Pleiadians: Gods Trapped in Illusion

From the Pleiadians. Welcome, indeed, to an opportunity to expand your consciousness, to an opportunity to demonstrate your cleverness, an opportunity to read energies. This evening’s discussion is going to be a continuation of the chronicles of those on assignment out on the fringes of certain galactic systems. These chronicles concern the gods trapped in illusion. Not just the gods that operate your planet. You, yourselves, as evolving gods.

The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation. You can visit Barbara Marciniak at her website


Family Of Light

We remind you that at this time there is incredible galactic identity wishing to emerge throughout the identities of yourselves. This galactic understanding of mankind is something that you are trained to take on. As members of the Family of Light you are more than human, you are part of an intergalactic species that resonates with a certain type of life fulfillment or employment. That employment is moving into systems of thought, systems of consciousness, established systems, and changing them. Wherever you go you bring change. You are members of the Family of Light and, as we have said to you often enough, light needs information. You are all fascinated with gathering data about unknown portions of your world and yourselves. You want to uncover those mysteries. It is part of your nature. As members of Family of Light you are for hire, you are available to travel, to go into different systems of existence and to take on the native disguise and to act as if you are a native born and bred, evolving through. Accept [that] you are in disguise, you are on assignment. You come not to just evolve through a system, to learn from it, you come to bust it open, to change it. A systems buster, that is what you are.


QUESTION: You have repeatedly mentioned that earth is a place that beings come and train themselves to become a god. One of the realizations I’ve made recently is when you tie this into what the creator gods have done, now I understand that you come to earth to learn how to be a creator god, to work with creation and this is the place where we learn our integrity about when and how we create life.

PLEIADIANS: Yes. That is very good. And the simplest part of that training is to begin to act as if you do. Do you understand that? Act as if you do create your own reality. Acting as if gives you a commitment of intention. You see, there are so many things we can say here, it is difficult. We could speak all evening long on just this one subject because there are those who learn from watching you learn. Then there are those who become so fascinated with certain human learning processes that the humans give over their power to certain energies and then there is learning on many, many levels. A long time ago we said to you that the humans in some situations are likened unto playthings of the gods. A long time ago we said this. We are choosing our words carefully here because we want you to really expand your picture. Also we want you all to know that you are in disguise as human. If you can study the earth knowing that you are in disguise as human it will give you a certain removal from the anguish or the emotional sucking that the planet is now going through, the emotional pain, the birthing process.

Creator Gods

QUESTION: Are we as members of the Family of Light on some level creator gods in disguise working within our own experiment?

PLEIADIANS: This earth has been an experiment and it has been an experiment in biological creation, in genetics. A long time ago we said to you that the earth was designed to be an Intergalactic Exchange Center for information. It can sound like the whole world is made up of one file box after another. Can you picture a metallic world filled with file boxes and that is the earth as a center of information? Or can you picture an earth that is covered by computers as one comes and sits in a computer terminal and gets dataized by computer. That is another way of having an Intergalactic Exchange Center. However, those of you who have listened to what we have been sharing with you know that we have stated that when this project was put together for its own purposes that the call went out and many forms of sentient life donated their DNA. Does DNA make up file cabinets? Does DNA make up computers? Or does DNA make up humans and animals and plants?

The Intergalactic Exchange Center for information was to be what was called the Living Library. One would come onto the earth and one could plunge into all of the experiences of those who participated by giving their life force to create a living life force here to be experienced. Knowledge would be stored genetically within all things. Remember we said that your creator gods were master geneticists? Remember when we spoke of the returning Reptilians and said that they are master geneticists as well? You have been led from the truth as to how information is truly experienced.

Recently we talked about the Adam and Eve chronicles and how knowledge was given to them and how knowledge was stored alive. Alive in the fruit that they ingested and through eating a substance they attained knowledge. Does that give you some idea perhaps of what this place is?

The original human was coded in a certain way to be a vehicle of experience, a vehicle that could be occupied. Throughout earth’s history there have been many battles among the creator gods for ownership of this place. As we have said to you, about 300,000 years ago one of the more recent battles took place and certain energies have claimed ownership of this territory since that time. Since that time these that are master geneticists have been able with their incredible knowledge of that particular science to control the frequency of evolution on this planet. You as members of the Family of Light are sent here to change the frequency of the planet. It is quite simple. That is what your purpose basically is. You come as humans, yet you are not just humans. You came from your future into earth’s past. Feel that for a moment. You have heard us say often enough that we come into your present, which is from our point of view past, to make changes, to affect probable changes. You do the same.

You all feel that you were born and that you have had many past lives. We want you to picture a scenario where there is a plague that overruns the humans in this free-will zone and there is tremendous tyranny and frequency control, where there is fear and chaos taking over this universe. Quite imaginable. We want you to understand that technology can become so far-fetched that those existing in a time period that are besieged, beleaguered with this kind of frequency, can go back hundreds of thousands of years to points in time in order to change an existing present. From those time periods certain energies can change the chronicles of their own history.

You were sent from a point in the far distant future back through your past in order to prepare for a time when your talents could be utilized, when your abilities to sift through systems and change systems instantly could be manifest, could be put to work. This is some of what you are doing.

System Busters

QUESTION: I’ve been having dreams lately about shedding my skin. In the dream I’m not a reptile, I’m human. And when the skin is shed there is nothing there but light.

PLEIADIANS: You are a systems buster. That is what your card says. “Systems Buster. Available for intergalactic systems altering. Travel with family and have many friends. Reliable, efficient and adventurous work only.” So, you and your buddies were called to go and bust a system. What does that mean, bust a system? It means that electromagnetically if a system is operating with 100 volts and they want to change the system to a million volts you must learn to carry a million volts in a hundred volt body. That is what a systems buster is. As a systems buster you are capable of carrying any kind of energy because you are a certain species of creator.

The Original Planners, those whose project this earth was originally, set out to change what was going on here and to bring the Original Plan back into action. As all systems evolve and all forms of consciousness evolve, change is best when it comes from the inside rather than the outside. As members of the Family of Light you specialize in infiltrating systems in disguise of the natives. You live lives just like the natives and then when the time is ripe you receive the voltage and you transform yourself, still looking just like a native. Then you broadcast a new frequency because there are multitudes of you there to catch the prevailing frequency and you keep a gridwork activated amongst yourselves as you occupy the system, of course, in disguise, and you begin to change the whole system by changing the frequency in yourselves.

In order to understand the system you come from the future back into the past of the system evolving forward up until the time that you are ripe. What you are recalling are realities where you simultaneously exist, where you are simultaneously dealing with another version of the system. As systems busters and members of the Family of Light you incarnate not just into the human realm. As you are evolving here on this earth, striving to understand your identity and to incorporate this inner knowing with a life in disguise of a human there are portions of yourself working in many other realities doing the same thing and your world of dreams is the doorway through which you can very readily access this kind of experience.

Those of you who are courageous and those of you who are taking the sharp edges off of your reality, are beginning to have safe memory of other aspects of yourself. When you begin to realize how grandiose the plan is for the dimensional changes of this place you will realize that operating purely from the stance of a human would be ineffective. As a mere human there would not be enough comprehension, enough energy to pull off what is going to be pulled off on this planet. So you are infiltrating many different realities at this time with a very parallel consciousness. You are changing many realities and you are beginning to awaken into them.

Emotion From The Pleiadian Perspective

QUESTION: A lot of us are going through a lot of emotional upheaval at the moment. Can you speak to us about the value of emotions?

PLEIADIANS: When you have emotion inside the physical body there are chemical reactions that take place. When you do not use the emotions there is a different route that one may access. The emotions release hormones, enzymes, many other things, and these begin to have a catalytic effect upon one another. When the light encoded filaments, those tiny gossamer threads that carry all the data of your history, begin to be lined up with the proper emotion, one can move through memories into other realities. Emotion is very, very necessary. Many of you have made the mistake of not wanting to deal with emotion. It is one of your biggest fears, getting steeped into something very emotional and then what control do you have? You are all going to have to learn that there is a lot that you can discover by giving up control. Feeling very deeply about someone or something can catapult you into a higher memory of your identity. Be aware of this please.

QUESTION: You have recommended that a lot of us get in touch with these emotions and go through the emotional clearing, clearing the emotional body. If we can really get in touch with our early childhood emotions or those things that were traumatic, hard and painful, to me it is preparing for the meeting of the multidimensional selves which may have pain or trauma. Having the courage to feel everything prepares us for what is to come.

PLEIADIANS: If there is anything that you all need at this time to cultivate for yourselves it is the courage to feel, the courage to step forward in emotional identity with other versions of yourselves that maybe you don’t really understand. That is why those of you who have had bodywork this year have definitely felt the results of it. Those of you who are wondering what to do next for yourselves, go have your body adjusted, have it worked upon, have it aligned, have different work done. Open what you are holding so tightly inside so that you can feel a little more vulnerable. One of the things that will happen for all of you is that your physiology is literally going to change as you begin to let go of what you have held onto in order to protect yourself. That is a big one. Remember we said to you, as members of the Family of Light you come in disguise of humans and you disguise from yourselves that you are not human so that you can understand the human dilemma, so that you can understand the effects of frequency control.

What does this mean, the effects of frequency control? We have said that 300,000 years ago when certain creator gods who are Reptilian by nature raided this reality and took it over, they changed the existing DNA of some of the humans that they gathered up for their experimentations. Of course, you must know that there are many civilizations that existed prior to this one. What occurred was that the human was rearranged and was left with what you know as the double helix. Then many instigative energies were put on this planet to make certain that with this double strand of information the humans would basically work through struggle and survival and that very little high achievement would come about and if it did it came about for a very short period of time. As members of the Family of Light, by changing the DNA you make it impossible for that scenario to continue to exist.

Who Are The Gods?

QUESTION: When you said “gods trapped in illusion,” who are the gods? Are they us?

PLEIADIANS: To some extent they are you. Though we want you to understand that your Reptilian gods are trapped in illusion. Can you understand how vast everything is? Can you understand what a big ball game is going on? These creator gods that, yes, you have worshiped, and, yes, they are technologically far superior to anything you can conceive of, so what? They have forgotten who their gods are. They are gods lost or trapped in illusion. In the same way that they have controlled your frequency and made a controlled world for you and toyed and played with your world and set up one scenario after another and used frequency modulation to their own benefit to create certain broadcasts from the humans and direct these out of portals I into space for whatever nourishment or whatever use they have for this energy Remember consciousness is energy. Consciousness is in all things. Remember that your planet has been controlled by a society that has limited you and created chaos and fear and war and famine and man against man. That has been the history of the last 300,000 years. It has been man against man and that creates a certain fear amongst the natives. They broadcast it out. Collectively the planet broadcasts energy that these creator gods use. As members of the Family of Light you have come in to change the predominant frequency that is broadcast by the natives. You have come to be a living inspiration to show them how to act contrary to what they have been taught.

Illusion vs Reality

QUESTION: One of the things that I have come to realize is that we create our own reality, however, we also create our own illusions. Then, there is the controversy what is reality and what is illusion? I haven’t tied it all together yet, but there is something that you said about being trapped in illusion .

PLEIADIANS: Trapped in illusion. Yes, because if you can understand that just as those of you who are beginning to stretch your consciousness realize that the planet itself it trapped in false knowledge, is trapped in a false identity of what it is and you see how the humans are controlled by certain individuals, you must understand that the creator gods are trapped as well. They trapped themselves just as the humans trapped themselves. It looks as if the Lizzies trapped the humans, doesn’t it? Remember, humans create their own reality. So, in actuality, the humans created being trapped and having genetic manipulation and DNA rearrangement by the Lizzies. Remember, everything that you create you experience. So they began their own version of it in their own lives and did not even know it. They are the gods trapped in illusion.


QUESTION: You have talked about the importance of holding the frequency of light and I don’t quite understand.

PLEIADIANS: You have agreed to come in and to hold a certain amount of current, electromagnetic energy. When a human vehicle is souped-up with a certain amount of electromagnetic energy, of course, the whole vehicle operates very differently. As you have agreed to receive and to keep frequency by having a certain amount of electromagnetic energy continuously evolving within you, you change your own voltage, you change your own awareness in the process. By beginning to hold this frequency and keep it consistently, it means that eventually 100% of the time no matter what the situation is you will believe you create your own reality no matter what it looks like. That is a Keeper of Frequency. Frequency is consciousness. It is awareness. It is how you impact what is around you.

We have suggested to you from the very beginning to live with and get used to the idea that you create your experience, that you design it, that you are in charge of it. It is part of what you are led to believe on this planet, that you have nothing to do with it. That is part of the robbing of your own energy. Someone teaches you that you are not in charge and you buy it and you operate with a sense of powerlessness. “I am not in charge of my life. I have nothing to do with what happens to me. It is all out of my hands.” That is an incredible tyranny. It is exactly the opposite of how this planet operates.

QUESTION: Do your emotions affect holding your frequency? For instance, if you’re upset or angry can you still maintain your frequency?

PLEIADIANS: It depends. When you become angry or upset, are you becoming angry and upset because you feel that someone did something to you or are you becoming angry and upset because once again you created a duplication of a situation to teach yourself because you have not gotten it?

QUESTION: If you look at anger as simply another expression of emotion without judging it, does it affect holding the frequency?

PLEIADIANS: Absolutely it affects holding the frequency. The frequency we are talking about that you are to bring to the planet is one of, I created it, I did it, I am in charge, I can undo it, I can heal, etc. Do you understand? You are bringing the frequency of potentiality. As Keepers of Frequency it is your assignment to consistently live like that, not to talk one way and to live another. That is when you are not a Keeper of Frequency. When you act angry and upset and when you are upset at yourself for acting angry and upset, you are acting victimized because you did something that you did not want to do and you are not being a Keeper of Frequency. Absolutely not. What are you showing everyone else? What liberation are you showing others? A Keeper of Frequency lives life in such a way that you begin to show others how you rise above every situation because you are able to keep what you know in the forefront of your mind that you create and no matter what things look like you are able to create with joy because you find, even in the anger, that what you create leads you somewhere.

The Human Frequency

QUESTION: So within holding and keeping the frequency is feeling as well, emotions without judging them.

PLEIADIANS: Without feeling disempowered or powerless. Usually when you are angry, you are angry because you feel that you had nothing to do with what occurred. Think back on this. There is no point in feeling angry with yourself. If you make the agreement with yourself that your self will always create one opportunity after another for a good adventure and a good time, if you live your life that way then you must trust that everything that you create is along that plan. It is being consistent with what you know.

We will go a little bit futuristic for you. Every human emits a certain frequency. We like to call it your song. It is your tune. In this controlled world, the frequency control has been set and you have been reminded to be fearful over and over again. When you were growing up your mother would say, “Don’t stay out late,” or whatever. You would have something said to you to put you into a vibrational frequency that could teeter on worry, fear, confusion, etc. Think about it. “Buckle up your seat belt, you are going to get into an accident.” “You must take your vitamins.” “You must have flu shots.” All of these things, everything has been based, your whole society, on an underlying current that is not comfort. Your underlying current on this planet is not, “Hey, everything is cool.” That is not what you have been taught.

When you learn to modulate and control the frequency that you broadcast and you begin to affect the whole planet with that, the planet begins to come into its own ownership. You are learning that there are patterns of behavior within individuals that are quite common. As you begin to recognize patterns and take them as global patterns rather than individual patterns, you will be able to do emotional healing for the planet while coming into a realization of the why of certain things from a higher order, from a higher tune and you will be able to transmute many things on the planet because you will recognize the need of the planet, not just the individual. If you take things personally then you have hurt feelings. And when you have hurt feelings you are not a Keeper of Frequency because then you act as if everything isn’t fine. We want you to see the divine order, the divine nonchalance, the perfection within all things. So, you may notice how you feel and you may only feel it for a second or two and say, “That is interesting. I feel this way and yet my higher self knows what this is about,” so that you are able to transmute. By feeling powerless you have an idea how most of the planet feels all of the time. Do you follow this? All of you are so ready to make pronouncements on what you experience. You are to look at events as events and to see what comes of them. Always look at every event as opportunity.

It will become so essential at some point for you to know who is a Keeper of Frequency and who is not because there will come a time when you will be able to transmit knowledge quite easily. Some of you are already able to do this to a mild degree. When you can transmit knowledge you will want to know that the other person is consistent in their behavior and that their emotions do not run amok with them. Because if they are not consistent and if they are able to get lost in emotional dramas you will not be able to link with them. It will be like holding hands with a weak link. The times will come when you will want to count on who is a Keeper of Frequency and who is not because your life and the lives of many will depend upon the stability and the consistency of those that you can look to. It will make a big difference.

QUESTION: We create our own reality and this planet is filled with information. If we think something, it is. Does this have something to do with how the Lizzies got enmeshed or trapped here?

PLEIADIANS: They got trapped here, yes. They are trapped in illusion. They don’t really know what they got stuck in. You are hitting on something here though you must go further with

The Earth

QUESTION: It makes me think that you have to be really responsible for everything you say and everything you think because they turn into the stone and bone of earth and affects everybody else.

PLEIADIANS: The earth was formed for a certain purpose, an Intergalactic Exchange Center for Information. This Exchange Center for Information is not the only one. There are a series of these Exchange Centers that make up a gridwork that unifies your local universe together. This gridwork creates a living link of the Living Libraries. As systems busters you are operating in the parallel worlds at this time that are part of this gridwork. What has occurred in one probable future is a tremendous tyranny that exists over this local universe and the information systems have been vastly shut down. There is a stalling of your universe. Your universe has become so choked that it is stalling itself on life.

Through frequency modulation, the controlling of frequency, there has been an energy that has taken over many of these Information Centers and life information, everything as you know it, in your future is coming to a halt. In the future that we come from it is quite disturbing. We are members of the Family of Light in the same way that you are. We have been assigned to go to work with you in our past, in your present, to alter the far-reaching future by changing events where they first began and where they could be meaningfully changed in the past from our present. In your present.

Past & Present

QUESTION: Will our present change our past?

PLEIADIANS: Yes. Listen to these words very carefully. You will change the past by making a new past. Not necessarily by eradicating an old past. Do you understand? So that a new road, a new probability comes to be. Everything that exists exists. We want to create a new avenue of choice. Being that you are systems busters, you are experts on bringing choice into systems. You go into systems where the choice has been limited. You allow the choice of a different potential. You are here to bring a potential of cooperation and harmony. That in itself is in complete opposition to the future, the future that we are assigned to create an alternate probability around.

Understand that where you are going to go is going to be most interesting. We have been very clever in the way that we have assisted your evolving consciousness. We have purposely set this up so that you discover for yourselves your own truth so that you will have a myriad of experiences to rely on for yourselves, so that you can have a family to look around at and to realize none of you ever have to be alone. And we have created an arena where you have permission to live your light, to finally come out from the deepest portion of your being and shine with who you have always known that you are.

The assignment continues, our task continues. Your task is vastly accelerated. Your work, all of yours, will go more inside of yourselves. The days of ongoing outside gatherings are at an end. The energy, everything that you seek, comes from spending time with yourselves. Those of you who are making the greatest leaps and the greatest accelerations are making the deepest commitment to have your bodies altered, to consciously change your speech patterns, your thinking patterns, and to begin to go within, into quiet time, and to begin to hear what is being broadcast to you. You are all receiving the data. The problem is that you will not consistently accredit yourself with what you know. It is this that we constantly push you towards.

The benefits and the rewards that we have received from this are multitudinous. What you teach us is invaluable. You are showing us something, far more than you can ever realize. In your innocence and in your trust you emit a frequency that we utilize to beam into the future and we show something to those in our future that you in your now gift them without even realizing. You are quite noble. In many worlds you are quite famous. Some day you will know what that means.

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