Pleiadians: Awakening

Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak.
The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012

Awakening 1

Good evening. We are your ancient family. We come from the star system The Pleiades. We know ourselves as The Pleiadians and we, eons ago, millions of years ago, were your relatives.

When your Earth sphere, Terra, was being formed, there were many who expressed an interest to be pioneers and to go to a new area to learn to experience, to formulate, to create. That was the opportunity and many of our dearly beloved Pleiadians signed on.

The Pleiadian culture is ancient. [It] was seeded from another universe, a universe of love, a universe that moved back to All That Is. The Pleiadians seeded the Pleiadian star system within this universe before the Earth’s sphere transfer became available. We formed a tremendous society. We operate with love. We operate with ideas and ideals that you are totally unfamiliar with.

Our technology in your terms would be somewhat similar. We are, in your terms, computerized. We like that term because it represents an overall picture of our abilities. The picture actually only represents one per cent of what we are capable of doing. However, from your point of view, think of us as a computerized society. We are collective energy. We are not of your dimension. The star system of the Pleiades has seven stars, six of which we believe, you may see from the naked eye. There are many planets and we are millions upon millions of miles from your system though we have transportation that can bring us here very quickly. We have many modes of transportation.

Mostly we come in starships. Often mother ships. The mother ships are gigantic, one of your miles, housing thousands. [They are] elongated, one of our fashions, [and] would take, in your terms, days to transport itself here. We have disc ships which can be here quickly, within portions of your day.

We have difficulty at times translating your time system, your hours, your minutes, into what is relative to our system, perhaps less than one quarter of your day. We are an advanced civilization. Our technology is ancient because it is coming from another universe that has evolved back to First Cause.

We chose not to evolve back to First Cause but to go on out of love, to assist the growth of this universe. We were allowed to bring that knowing with us because our technological development is totally in line with the First Cause and we would never operate in any fashion that did not support the love and development of humanity of all creatures in all of this universe. So we were allowed to be here. We were welcomed.

We are the ambassadors, in this star area, this universe, from another universe. We are working with many, not just with Terra, the Earth. We are working in other solar systems, with other planetary creatures, with other creations.

This universe is a vast and new experiment. Different options, we like that word, are being attempted here. Free will reigns in this universe. On Terra you think you have free will but you do not really understand what free will is. Free will encompasses the complete idea that whatever it is that you are wanting you may have. And your sole point in choosing to partake in the planetary system within this universe that has free will was so that you may do whatever it is that you wish.

Terra was formed with specific intents in mind. It was formed to be a center for this solar system, a trade center, a launching pad for ideas. Much like, as different portions of your globe have developed, and different port cities, or areas came into fashion and represented trends, cultural advancements, exchanges of ideas at different points in time, and then fell by the wayside.

The ideal of Terra’s role would be the jewel within the universe for its beauty physically to the eye, and this physical beauty would be beheld not just in one dimension but in many dimensions. That it would be a center of tremendous beauty, of tremendous exchange, of freedom, of ideas and beauty and love and peoples, humanities, creatures from all of this universe and star system ideally would have come here and exchanged what it is they had, as goods would be exchanged in the marketplace, with others.

Now, as you know, that has not taken place. Fortunately that is changing. Unfortunately, eons in your past, events occurred that were not anticipated, for when one deals with free will one never knows. There are no expectations with free will, just intentions and hopes. And even intentions sometimes may be transmuted.

Now, that was the original intention. Then eons ago, millions of years ago, there was a disruptive force that became quite pronounced in this area of creation, experimenting as it would be, with another form of being. This experimenting was not evil, it was just another point of view. We speak in very neutral terms so as not to lay blame or prejudice on anyone.

This disruptive force effected Terra greatly. It threw the cosmic forces, the hierarchies into vast confusion. And it has been all these eons, these millions of years that this has been attempted to be righted.

Now, through the last thousands of years we have been assisting the higher spiritual forces, those from the First Cause. Our assistance we freely gave because original family members came to this experiment of Terra and then when those disruptive energies became prevalent and changed the intent of what Terra would be we lost contact with our family members. It was very sad for us, for we had never anticipated this loss.

Being that we as Pleiadians are highly evolved and of great knowing and great connectedness with the First Cause, we knew that this was a temporary loss of family members, though temporary in our terms was millions of years. And though the initial shock was felt literally throughout the universe and universes, we formulated a plan and knew that there would be a time when we would be reunited.

We are your family members who lost contact with you eons ago. We have come to retrieve you. We have come to reestablish contact, to assist you, so that you can now reunite with us, liberate yourselves and choose to come back to the Pleiades or to stay here on Terra and raise the vibration and allow Terra to become what it was originally planned to become, the international exchange, intergalactic international trade exchange center for the universe.

Now, as you may well know, that upon looking at your planet you can shake your head and say, goodness, we have ventured far from our original goal. And, indeed, that is true, you have. However, at this time events are manifesting on your planet that are about to change all of that.

It was known eons ago that there would be a point where the energies would be ripe for contact, for adjustments, for receiving energy for realignment. It was hoped that that juncture would be reached through the opening of the free will bodies, by their own choice, through love.

That is not the case. You have reached critical times. It began peaking 30, 40 years ago, and the activities that have been occurring on this sphere have been of grave concern to all within your universe. The lack of love for humanity, for one another on this planet. Separations of self from self. The missing of the message that you are all one, that you are all connected, that what one does affects the other.

Know that there are many millions on the planet out of the billions, who are awakened, who are moving toward the enlightenment, moving towards the acknowledgement of the First Creator, in whatever minuscule way they can conceive of this vast entity.

What is happening on your planet at this time is that the energy of the First Creator, is being presented to the planet as a whole. When we say “as a whole”, there are no groupings that would be select over others. The opportunities exist for everyone. It is the individual humanity’s choice to acknowledge the opportunity that presents itself.

[The awakened ones will be] assigned, so to speak, to awaken someone. First Creator energy is now being made available to the planet, on a vast level, vast. It’s encircling the sphere. Light frequency is bombarding your planet, though only those who know how to use this energy can feel it. It is as if an invisible force is in your lives and if you are not aware of this invisible force, you will not see it.

Now, if the awakeners approach the awakenees with love, with intent of service, with intent of changing the planetary potential, the planetary history, and also are willing to bond unconditionally with the awakenee, it will be successful. In most cases, those that need now to be awakened are working about this in their dream state and they are in a state of confusion in their waking world and so they are welcoming something that will give them greater power and direction.

The awakenees will need guidance for a short amount of time because of the energy that is available [but] the knowings will happen very quickly, then they, too, [will awaken and empower others]. The more members, the greater members of humanity that are in knowing, the easier the times ahead will be.

We are working, sitting at the edges of our seats. When we say “our”, we mean our beings, the star individuals, the star families, the spirit guides, the ascended masters, the callers from the great cause, the First Cause. There are many here. The skies, the atmospheres are full, so to speak, of who we are keeping Terra in force, keeping it alive and vibrant, glowing, and also respecting your free will at the same time.

That is why we say the awakenings are so important at this time. They are of prime concern. Individual awakenings. Word of mouth. It is the best way of accomplishing what it is that needs to be accomplished. Word of mouth. Books are fine. Tapings are fine. But one individual loving another individual liberates, frees. And that individual goes off and creates and effects many others. That is how the process will occur, as we see it.

We stated earlier that Terra is a free will district along with the entire universe, however, there is a code of honor that exists along with free will. And that code of honor represents the respect for life. All of life. The respect, and the commitment to no violation of life. The honoring of life is paramount, and allowing that life.

Now, millions upon millions of years ago when the disruptive forces came in and changed all of that, free will was granted still and we stepped back, and saw and watched, and knew that there would be a time when all of this would come to an apex, as it would be said when the changes could be made.

Disruptive forces have come again. This time they will not succeed. However, the energy is of great influence on the planet at this time because of the technological development and the extent of this technological influence throughout the planet.

We ask that each person individually speak to another. At this point very powerful individuals are being awakened. Those individuals who effect other people, who influence other people are those that are awakening at this time, and are being awakened by those who made agreements, contracts eons ago to perform this service. We see that there will be changes geographically, great changes. Because the changes represent the most benevolent way of realignment. If there were to be great destructions, and there will be some destructions along the lines of warrings, if that were to be the prevalent case upon the entire sphere, it would effect the cosmos so greatly, that in this case it cannot be allowed.

The changes that will happen on the surface of Terra are not definite. They will not be definite until they occur, until energy peaks. The energy will be peaking partially through what’s happening on the globe, also through planetary and cosmic influences. The closer you may move towards the misuse of the technology, then of course, Mother Earth, a living, viable, breathing entity, would shift itself rather than destroy itself.

[The] shifts will be of a healing nature, much as the ill person may experience the tremendous fevers and burn and sweat and shake and then heal themselves. If Mother Earth did not shift herself and the misuse of technology would be [a] prevalent paradigm, do you know what would occur? It would be the destruction of the universe.

We do not wish to be annihilated and misuse of your technology on your planet could annihilate a universe. Contemplate on what we are speaking for it is profound.

Many of you are looking for blacks and whites and the universe exists in gray areas. It is not the way you think it is. There is life teeming everywhere that you cannot see. There are many dimensions, there are many forms of beings. What happens in your dimension would effect us all because the building blocks of the universe, of the cosmos are connected. The atoms, the elements are all one. They are universal. Universal tools, so to speak. And through the misuse of one, in one segmented area, it would effect many others. So that is why we say, we are tuning Mother Earth to this knowing. Mother Earth knows this potential happening and would shift herself when the time and the danger becomes great.

Understand that all of these changes are contingent upon the awakenings. If the awakenings happen very quickly and those within the governments, within the arms industries, those within the publishing, communicative areas, television, newspaper, movies, [if] those influential people on the planet are awakened quickly, all could shift. Mother Earth will do whatever is necessary to realign for her own survival.

We are saying that if your intention is to step into the times ahead with joy, and experience, and be a partaker, a conscious partaker of the movement that the planet is selecting, then clearly think of what it is that you want, intend it, plan on it, and then trust that the part of the body located in the solar plexus will guide you along with the heart, to be where it is you need to be. If you are clear in your plannings, if you count on it, if you state it matter of factly, step into the knowing, not the thinking, but the knowing beyond all shadow of a doubt that you will be here in joy, in harmony, in happiness, in creativity, and in greater rejoicing of building the world, the civilization that you all desire, then so shall you be.

Now, think of that for a few moments and choose what it is you want. Examine your hearts about what it is you are wanting. Throw by the wayside those things that are not important to you and put your energy, your thoughts, your hearts, into what it is that is most important. And do not, under any circumstances, be afraid of making a change, for change is going to occur whether you select it or not. So, by consciously selecting a change, whether it be a move, or what have you, [it] may be your method, your means, of moving into the times ahead. Do not resist change. Flow. It may come in the area of relationships, the breakings up or the coming togethers. It may come in the area of employment or a lack of. It may come in the area of sudden abundance presenting itself to you or lack of. All these events will motivate you towards something. We ask that you go inside, trust the feelings. Trust yourself. One of the most beneficial endeavors that you will be involved with is forming the extended families. With a networking of thirty to fifty people it will be very powerful. We also wish to speak of the availability of outside communication that is waiting to speak with many of you, that is speaking with each and every one of you though you do not acknowledge it. Vast numbers are willing to help.

We ask you to examine your hearts, relinquish your fears, move towards what it is that will be most important. We suggest, and we will assist in these endeavors, that through your dream states you dare to dream of possibilities that seem outlandish. Awakened ones and those becoming awakened are being fed information through the dream state from the vast numbers and given so called ideas. Instigated information. Potentialities of abilities that are far beyond what is available now on the planet. And these will be fun things. These will be joyful things. These will be loving things, healing things, successful things. Play with your dream states and when one of these crazy ideas comes to you, grasp onto it like a hot air balloon and ride it for a while over the topography of yourself and see where it will take you.

We ask you to approach these times with an open mind, a creative mind, a loving mind, to move into the self. To trust the self. Open the heart. To connect with humanity, to awaken the others. To be gentle with who you are. For your difficulties you will lay down as they are old clothes that you will no longer fit into or wear. Your aches, longings and difficulties can all be laid to rest as you move into this great new garment of being.

Many will be petrified of moving into this time for much must be relinquished. Much must be changed and given up. However, we are saying that if the Earth itself did not change in its seasons, it would be pretty dreary indeed. And so fall needs to come and the winter set to rest so that in spring there may be regrowth, revitalization and awakenings. This is what you’ll be experiencing.

We have committed to guide you on this time. There are many who are here loving you, assisting you, doing whatever is necessary. Open your hearts. Open your eyes to what is coming. Do not be afraid. Know that you are surrounded by love and energy greater than at this point you can fathom. So great it is beyond your knowing, though a part of you knows that greatness and brings it to yourself.

We trust that what we have said empowers you, enlightens you, guides you to who you need to be. Move forward. Move in love. Feel the connectedness of all that is.

Look into the eyes of fellow humanity and see yourselves for you are there. Bless each one with the knowing that you have and your awakenings will be greater than you ever imagined.

Call on us for assistance and we will come to you. We send you our blessings, our dearly beloved friends.

Awakening 2

Good evening. We are here to assist you. We are here to work with the energies of those members of humanity who wish to move forward with their lives, who wish to participate in the great upliftment of spirit and physical reality that is now being experienced on your earth plane, Terra. We have spoken before about the concept of the shoebox. We would incorporate this material along with questions that those here this evening may have to offer as learning. Understand that a question that one asks is asked for all. So, listen carefully and you all may make a leap [in] accepting who you are. Let us speak for a few moments on the concept of the walls you build around yourself in this shoebox idea. From our perspective, we see the large portion of the energies [are] attempting to bring in information that is revolutionary, that is expansive and that is perhaps contradictory and controversial as well. The most necessary element that you need to add to your life is something that would act as a catalyst for you to assimilate the information and initiate these ideas into the day-to-day living of your life. In other words, bring them inside the shoebox of your existence. We will be working with you to allow you to expand the territory of the shoebox that you live in, for the shoebox defines the boundaries of information that is legitimate. It defines your perceptions, your experiences. It defines your world. Your world is as large and as complex or simple as you would design it to be. What we would ask each of you to do is to visualize the image of the shoebox that you have. You may make it plain, you may make it elaborate, any color that you wish. It can be small, it can be large. Visualize the shoebox and place your physical being within it. Next to the physical being place inside the shoebox, place your globe. The images will come to life as we discuss with you the questions that you will all be so gracious to teach yourselves with this evening.

QUESTION: I’ve heard recently that as part of the change taking place on the planet today the old idea of everything being a lesson has become somewhat obsolete and that, in fact, there are no lessons anymore. From my own personal perspective I believe that growth comes through learning lessons and I don’t understand how growth can continue if there are no more lessons.
PLEIADIANS: Understand that all that you hear is one entity’s version. Whether they be a discarnate or incarnate entity, you are always hearing someone’s version of what they believe to be true. And that holds true for we Pleiadians. You all are nearing a juncture where you would be coming in to be tested over and over and over again. The ride is going to get bumpier. It’s going to be fun because you will be like on a roller coaster. You may be up one moment peeking over the top, rising to the stars and then suddenly your stomach is way up in the air and you are on the ground. This ride would involve many so called truths. Each truth, each place you are on the roller coaster is quite real, is quite legitimate, and the information or the ride of experience that you are receiving is yours to interpret. What you must realize is that you can get off of the roller coaster any time you wish. But you will be choosing the ride because you have something to learn. What you have to learn is that there is a portion of truth that exists within each and every one of you. Essentially, you do not need us to tell you what that truth is. We merely mirror back to you who we are and we remind you what it is that you know. In direct answer to your question, from our perspective, all existence involves knowing. There is consciousness within all things and all consciousness is learning about its experience no matter how that consciousness is manifested. From our perspective, we do not perceive of a place of being where there [are] no lessons or or learnings to be done. That is our opinion and our perspective of a story. Now, understand that all things are true. You can bring whatever information you wish inside of your shoebox. You can design your experience. We are here to give you lessons in many ways of perception so that you form your own truth and stimulate the material and information that is stored within the cells of your being. You all are a portion of First Cause [God]. First Cause branches out and expresses itself so that it has more to bring back to its own experience. And so, from our perspective, First Cause learns much in each and every moment.

QUESTION: What is the correlation between relative truth and absolute truth?
PLEIADIANS: The absolute truth, the essence of absolute truth is the example that we have just shared with you. The greatest truth is that First Cause is within all things and it is First Cause’s journey that you are all a part of and it is your challenge to realize it.

QUESTION: In trying to follow a spiritual path I’m feeling great confusion over traditional Christianity and the Bible and the truth in that, or the lack of truth in that, versus the New Age philosophy and, for example, A Course in Miracles. Which path is closer to the correct truth?
PLEIADIANS: When we spoke and said that all is true, it is our tricky way of making you think. And that is what you are learning now. You are third dimensional beings. You are thinkers. You are, on a planetary scale, learning and moving toward becoming fourth dimensional beings which are, if we were to put it into words, perceivers. You are employing the values of the third dimensional world and you are beating up on yourselves, so to speak, and chastising yourself because your life is not in one neat little compartment. If you wish to bring new information into your lives, there is a certain scrambling of data that must take place. This all goes back to the shoebox and your great need to have everything in a file compartment. The data of your existence, the outline and boundaries of who you are, are quite orderly. When you are attempting to become more and to become greater beings, all of that data must be reshuffled, must be run and analyzed and compared to a new program. When we say that all is true, that is in essence saying to you whatever you choose to believe will indeed be true. It will be the reality that you will live your life in and you will manifest the symbolic representation of that reality within your lives. Your neighbors and your friends and the social structure that you surround yourself with will reflect that back to you. Worlds are not solid places of being. Worlds are probable. Worlds are as flimsy as paper. Only you do not understand this. You think that your worlds are concrete and you think that certain authoritative structures are correct and you place authority outside of yourself. The Catholic church is no more correct than any other church. The truth that you are attempting to understand now is the absolute truth for yourself. You wish, because of how you have led your life up to now, to be told to follow a certain structure. The highest teachings in our opinion, and this is merely our opinion, are the teachings that point you to yourselves and say to you, “You are First Cause. You are a portion of the great energy. And you, yourselves are thought manifestations of what you think you are.” It is that truth, from our opinion, that we, the Pleiadian culture and many, many, many cultures, use as a primary law of existence for ourselves. What you are all learning to understand is what is true for you and how to make your world work. We would start by saying that you are the center of your world, you are the power in your world. What is it that you want? You want happiness? Do you want safety? Do you want joy? You want harmony? You want personal development? You want peace? You want abundance? You are First Cause. This power that you have is no new thing. There are those of you who have laid in the gutter or who have been without food, been on the verge of dying and have willed something and had it manifest and thought that you were lucky. It was your desire, your calling of your own power that manifested in front of you. This is a basic law of experience.

QUESTION: You mentioned a couple of times that we choose to be here to experience. Is it, is it as simple as that? When we’re disembodied we decide to come back to experience something? I just can’t imagine anybody choosing to come here unless they had to do it.
PLEIADIANS: It is much more complex than merely coming here for the experience, although it is the experience that you are after. But it is not as if you are a soul roaming through the ethers with nothing to do and you decide, “Oh, I think it looks cozy down there. I think I’ll make a hit on that world.” It is not quite that simple. You are a portion of an energy of an oversoul. This great being travels for its own growth through planets, through existences that you do not even comprehend, through existences that in your terms are not real because you cannot see a physical world that they could exist on. But they exist. There are worlds that exist in empty space, so to speak, that make up shapes and colors and sounds and they are quite legitimate and you have experienced these worlds. In your roamings of being, in your decisions about where you want to go, it would be similar to getting in a car and having an unlimited bank account. In other words, you do not have to worry about how your travels would be financed. You could go wherever you chose. The only restriction is that if you are to travel the United States, you must complete the United States. You would have to go into each State and, perhaps, spend at least one week in each. When you have finished the journey you may reflect back and say, “There’s further growth that I could do in the State of Minnesota. Before I leave this journey and go to Europe with my unlimited funds, it would behoove me if I explore this area.” What is occurring on a planetary scale at this time is that all humanities, and none are exempt from this, are attempting to bridge the information that is available to them and bring it into their physical reality. You are attempting to understand and to remember and to perceive that you are a portion of a much larger entity and personality than you have previously thought that you were. When the Christed one said to you on your planet, “You are not alone,” that is what was being said to you. That is what was being triggered to be remembered. You are not alone. Not only are there those, as we represent, who come from the stars, there are those from other dimensions. It is your challenge to wake up to this, and to believe, if you so choose, in enhancing your lives with this information. For these entities are there to bridge worlds and to change the world.

QUESTION: Is there a sensation of heaven and happily ever after?
PLEIADIANS: If you so choose to believe there is, there will be. If you believe in heaven and if you believe upon your translation that you have been a most glorious being and that the pathway is at your feet, then, indeed, that will be your experience. You would create your version of heaven. You all, upon your translation, will create your version of what you think exists on the other side. The myth of heaven was to allow you to believe that something unknown could be a pleasant experience. Think on what we have been speaking of for you are attempting to bring in much information and whenever one is attempting to bring in new information there is a reshuffling, and a release of energy that no longer fits. Trust yourself and allow yourself to live in a world that is comfortable and safe and expansive and generous and loving and would give the greatest benefit to all. Make that the boundaries of your truth and your world and you would have an easier time assimilating information.

QUESTION: Do you have some practical suggestions on a day to day basis of how to maintain our centeredness? Apparently our objective is to maintain awareness of who we are and in the chaos of goings on, we seem to lose that little thread of remembering.
PLEIADIANS: It is a portion of your challenge at this time. You forget who you are because it seems to you that it takes time to remember who you are. And it seems that you do not have enough time to bother with this all the time. And so you forget, you trick yourselves into thinking that you are not who you would like to be. It is a thought process. If you wish to maintain greater continuity of the enlightened self, the uplifted self — at different portions of your day inject your thoughts with an empowering affirmation or statement about this continuity. You are complicated beings. We will give an example. You say, “Alright I’m on a new program now. Starting tomorrow morning I’m going to wake up and I’m going to make a statement to the world about who I would be and then I would make the statement again at perhaps noon and then perhaps again around sunset and then once again before I go to bed. Four times in one day.” And you would do very well with this for one week or ten days in your terms. On the eleventh day, perhaps you would forget in the morning when you woke up to say it. Then you would be getting ready for work and you would say, “Oh, I didn’t say this and I’ll say it very quickly.” Then [at] noontime you say, “Oh, gosh, I’m so busy I don’t have time. Well, I’ll say it later.” Suppertime comes and is gone and you haven’t said it. Then you’ve gone to bed and you say, “Oh, well, I said it this morning, I’ll say it later.” It is so easy for you because of the distortion of the element that you call time that you allow to run your lives that you miss the essence of who you are. In the moment that you would take to say, “Oh, I don’t have time now” or, “I will say it later,” you could have said it. It is that simplistic. It is not a paragraph that you must read about yourselves. It is not a major commitment in the element of what you call time. It is a feeling about who you are in the moment of your awareness of that being. And it is not something that you must continuously focus on but it is something that you would intend to become a portion of your being. Just as sleeping and rising and eating are a portion of your being. You merely need to become aware and to nod your head in honor and saluting the self. The salutation to the self to become a glorious being. It is that simple. Done on a regular basis as a portion of yourself it does not mean that your life indeed would be perfect. For, once again, we are saying to you that you are, all of you, on a roller coaster. There will be ups and downs. If you know that you are intending the honor and great development of yourself when you are going on these ups and downs you will realize that this is a portion of the growth that you are asking for. It is your challenge to love yourself and not to be critical of the self and to realize that you are designing experiences for your greatest need and growth. The world is a symbolic world and speaks to you. It is your challenge to understand what it is that you are telling yourself. If you have teddy bears dancing in front of you we would say you are a most playful being. If you see boogie men and dragons and lizard people, then we would say, goodness, what fear are you manifesting? Now, we are being playful but we are giving you examples because as humanities that is your way of learning. You like pictures and you like examples. You like to be able to formulate ideas within your mind and to compare. That is your way of learning. You do not at this time function through osmosis of learning. If that were the case we would not have to say a word. We would merely implant you with energy or attempt to implant you with energy. We have fed you much information and you have been absorbing it on many levels of being. Congratulate yourselves on the great beings that you are and that you are becoming. We would be speaking with you again. We bid you good evening.

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