Out of Body Experiences – Are They Possible?

Are out of body experiences possible? Lets discuss this further. There are numerous reports indicating that people world-wide are having lucid experiences outside their physical bodies. In fact, we all disconnect from our physical body. This is a natural phenomenon (Out Of Body Experiences) that occurs nightly during sleep, though most people do not realize that it is happening. For example, have you ever felt like you were falling while sleeping and awakened with a jerk-awake sensation? Have you found yourself unable to move while you were falling asleep or waking up? Have you ever “awakened” to find yourself floating above your body? Or, have you ever felt yourself awake outside of your physical body?

out of body experiences

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are quite normal! These are some of the sensations that can occur in the initial phase of Out-of-Body-Experiences (OBE), which is also known as astral projection.

Out Of Body Experiences – Two Factors Required

There are two factors required to experience being out of the body. The first one is lucidity, which is maintaining the ability to be aware of what is going on, maintaining the same capacities that we utilize in our daily waking state, such as interpretation and analysis; making decisions; and having the same degree, or an even greater degree of control over what we do. The second factor deals with our ability to recall the experience upon awakening from sleep.

The out-of-body-experience is a completely different phenomenon from either an ordinary dream or a lucid dream, because the OBE is not an imaginary event. The out-of-body-experience is a real situation experienced in another dimension, or plane. Ordinary dreams take place, mainly, without our questioning the absurdities and incoherences from what we know in everyday life. In a lucid dream one begins to recognize that one is dreaming and often has some degree of control over the elements of the dream, even though it is still a dream. We could say that lucid dreams are on the path towards developing the type of lucidity and awareness needed to maintain control in the OBE.

During Astral Projection

In conscious out of body experiences (astral projection) one can meet a friend, who is also out of the body, and both can remember the same event. It is also possible to visit and talk to people who have passed on. It is viable to visit places and people at will, etc. Sometimes, during an OBE, it is even possible for an individual to confirm, or check, his or her experience. For example, a person could have the body sleeping, yet simultaneously be out of the body watching an incident occurring at a certain time and place. Then, the next day, this same person happens to turn on the TV and a report of the exact same incident comes over the news, matching the time and location where he or she witnessed it.

The mastering of one’s energetic processes is the key to conscious astral projection. Each person moves through life with their own unique pattern of energy that constitutes their connection with the physical body ¾ this energy pattern is our Vital Energy, also known as Bioenergy, chi, or prana.

Our vital-energetic system is naturally sustained through the basic mechanisms of replenishment. However, there are techniques that human beings can learn so as to control their own energetic field at will, thereby improving the quality of energy, balance, and the quantity of energy they absorb.

Although it is possible to sense and control vital energy, most people do not consider (or are not aware of) the vital-energetic processes that go on around them, which affect the numerous interactions that occur daily. Often, a person may come into contact with another who lacks energetic balance, and doesn’t realize it, yet may suddenly feel drained of energy, exhibiting fatigue, apathy, sleepiness, irritability, etc. without apparent reason. Through the existence or development of a balanced energetic field, a person can build up their self-defense against such energy drains, as well as take advantage of the positive uses of vital energies in their everyday life. The study of the OBE and vital energy are blossoming at a consistent pace. Anyone can learn how to have conscious OBE’s or to increase their occurrence, as well how to master vital energies.

Developing one’s vital-energetic control will lead a person to go from having spontaneous (unintentional) OBE’s to producing the experience at will. Developed OBEers will gradually begin to make use of the one-third of life usually lost during sleep. Thus, they will be able to enhance their own life and the lives of others by bringing information and knowledge from expanded perceptions outside the body to their everyday waking life.

In order to clarify these phenomena, scientific research has and is being done. Hand-in-hand with the research on out-of-body-experiences is the research of near-death-experiences (NDE). The NDE, nowadays a very well-known phenomenon, is also an out-of-body-experience, yet one that has been forced through some type of trauma or accident.

The type of Out Of Body Experience in near-death-experiences often produces a change in the life of the individual. Some of the positive results that may arise in this experience are:

– lose fear of death, and increased value given to life
– increase extrasensory perceptions
– acquire of information about previous lives
– expand the understanding of life
– discover one’s personal “mission” or purpose in life.

Through use of the OBE (either spontaneous or provoked at will) the individual can realize these same benefits and many others. The OBE is being heavily studied due to its potential. Through access to other planes of existence and understanding acquired through the experience, one can replace unsubstantiated beliefs with direct personal experience. The OBE allows the understanding of the human consciousness and human interrelationship with the invisible, yet real, dimensions of existence that surround us and affect our lives at every moment. So, it is essential to elucidate whoever is open to this phenomenon, so that they can be benefited by the experience.

Out of body experiences… Are they possible? Definitely!

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