come to the realization that the earth is not something simply that you build upon and walk upon and drive upon and take for granted. It is a living entity. It has consciousness.

It is that you need to tap into the consciousness communication of earth. The Native Americans will awaken all that has been stored within you and has been taught over and over again, because you all have sojourned within those cultures. You will come to remember and come to cherish that which allows you to be here.

You will marry it with your ancient heritage from the stars and unite the earth and the cosmos. You will unite it in your physical being and you will carry the consciousness of God. Through that you will birth a new sphere of being, new man and new earth.

Native Americans are very tuned in to the variety of species of consciousness. The combination of types of man animal man, insect man, bird man, all of these forms that have a reality. If you do not see them walking down the street, you do not think they exist. They exist in parallel realities and worlds all around you.

This is what you are going to find. This is why we said a long time ago, don’t think that you are losing your marbles some days. You will be perceiving things. They are legitimate. They are real. It is what the Native Americans will help you to understand.

QUESTION: Can I learn to fly?

PLEIADIANS: Your reality is determined by that which you have subjected yourself to. Being that you have all grown up in a basically unknown paradigm that does not support getting out of body and does not support interdimensional travel, it is not the easiest thing to begin it when you are getting the idea within your head.

If you are desiring to learn how to fly and how to change forms, then you get it very clear inside of yourself that that is what you are wanting. It is a phase of your development that you intend more than any other to move into and you will draw to yourself a teacher.

When you think of what you want and intend that this is the next step of your development, something will come in to teach you. You literally create it and bring it into your world.

The teaching of flying has to do with the alteration of consciousness and what you think the physical body can do. When you fly, a portion of your consciousness moves into another dimension of experience. You feel yourself flying, you see yourself flying, you travel, and then you land in a new place, and the body is dematerialized and brought forward with you.

You are going to find that some of the Native American teachers that are going to surface on your planet are going to teach you how to fly. It will be an added bonus to your talents in the years ahead. This truly will be.

QUESTION: How can we expect to have relationships, either starting or continuing, if they are changing on a day-to-day basis, or our perceptions are changing, our needs, our wants are constantly changing?

PLEIADIANS: You are going to have to look very closely inside of yourself to see what kind of relationships whether they are intimate relationships, or general relationships you are going to feel comfortable adding to your life, knowing who you are becoming. How important is it going to be for each and every one of you to have your partners doing the same thing? How important is support? How much support are you willing to give another? In what way will your partners mirror who you are?

You are also going to move into a new aspect of what it is to be in relationship. You are going to see that relationship [does not mean] ownership. It is allowing. It is respecting. It is being there for another to facilitate their journey. You will re-evaluate what relationships will be many times.

There will be very intensely bonded relationships in the unnamed decade. Those couplings that come together in the time of great expansion in this nineteen-nineties will be very joyous. There will not be so many shiftings around of staying for short periods of time and then going off to someone else. There will be a great revelation and recognition of who another person is. You will come together in that fashion.

You will find that many that you were attracted to years ago you would never be attracted to now, because you can see. That seeing will become more and more clear. You find that those experiments that took away from your upliftment, that you were needing to sojourn within, you do not need to sojourn within now. You will move with life and love and joy, and you will not feel lonely that you are not in a relationship because your life will be full.

When the proper relationship comes, you will recognize it. You will be able to see who that person is. You do not have time now for nonsense. You are finished with that. You are clear. You are clean, becoming what is called a spiritual warrior. You are activating a very high energy within yourself, an energy that will bring you more joy and satisfaction than you have ever dreamt possible. You are aligning yourself with a purpose and a great creative impetus that brings all this to being. Each of you know deep inside of yourselves that you are not going to miss out on that information for anything. So relax. You will get it all and more.

We will be speaking with you again. Our advice, if you wish to take it, is to build the road that is easy to walk upon and to have an intention of uplifting journeys.

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  1. Ive been receiving visions in my dreams recently. Geometry, Solid color light, hearing/feeling voices, receiving advice. I’m not sure what to do with most of it. I wish there was someone that I could talk to, that could decipher what I’m receiving. But maybe it’s only for me? I just wish I knew what was happening.

    1. Normally dreams require a personal symbolic interpretation. In this case it seems more like you were awake and in the astral – look up some articles on the site about this as it may help.


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