Pleiadians: In Search of the Exalted Self

Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak.
The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012

We want to encourage you to seek the exalted self. In search of the exalted self is a quest that is well worthwhile. It is quite a quest, indeed.

You do not have to work with us continuously, or to work with anyone continuously to gather information The only continuity that is needed is for you to continuously work with yourself and to seek the meaning of what we call the exalted self. Feel. What does that mean the exalted self? Triumphant. Liberated. Joyous in achievement. The highest in attainment.

Your planet is in desperate need of committed entities who are in search of the exalted self. The continuity that we have been speaking of that will behoove you to bring in to your lives, is that from moment to moment you know inside your being that you are committed to discover this exaltation. This exaltation can be translated in words as a frequency, as a wave of feeling, as a vibration. You all understand vibration in terms of Light and sound. Vibrations are ongoing. They carry forms of intelligence. They transmit forms of intelligence as well. When you look to yourself and do not forget that you are on this path and you continuously remind yourself that you are pulling Light into your body and that you are seeking to raise the frequency of your physical being, to defy the laws of man and to alter the frequency of the planet, this kind of continuity can do more than all of the books and the tapings in the world.

Your commitment to that exalted self there is nothing stronger. Once you make that commitment and once you speak to the gods and the goddesses, you commit yourself to the energy of Light, to the energy of exaltation and uplifted frequency. Then you are marked. Then you must live according to what these energies put before you as you call for your task to be accelerated.

Many humans are very concerned about what is going on on the global scene. First of all, understand that the global scene is never telling you the truth to start with so you must not be worried about what the global scene is doing. Always in those terms there is a divine blueprint, a higher plan that is operating. You must learn at this stage of your development to begin to have direct translation of the divine blueprint. In other words, absolute confidence, knowing what is going, on at all times. This is where we want your commitment to move in to.

Our intention is to put a spark of life, a greater spark of life and Light inside each of you. We intend that the time that we have to speak to you is compounded upon itself so that information is transmitted on many, many levels and you can receive many moons’ worth of instruction by simply being in receptivity .

QUESTION: I have a question about being grounded. I think I know what it is to be grounded and sometimes I think I forget.

PLEIADIANS: To be grounded is something that many do not comprehend the necessity of. You will all soon find out that when you move into greater and greater acceleration if you do not have a ground, something to connect you, to pull the worlds into one, you can have difficulty with the nervous system. The importance of being grounded as one alters one’s frequency is this when frequency changes, when more Light comes into the body, the typical vehicle begins to receive much more data. Sometimes you get very bored living in your world and you just want to come into data receptivity. If you are not grounded you would not have a way of having that information enter your reality and putting it to use. It could simply overload your system or you would not be able to translate what you are getting and not be able to be calm.

You need to balance many worlds at once. How do you do this? By intention. By practice. By decree. Grounding allows worlds to merge and it allows you to access many worlds. It allows you to feel surges of energy and then to direct those surges of energy where you need them, when you need them to become super-human. A good way to ground yourself is to go outside and sit on the ground. Go outside and be in nature. Stand next to a tree. Or sit next to a tree for awhile. Or put your chair in the sun and read a book with the sun shining on you. Or go swimming or put your feet in water. These are the elements. They make up the Earth so you can feel them. Your jobs as you evolve, as the entire species moves to merge dimensions, your nervous systems must be able to translate all of this information that will blow the socks off of how you define your world. Absolutely. It is coming. In the last year the information that you may have known for years is becoming much more public. Many more humans who are not interested in extraterrestrials are interested in personal development. They are aware that there is a growing movement. Something is changing. All over the world. It is not just in the United States. There is a conflict at this time of energies. You could call it a skirmish. You could call it a grand battle. The battle is going to become grander still. It is whose frequency is going to prevail on this planet and who is going to own and manipulate and train your frequency. And who are you as a frequency, in disguise as a human, and what specifically is your job in this time? It is essential to know who you are, to know what you are doing when you are doing it. As you become interdimensional and multi-dimensional and as the frequencies alter and the energies accelerate, what occurs is that your body goes through drastic rapid change. Change that the nervous system, the conveyer of information, must handle.

Many of you know how to cook and use an oven. Some things you must bake at 350! for a certain amount of time and that is all there is to it. What is happening on your planet now is that many humans operate at 350! frequency when the frequency is up to 450! and 500! now and they are going to get burned if they do not get taken out and find a way to ground themselves or integrate the experience. Let the buzzer go off to warn them that they are in many realities.

You must learn to handle many realities at once to realize you are doing it and then to have a place, this your Earth, to translate the information into. You would not be here if it wasn’t important for you to ground information and energy into the Earth. So, whenever you are finding yourself electrified or energized, you must realize when you are in an altered state. You must realize how many versions of altered states there are. Then you must instruct yourself to become a conduit, like a big pipeline. When you realize that you are in an altered state and you are being given information, healing energy, exaltation, upliftment, act as a pipeline. Funnel it through yourself. Acknowledge, recognize that you are in a multi-dimensional expression. Register it. Do not analyze it. Let it filter through and into the Earth. It will make more sense later on.

A QUESTION: I have been having some experiences that I would call being in an altered state. I like some aspects of it. What I don’t like about it is not being used to it and not knowing how to function in a normal way.

PLEIADIANS: People are getting on the band wagon. They are getting serious. They are getting committed. You must be committed all of the time. If these gifts, these abilities are becoming first-hand experience for any of you, you must learn to work with them. It is like someone is dumping barrels full of gold in your back yard and you are saying, “Gosh darn it, the gold is wrecking the grass.” The lawn isn’t as beautiful as it used to be because all of that gold is being dumped there. Whenever you get an experience, learn to participate within your experience. Be a full participant within your physical body. Enjoy it and have a good time with it and learn how to simultaneously observe your experience, the impact of your experience, the affect your experience has on other people, on yourself, the results you get from all of your experiences. That means that whenever something of an extraordinary nature comes into being you can say to yourself, “Oh, goody goody, here it is again. What can I learn from this?” You can begin, when you are not having these experiences, to fantasize, to take charge of your life and act as if you can command or move one of these experiences the next time one sneaks up on you. It is the same way that some of you have learned to come awake in a dream and command your dream and stop being chased by boogie men. Or to learn how to make the bell ring when you are just about to get an “F.” Or learn how to wake up in a dream and say, “Hey, this is a dream. I am out of here.” That kind of belief and that kind of intention that you can have over all experiences of life you must as individuals, you must as a species, cultivate.

We guarantee you it is going to get tough. There is going to be such a vast acceleration within this decade that many will have no idea how to translate all of the experiences. Not only are the dimensions going to merge and you must be able to be this meeting place of spirit, you balance all of this. It is a tremendous task. Not only do you have all of these worlds to balance, at the same time the world that you call 3D is going to shatter itself as far as its historical perspective goes.

The Earth is going through an initiation at this time. You are going through an initiation because you are part of the Earth. You cannot separate yourself from this system. The Earth is transforming itself. It is intending to act as a domino for your solar system. It is intending to merge multiple worlds into one and to be grounded enough to allow all those worlds to exist and to be able to translate the experience. This is what your Earth is up to. So, of course, you all must be up to the same thing.

QUESTION: I don’t seem to have control of getting myself back to a normal state.

PLEIADIANS: You must learn to cultivate it. You cultivate anything by your will, by intending that it is so. How does one learn to ride a bicycle? First of all, wanting to get a bike, wanting to ride it and then persistently sticking to it because one wants to do it and suddenly one is riding a bike. Imagine that you are in that state. Imagine that you have control over it. Imagine how you would act. Act as if and it is. Everything you want, humans, you must decree, determine and pull into reality by your will. Not someone else’s will and not the laws that someone else says is possible or impossible. Yours. This is your exalted assignment.

We would also suggest that as the energy accelerates and as you have more to balance inside of the body that you be much more kind to the body, that you drink plenty of water, that you practice oxygenation and breathing on a daily basis, that you stretch or move the body in some way, acknowledge energy moving through your body. We suggest you get some bodywork done. Many humans in the influence of our words have been having their bodies Rolfed. They have been having the skeletal system realigned. Many go to chiropractic. Many are working on the emotional aspects, networking chiropractic. All kinds of things to allow the body to integrate the energy.

Another thing is that at this time you are working with a twelve chakra system, seven inside the body and five outside of the body. These are energy centers. These are information centers. They move you. They assist you. They entrap you. They block you. By visualizing your seven energy centers moving, by working with acknowledgement of the various centers and by asking the centers to be opened by having bodywork done to open them, you allow yourself to accept a greater belief in the concept that you can control energy. All we are here to do is to convince you that you can do it, whatever it is that you want.

QUESTION: You have mentioned before about the DNA structure in the
body changing and that extra strands of DNA are actually coming into the body. Can you speak about this?

PLEIADIANS: The evolving helixes are filled with information. They
make up your DNA. You have seen there are two strands of your DNA that look
like a ladder that is spiraled around. This spiral of the DNA is made up, each strand, of millions of tiny infinitesimal light-encoded filaments just like fiber optics. These fiber optics come together and allow a tremendous amount of energy to be transmitted. If you take the idea of super-conductor coupled with fiber optics and bring the super-conductor to a frequency or a temperature where it can be accessible, you are on the verge of an information explosion in the physical world.

The physical world is a clue to the spiritual world. The world of spirit, the world of self evolving is on the verge of a room temperature super-conductor coming together with fiber optics. Information explosion. Cheap energy. Free energy. Everything given to you. It all has to do with the evolving lightencoded filaments.

At one time in your history certain creator gods who put themselves in charge of your planet needed to have you operate in a certain way in order to control you. They needed to unplug your intelligence and so they did. So the light-encoded filaments were scattered. They were not connected. They are beginning to connect now because of the mutation process that is timed because certain humans have agreed to evolve, to merge many worlds and to be able to attempt a noble effort to translate other worlds of reality onto this world. The quest to translate worlds and to make them merge and all make sense to free people, to free yourself.

These helixes evolve in sets of three. First the one starts and it makes three. Then three more evolve. Then three more. Then finally you have twelve. Twelve strands of helixes bundled together individually, a multitude of light-encoded filaments. When these twelve helixes, twelve strands of many, many light-encoded filaments begin to vibrate within the body, each of those strands corresponds to a chakra center.

The chakra centers are your energy centers. There are multitudes of chakra centers. There are multitudes of potential helixes that can form. Right now the most, the common denominator that the consciousness of man can handle without destroying himself is twelve. Many humans could handle multitudes more and activate many more chakra centers and many will. It is the status quo that is being raised now, that is being established, a new standard. So this evolutionary process will take place. For some it will take a while. All of this must travel through frequency of human encountering human around the planet because each human contact broadcasts it. So, of course, after a while the telepathic storehouse of it is so vast that it covers the planet and it becomes what man is.

These twelve helixes plug into the twelve chakra systems seven in the body, five outside the body. The seven in the body are not too difficult to work with because if you allow yourself to feel, you can physically touch and locate all of these places. It is when you get to the five outside of the body that you must begin to find new ways to figure out what is going on with something that you don’t even know for sure is real.

The eighth chakra is in your realm of activity. It hovers anywhere between twelve inches and for some people further than that. Most keep the eighth chakra center close. The ninth will stay close as well, within a few feet, until the nine helixes are formed. Once the nine helixes are formed this chakra will move out into the atmosphere of the Earth so that it becomes more of an Earth chakra, connecting into the gridwork. It is a link. The tenth, eleventh and twelve move much further. The tenth chakra once it is in line and plugged in will be in your solar system. The eleventh will move out into your galactic system and the twelfth will be located and anchored someplace in this universe. You will receive and be affected by information from these personal centers. These personal centers are collective centers as well. Just as your other personal chakra centers are collective centers as well. You must learn to translate the experience. You can see life is not going to be too much the same anymore.

Not all people on the planet are going through this right now because they are not all coded to respond at this particular time. Each person came in with a certain order, a map of when and where and how you can best operate. Many of you are learning how to follow that plan of the self that will lead you to discover the exalted self. Once you learn how to do it, life becomes effortless. Everything does become quite effortless because you become a vehicle for Light and you are moved by your intention to commit.

Different humans will be hit with the changes at different times. It would not do to have it all at once. It would create chaos. There is a certain order that is needed. As each one is able to translate the experience, they can turn to someone to assist them. For the beginning people it can be very difficult. You are the way showers. Once you are able to do it you make the path and show the others.

The more humans that can translate their experience, the more humans that can go and have experiences and not feel out of control with them but can cultivate them, go into them, gather information, change probabilities, move onto the corridor of time, alter their own lives and then come out with complete and total use of will as to how they use these altered states, the more that can do this, then the acceleration will be absolutely phenomenal. Then, when there are that many consciousnesses on the planet registering that kind of ability, then the whole network that organizes and monitors human consciousness alters itself and more energy is able to come onto the planet because there are those that can accommodate it.

Everyone must learn to accommodate this energy. It must learn to be housed. It is like an oil well. What good do oil wells do you if they are untapped and shooting off here, there and everywhere? Very little. It is just a mucky mess. When, however, you take an oil well, natural gas or a waterfall and you insert your will for it and you put a purpose together or a way of directing the energy, then wealth occurs for those who direct those natural resources. You are being given an incredible natural resource at this time and you must tap it and direct it and you will all become very wealthy individuals. If you want wealth in the material world then that may be what you draw for yourself. But you will become wealthy in the realms of accessibility, in the realms of mastery.

QUESTION: I have a question about Light and Dark forces. The New Age movement talks about calling on the Light forces all of the time and never giving any energy to the Dark forces. I’m beginning to feel that the Dark forces are us, too, and we need to recognize that and heal it and integrate it.

PLEIADIANS: Yes. 3D is headed for a collision of dimensions not a collision of worlds, a collision of dimensions. Many dimensions are going to come crashing into each other. Some of these dimensions may seem horrifying and very frightening. The test, the initiation and initiation is always meaning to move through another reality to conquer it, to transmute it the initiation is to be faced with these energies and entities that seemingly are of incredible darkness and to understand that they are coming to merge with you because they are you, they are part of your multi-dimensional self and you are the standard bearer and you are Light. Dark will come to Light.

Be very clear when you deal with these things. If you are hesitating do not do it. Be clear. Many people will befriend or encounter something that perhaps would frighten them in order to bring about a transmutation, in order to bring about a bridging of consciousness. Some of these entities that have been talked about on your planet, beings from space that are coming, the reptilians, the Greys, etc. are all real. You will have a chance to meet them all eventually.

When you think of your soul, you think of your soul as you have been taught, that human is exclusive. When you picture your soul you picture an evolution of human incarnations. What we want you to understand is that as you grow up in consciousness the story gets bigger. As you evolve in consciousness and you mature yourself to a certain frequency of life and you are able to grasp certain concepts and you are able to intend to implement them into your life the story gets bigger. You are convinced of the basics and so now the blanks can be filled in. You exist in multitudes of guises and forms. Things that you would think would be heinous, you must meet and integrate in order to evolve your soul.

Knowing how clever Prime Creator is, would that not be a plan of Prime Creator to give all kinds of guises, all kinds of opportunities of expression and then to have them meet on different planets at different times and they would all be the self? The self must recognize and realize it and bring about a unification, a harmony where all species can offer each other what they want. When that point comes from self-realization, when you seek that exalted self and you understand who that exalted self is and when you meet the portions of yourself in physical reality, you will ask, “What can I do for you? I know what we have in common.” Not, “Your skin is different from mine.” Or, “You have scales and I have smooth skin.”

There is a meeting point of consciousness and Earth is the appointed place. That meeting is beginning to gather in many different ways. In order for the meeting to be a very successful meeting it must be very well orchestrated. Different consciousnesses must be introduced to one another so as not to upset or disturb or alienate any.

Light forces as we define them Light means the promoting, the dispensing and the sharing of information. Dark means controlling and withholding information. Think about this and feel this. You have come onto this planet with a coded blueprint to carry Light and to bring about a huge planetary transformation. And you come to be the standard bearer of your soul, the portion of your soul that is going to lead, the portion of your soul that says, “I set the pace here and the pace is Light and information, no more being in the dark.”

Think you maybe that there are portions of yourself that are in the dark that don’t know how to find the Light except through you and they want it as well? They want solutions, answers. What you may be feeling is not necessarily the intent of the dark force but the emotional makeup of the dark force the fear of that which vibrates out of lack of information. You all know when you are informed you feel much better. If you are sitting in a room and it is dark and you are hearing noises and you are thinking something is in the corner you feel much better when you are informed, do you not? Portions of yourself that are uninformed are going to come to be informed. How do you do it? You shed Light, you share Light. Say, “I intend for all of my other selves to come along on this journey too and for them to get it as well.” It is quite simple. We like to make it sound practical in your terms because if you can feel it is practical you will make it practical, and then it is yours.

QUESTION: Can you speak about ways to strengthen ourselves?

PLEIADIANS: What we suggest is not always how humans think they can strengthen themselves. It works very, very well. It is making an appointment with yourself and saying, “I love you, Self. You are a good Self. You are a wonderful Self. You are my Self. You are my own Self. You are my best Self. You are me here in this reality and I love you. You are magnificent. You are A-Number l. The best Self.”

When you give yourself the dignity of your own love as if you were royalty receiving the accolades of the people. when you do that for the self that you are, the physical vehicle that is yours to operate with, everything changes and strength becomes yours because you believe in and love who you are. When you believe and love the vehicle that you are everything starts to go your way. The big thing is making the commitment to believe it is possible that you deserve love. No one else has to love you. You are not here to go around gathering love from other people to convince yourself that you are worth it.

You are here to master a very difficult task in a system that is dark that gives very little input, stimulation, information about the true story. You are here to do the impossible. By loving yourself and making that commitment the number one step from which you operate every day, it falls into place.

QUESTION: I have noticed in my personal life that it seems that men and women think very differently. What can we learn about each other that would make it easier to understand each other?

PLEIADIANS: You will see that for a while it will seem there is even greater separation between man and woman as more men come into crisis in order to feel. The difference is a cultural difference. It is a learned cultural difference. It is a cultural difference that has been purposely put to separate you. If you look at the myths that your Western religions are based upon, the whole role of the female is almost an embarrassment to the species. So in modern times it was purposely recorded in history by those who wish to uphold a patriarchal point of view that a woman was a trouble-maker, carried the curse and was inferior. Her worst factor was the curse, the menstruation because it made her erratic and she was moody and you could never trust her feelings. She was noted to feel, particularly around that thing which was called her curse.

The old stories of the magic of the female, the creator, the one able to bring birth, the one who had the mystery of the blood, the life force, bleeding, able to put that life force back into the Earth, those stories have been buried and covered away. The goddess who loves and feels and nurtures. The man used to have the goddess energy inside and would feel the need for the goddess.

In the last number of thousand years, in order to better control the planet, all of the myths have been given you by extraterrestrials. The extraterrestrials have seeded all of your religious institutions. You are an experiment. At times it has been an uplifting and loving experiment. In recent times it has moved into incredible decay. You, as members of the Family of Light, have come to raid this planet and to pull Light back on it so that that nonsense never ever need be believed again. Man and woman are meant to complement each other.

At this time the best understanding that you can have is that in the male vibration, because of conditioning, because of genetics and because of a weak will within the male species, they believe that they cannot feel. Remember, feeling is emotion. How many times have we showed you where emotions can take you? Emotion is the key to getting off this planet. It is the key to figuring out the multi dimensional self and healing it and becoming one. By men being in charge of this planet for the last number of thousand years, the patriarchal society, the woman taking a position underground actually, not even a back seat, it has not even been in consideration. You have been automatons. You have been performing roles women to produce children, to produce more wealth. Remember emotion is consciousness for others to feed off of.

When you truly wake up, when you really, really wake up, you will understand that every time a baby is born your wealth increases. One day there will be communities who will live honoring each individual’s contribution because they occupy a physical body and they are in charge of a consciousness that can be cultivated to do anything. The more consciousnesses that pitch in together, guess what they can do? This is what we are striving for. We wish to convince you of your power so that you as a human species can put it to work. So that you can feel that you have every tool that you need for the times that are coming. And you do. You have your will and you have your mind.

The harmonics that the planet is looking for is a balance of self. Of course, the self is a composite of all things. You must balance all of your extraterrestrial selves, all of your multi-dimensional selves, your male and female.

QUESTION: I have a question about fear. Sometimes I can’t distinguish between being fearful and being practical. How do you know whether you’re feeding the fear or are you allowing yourself to become a victim of fear?

PLEIADIANS: Look at the energy packet that you are creating. Examine fear. It is useful. Do not be afraid of it. Do not say to yourself, “I have overcome all of my fears,” because then there will be one right around the corner looking at you.

Fears are useful. They help you self correct so that you do not lose your life. They also show you your destructive thought patterns. Whenever you get a big fear, you must examine to see, “Is my life in threat here or is this me creating a reality or am I picking up on the mass psyche?” All of this you must learn to discern. How do you learn to discern it? By looking back over yourself and asking yourself, “Where is this fear coming from? What is it about?” Examine. Look at yourself. Look at your dreams to see what fearful things are coming in the dreams. Sometimes when portions of yourself that have greater information than you do, when these portions want to assist you in something and you dismiss it, it will come to you in a dream so that you have some premonition in order to take action or not to take action. All events are designed to bring optimum growth. If you can remember that then it’s a piece of cake.

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