Opening The Third Eye

Opening the third eye is a practical exercise. Follow the instructions as they are written. Opening the third eye relates to the 6th Chakra which is sometimes called the psychic chakra and its located on your brow – in the middle of your forehead. It is spiritually associated with your pineal gland. The pineal gland has famously been described by a French philosopher as the “seat of the soul” and is considered your true third eye.

Opening the third eye is an important exercise for most people because their third eye lies dormant as does their psychic power.

opening the third-eye

Opening The Third Eye

It’s done with a specific chant – (its not the only way – just one method) – sounded out to specific tone.

You only need to do this exercise for a few days perhaps a week and it should be permanent.

Read the following four points through before you start…

1. Sit with your back straight – this will help circulation and breathing and the alignment of your energy.

2. Breathe in through your nose and hold your breath as long as is comfortable.

3. Open your mouth so there is a small space between your top and bottom teeth, place the tip of your tongue between the space of your slightly parted teeth.

4. Use the mantra “Thoh” say it like the “toe” from your foot but use the sound “h” from “Hit” after the “T” so it would sound like “Thoe”. Did you follow all that??

Sound it out between deep and high pitched. The vibration is supposed to be correct but you will need to use some intuition to get it correct. You are looking to vibrate the sound as you say the mantra.

5. Put light pressure on the back of your upper teeth like when you say the “TH” in the english word “THE”

6. Release your breath slowly as you say “thhhohhh” in an exhale.

7. You should almost be able to feel your tongue vibrating between your teeth as you exhale and say it.

8. If you are doing this properly you will feel a sensation in your jaw and cheeks. Keep your awareness on this as you experiment with the sound and tone.

9. Repeat this for a few minutes every day for a week and see what you get?

You may get the following, but remember everyone is different;

Headache or pressure in the center of your forehead. It may feel like it’s coming from inside of your forehead. Tingling sensations in your forehead, pulsing or throbbing sensation in your forehead.

The Psychic Effect Of Opening The Third Eye

Faster learning, easier learning, better memory. Increases in intuition, creativity. Some people will have the ability to see the Human Aura. Your existing psychic gifts (yes we all have them) will develop and become stronger. You will be better able to “see” if you apply this ability to using your third eye.

An interesting way of using it is to “ask” for a vision and look internally at the physical spot that is your third eye. What do you see? Does it work for you?

Let me know if you have managed to open your third eye? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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49 Responses to “Opening The Third Eye”

  1. favolous!!!! its good exercises, and i have learn how my pineal gland become more aware of the other world. now its more alive….

  2. Ok.I.did 3days in a roll and notice nothing. I didn’t do it real good so do I.start over and do 3sets until I feel something.Harry

  3. I just tried this and can feel the tip of my tongue tingling…i@ll let you know how i get on in a few days if i notice any changes..:)

  4. Is there anyway you can post a recording of the proper tone? I think i may be doing something wrong. Thank You!

  5. Very interesting, I’m definitely getting a reverbating sensation while doing this, much like the one I get off the aum mantra. But I can’t say I feel anything in the cheeks/jaws. Also, how do I know if I’m hitting the right pitch? And if my tongue is touching my teeth while I make a humming sound, what comes out doesn’t sound “toe”, it sounds more like “though”.

    Any further tips?

  6. Yeah……….This isn’t how you open your third eye… I’m wondering where you got your information for this article.

  7. The key is to NOT focus on the pineal gland. But to focus on meditative breathing. Once you do that consistently, and have achieved thoughtless awareness– Your pineal gland will activate along with your widening third eye.

  8. well this is my 1st time doing this exercise, i have done work with chakra mantras and i have to admit this mantra “thoh” and the way to chant it makes it the most difficult one for me. i will comment the results in 2 days

  9. I just tried this, first time. I felt the pressure in my jaw and cheeks, and a *slight* tingling in my forehead but that could have just been a placebo effect. However doing this exercise made me break out in sweat, and feel very very hot. Is this normal?

  10. I got it! The sound coming out sounds more like saying “zzzzzzzzzzzzzooooo”. And the trick is to concentrate on the sound-vibrations, becoming aware of the vibrations.

  11. Hi There

    I am not sure if this is a third eye opening. I experience it last month whilst on flight when it just took off.

    I felt a sense of pressure from both sides of my forehead meeting to the center of my forehead. This was felt when i closed my eyes whilst the flight took off as I was tired the day before packing and all.

    The sensation or pressure came to the middle of my forehead just above between my eyebrows and it sent a clear air passage to my nose passage. This was how i felt. However i saw the vision of one eye. However the vision was not coming from my closed eyes but the center of my forehead, between my eyebrows.

    It was just one eye, blinking slowly and I could not recognise that eye. Then the vision went to another eye and that eye I was able to recognise that of Lord Ganesha. It lasted for about 10-20 seconds I believe and then it dissappeared.

    After that i had experiences(Very mild) of being able to sense people aura and had heard chantings going on in my ears.

    Can someone confirm if that is an experience of a third eye opening? This is relatively new to me.



  13. Hey Aymen, I’m glad that I found this post, I’ve been exercising meditation for the past 3 weeks, and I have this strong tingling sensation on my forehead (third eye) , it’s continuous and non stop now for about 10 days, does it mean that my third eye is awakened?? also I have a question, it came to my notice that I may see unpleasent scenes !!!! thank you

  14. Stephen Adamczyk

    I am very intrigued by the meditation. I was wondering, what are the roots where it was developed?

  15. If it doesn’t happen your higher self may not be allowing it as you may not be ready at this time in your life for some truths.

  16. Can meditating on this can be dangerous or is it just scary?
    Because what happened to me was.It happened without any intention – I was just half sleeping when suddenly I felt pulsing in my forehead. In the first time I just tried to suppress it, next time I let it spread a bit. But today it just went wild. It wasn’t really pulsing, it was just a big pressure and my ears where ringing. Is that normal??

    1. if you experience something like this again, be sure to take deep and consistent breaths. Do not let the experience frighten you or allow you to become anxious. The greatest gift of opening your 3rd eye chakra (and awakening your pineal gland) is that new, slightly uncomfortable, and different experiences will allow you to develop yourself further. Your body, mind, and soul has limits; these limits are strictly based around what you have grown to create for yourself – opening a chakra subconsciously pushes you to test your limits and create new, expanded boundaries for yourself. Breathe through these experiences and soon enough your physical body will accept the new happenings and experiences of your inner self.

  17. I have had success with a different method. While in deep meditation you must gather your body’s chi in the stomach and slowly transfer it up the spine. If doing it correctly your stomach will feel warm as you gather the chi. Lean back your neck and let it flow to your third eye. I tried this in a dark room while i was in deep meditation and after a few tries saw a blinding white light with intense pressure on my forehead. After this experience my head was still under pressure for 10min or so. Was definitely an interesting experience.

  18. does it mean that when you open your third eye, you can now see ghosts is it true?

  19. Meditating to different tonalities based on chakras should be done with precision. If this type of meditation is practiced hastily, the wrong tone could cause adverse effects; or, stimulation of an alternative chakra could lead to other body parts (besides the pineal gland) becoming more awake. If someone is not chanting the tone correctly, and is not then ready to have their solar plexus activated, they should take caution. Nausea isn’t as easy to cope with as a headache at times.

    This post would be much more beneficial with an audio segment of the tonality for activating this chakra, or a link to this information. As much as we all like the idea of opening our 3rd eye, we should also do so with an awareness of what we are doing. We wouldn’t become sheep herders without first knowing how to lead sheep. We shouldn’t assume that people are ready to lead themselves into the 3rd eye realm without first understanding how to get there properly.

    Good luck to all willing and ready to experience awakening.

  20. shrivallabh


    I am donig gyan mudra from last one year. From 2/3 weeks it started tingelling at sixth chakra. It starts immediately after starting mudra. I could corelate that. So I searched on internet. Found that it started awakening of third eye.
    Your article may prove useful for me


  21. They say that if you open your 3rd eye, you can have the ability to see ghosts…. Is it real????

  22. Eagle Vega

    Serena, Don’t jump so hastily. The higher self guides everything. The people who don’t need this information right now will just move on. Perhaps they try and feel nothing but serves as foreshadowing There are other people who will come across this information in a beautifully synchronistic way. I’m in the later category. I’ve been waiting for this bit of info for a while. My pineal gland was already pretty active… I’ve been working on energy work for a couple years now. I’ve been waiting for the right time to open my anja. Tonight is the night to start the process. The universe works in beautiful mysteriful ways.

  23. I been doin this for two day,i saw the vision of one eye,for while while doing so n meditating with my eyes closed,it was like i eas seen it with my fore head….i also saw sime ligths,like gloomy white n purple ligths after saw the eye.After i sstoed i had a horrible headace i heard this is norma but still is very unconfortable i felt pain in beetween my eyes n pressure,i felt also diferent,like i was MORE AWARE OF EVERYTHING my sorroundings,sounds,ect n i kept ones while seen gloomy.colors…like gray n white ones what is that?????I also wanted know if you can conect with spirits like someone said here n see em ….i dont want that…i just wanted see positive things not bad stuff i wanna keep trying but the headace is awful any sugestings be good.Thanks.

  24. So, I’ve read all the comments and nobody has reported back any results from following this method. I was doing some chi/tonal/chakral meditations in summer 2011 and seemed to be realizing some results, including an increased sense of unity, peace, grounding/presence, confidence and understanding. As so often I do, I fell out of the good habits, and my life became tumultuous. I’ve never heard of this “thoh,” though. The mantra I chanted for the third-eye was “ham-ksham,” or simply “ksham,” with a sharpness to the “ksh.” I would include it as part of a meditation starting with the root or terra chakra, breathing in the associated color (i.e. red for root, orange for sacral, yellow for solar plexus, etc.), and chanting out the associated mantra. I would move my way up the spine until reaching the crown, and above, to chakral centers I sense are there, but have no name for.

    I think the most important thing is the awareness factor. Awareness – consciousness, focus – is among the most powerful energies in the universe, and whatever that energy is fed into becomes stronger. If the third-eye chakra and pineal gland is the focus of attention, and awareness of it is fostered, I would bet it will become strengthened and the effects of that strengthening will manifest in your life.

    What a strife that I keep falling out of the good habits… falling back asleep…

  25. Ok…… so I have been doing meditation for awhile now, I saw something like a triangle with an eye in the middle rotating, (still trying to find answers) after which while driving I felt like my forehead opening up it was the strangest feeling, after that some of the strangest things happened to me that I am still trying to understand, which landed me in the hospital, I was very sick and doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me, After meditation one evening I went to bed and awoke vomiting, and with a sever headache, every time I closed my eyes I would see geometric shapes, I felt I was fading away, I passed out and my family called 911, they ran many tests and no answers, at least once a day I still feel tingling and pressure in my forehead. If anyone has the same feeling please share I am trying to understand what I am going through, I had been feeling very emotional, nothing seems right, I felt like something would happen then came Sandy. I still continue to feel very emotional, don’t know if the weather is making me feel this way, but I keep thinking this planet needs to change people need to love more, and just do the right thing, stop hurting one another, forgive and just love unconditionally.

  26. I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this info for my mission.

  27. Kristine Prior

    Video please. Really need to see this visually. Don’t undetstand the Thoh tonality. am wondering if this site is more about advertising a lift coaching business and notice you are collecting donations….nice passive income THOH.

  28. Hi Kristine, I don’t have time to make a video on this at the moment.

    Yes this web site advertises my life coaching service and there is nothing wrong with that. I am an excellent Life Coach. Here are some testimonials.

    Once upon a time i used to run google ads on it (the web site) – now that was a nice passive income!

    I think it would be nice if you appreciate that you have access to thousands of free articles on a range of spiritual topics.

    The donate button has not worked for many years and is on the list to be removed.

    Regards and enjoy the web site. Aymen

  29. It’s not easy when your third eye is open because i born my third eye are open and If people have 5 senses i have 7 senses and that i can feel and i can see death right before my eyes…..

  30. Is it a similar feeling as if you rest your head against the passenger side of a vehicle while driving on a smooth road? This makes me feel like total relaxation while feeling the vibration. I attempted your technique and stood up feeling lightheadedness and I seeing white images (triangles). Is this supposed to occur?


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