Ouija Board Basics

Editors Note:
Playing with a Ouija board can be very dangerous, especially if you do not know what you are doing. You have been warned! If you intend to go ahead please, at the very least, read the articles on psychic protection.

Spiritualist Seance Invocation

There is a land where we all go,
Whence ne’er the frost nor cold wind blow,
And friends remembered reunite,
And those who hate, forget their spite,
In glow surround these gentle beings,
We call you now to bless our meetings,
Heaven’s promise, our spirits thrive,
So now for the living, let the dead come alive.

Greetings spirits,
Speak thee to us?

From “The Spirit Speaks! Weekly Newspaper” 1901

The summer of my eleventh year, my best friend got a Ouija board for her birthday, and for several months we “played” with it. Once in a while we would spook ourselves, convinced that we heard noises, or that something in the room had moved. For the most part, however, we were simply contacted every time by a spirit named “Julius,” who would patiently answer our juvenile questions about schoolgirl crushes and our far off futures as adults.

Then Thanksgiving came, and somehow the subject of the paranormal came up with my favorite aunt, who was always interested in such matters. I told her of my experience with the Ouija board, and this “Julius” who always came through. When I spoke that name, her face registered marked surprise. She said, “Well, you know who Julius is, don’t you?” I had to admit that I had no idea who Julius was. “That’s your great-grandfather…Grandpa’s father.” She motioned toward my beloved grandfather. She went on, “I experimented with the Ouija board several years ago too, and Grandpa Julius was always the one to come through.”

Needless to say, we were both amazed, as I hadn’t even known my great-grandfather’s name (ask any eleven year old if they know their great-grandparents’ names…it’s not so unusual!). The fact that he came through for both of us, yet neither of us had spoken of it until that moment, was quite validating.

Of course, a wide range of experiences has been reported with “Ouija boards” or “talking boards.” (The name Ouija is actually owned by Parker Brothers, who manufacture the boards and market them as toys). No doubt the innocence of my friend and I protected us from any negativity. I believe that Jane Roberts actually initially made contact with the famous entity Seth through such a board. Others have not been so fortunate. Like anything in life, the result you get will depend upon your intentions and expectations going in.

Opening up to other dimensions via such a medium is a bit like walking a tightrope. An innocent who doesn’t know enough to be afraid may sail across the rope just like it was two feet off the ground. A mature and responsible adult may find the experience expansive, enlightening, and thrilling. A reckless, thoughtless young person, on the other hand, who lacks respect for the power of the situation, may find himself or herself tumbling into an abyss with no net in sight.

So, before you pick up that planchette, make a CONSCIOUS decision about why you’re doing so. If you determine that you’re just bored and seeking a momentary thrill, be prepared for any result. It’s sufficient, however, to simply have a sincere desire to better understand life beyond.

You might say an affirmation of positive intention and protection, such as, “We give thanks for this divine communication, and know that only messages of love, truth and wisdom will be received. We welcome the most benevolent of teachers, helpers, loved ones and guides with trust that only the highest and best will follow.”

Whenever working with Spirit, an attitude of respect and responsibility is essential. Many have employed the boards at parties where drinking and/or drugs have been consumed. It is never advisable to open spiritual portals when not in one’s “right mind” (or right brain, perhaps!)

A ritual that is repeated every time you work with Spirit becomes a sort of energetic foundation, and many advocate the use of ritual for creating protection when working with talking boards. Ritual, we must remember, is simply the use of a pattern of actions that connect our physical senses with other levels of our beings (emotional, mental and spiritual). The rituals themselves are not magical; the energy and intentions we channel through them ARE powerful, however. You can smudge your board or room and participants, light white candles, say prayers, or do your own little Ouija dance. Just make sure you’re focusing on your intention of creating a positive experience while you do so.

There is some controversy over whether or not one should use a Ouija board alone. While some say it’s not a problem or issue, many others’ stories suggest that doing so enhances the likelihood of negative experiences and possible emotional dependency.

If you believe that the Ouija board is a tool of the devil, or that it attracts demons, or are just generally afraid of the whole thing, DON’T USE IT. Fear will attract the very thing you’re worried about. Many people expect to be scared going in, and are not disappointed by the results.

Find a quiet space, and choose your partners for their wisdom and maturity. The board should be balanced between your knees and your partner’s, and both should put their fingertips lightly on the planchette and begin to slowly circle it around the board. When it feels right, ask if anyone is there. Once you have a yes, you can begin to ask questions. As the window in the planchette pauses over letters, record them (it’s useful to have a third party to write down the messages).


Imagine walking into Times Square with a megaphone and saying, “Hey everybody! Party at my house! Come on over!” If you don’t limit your invitation list with a conscious intention such as the affirmation above, sitting down with a talking board is rather like doing this at a non-physical level. Anyone and everyone can show up, and there are a lot of folks just hanging around in that non-physical “Times Square” waiting for something to do. (And those are just the sort of folks you’d probably rather not have passing out in your bed). Also, remember that just like that party, not everyone is likely to leave when you want them to. Some will want to hang on indefinitely, scrounging through your fridge and grappling for the remote control.

If you become uneasy or encounter anything negative as you work with a talking board (such as a rude spirit, or one who seems to want to toy with you), simply put it away, and don’t bring the board back out again until any fear you have has subsided. If you get “silly” answers, check your questions and your own energy. If you find your group is doing a lot of joking around and giggling, you might want to reconsider the possibilities and consequences of the situation.

It’s important too that you question all you’re told as much as you would if a living being said it to you. Imagine that you called 1-900-AskUsAnything. Don’t give any more credence to messages that come through the Ouija than you would that advice line, especially at first. After you get to know a certain entity in Spirit and establish a record of trust, you can give talking board messages as much credence as you might give to communication from a living known person. Use your common sense with the ouija board, and remember that just like with the living, it’s wise to choose your friends and teachers in spirit carefully.

Authors Details: Julia Jablonski


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