Opening the third eye Pt 3

Opening The Third Eye

(…Continued From Opening The Third Eye Pt 2)

Advanced States

Lucid Sight
A further step in looking with the third-eye, I call Lucid Sight. I experienced it a few times, and so far haven’t read anything about it. I only once listened to a professional psychic who saw my spirit-guardians and described their appearance, and I honestly doubted that she saw them. Some time later, when I trained my third-eye a bit more and I saw light-beings, I knew she possibly was right in the way she saw them.

If you are focusing on the person, and you move away from the face, for example to the outline, and you start to see the dull milky aura of the person, you even have to let go more of your watching with the physical eyes. You slip into a trance like state, but you are fully conscious, your mind is totally passive, observing, a very peaceful state. Slowly the entire surrounding begins glowing by itself, not only the person you looking at, but the wall, and all things standing arround.

When I remained in this state, my sight got expanded, not fully spherical 360 degrees, but maybe 240 degrees, as I could see things behind my shoulders glowing, and I felt, how I literally gave up watching with my physical eyes, as I no longer had stereoscopic view, but one intensive looking and feeling of living energy in the entire room I was sitting in.

You will see glowing smoke like dancing energies, and you will see your own aura or energy flooding your sight, and everything will get brighter and brighter without any need for artificial light. You might be able to see light-beings standing or being present in the room, or maybe just a human-like outline, which becomes a glowing presence of light, who are assiting you and the people who gathered for the session.

Out of Body Experience (OBE)
A further state of Lucid Sight is, your sight expands to full spherical 360 degrees, and you feel you are in the middle of your head (point of presence), and then, if you are fully centered in your being, you leave your body fully conscious and you feel you’re watching like a bee, you feel very small and the room will getting huge, and you will see everything in spherical 360 degree view.
Charles Goldmann wrote in his OBE, Spiritualist Technique: “… one phase of mediumship, which is called ‘traveling clairvoyance’ is the out of body state. “Where the medium is conscious of leaving the body, and in that state views the surroundings, we use the term ‘traveling clairvoyance.”

I honestly have to say, that I always faced a deep fear when I reached this state, and I just move a bit out of my head, and slipped immediatly back inside in the middle of my head, but I could keep looking nearly 360 degrees. As said, it’s a very very peaceful state, somehow, as reality is then even more real, more vivid.

I will write later about other approaches to achieve an out-of-body state more active.

Active Using
Well, that’s all that is passivly meant, above. There are many different intensities to use third-eye in conscious active way.

A lot of teachings of visualization are done today, in meditation circles, OBE interested groups, and now modern management teachings. You manifest with the third-eye, and with the force of the heart and base chakra. If you visualize, you pull astral and etheric energies toward you, where you act as modeller.

Managers: They visualize activly, and ground themselves with the 1st base chakra to be able estimate the success of the business, then achieve a business and company that flourishes: “Your success is of your own creation”. Today managers are kind of half-aware yogis, who manifest things with material energy called money. But often spiritually aware people judge those, who are deep in materialism, but those spirits simply learn to handle energy here, and are often overwhelmed by its usage.

Artists: They usually perceive more, and control with the third-eye and physical eyes the transformation of the higher-dimensional patterns into matter (the picture). For example, a very intense picture drawn by an artist has a physical appearance, and an astral aspect as well, and if the artist was balanced when he or she drew it, we feel it and it does deeply touch us. One of those cultures that was conscious of this connection was the Egyptian culture with its hieroglyphs, which indeed are more than physical symbols.

Scientists/Engineers: Scientists act as visualizers too, especially when they have to make theoretical research available for industry. Making a plan, then drawing symbols to make other people aware of to create a physical thing, is mainly based on the ability to transform higher realities into the limited physical reality.

Again, everything we affect, may it be cooking, painting a wall, signing a contract, driving a car or riding a bicycle, has an astral aspect, which is more real than the physical aspect. The connection of both is the secret of every success.

Opening The Third Eye – Full activation
The full activation of the third-eye with the kundalini is a major step, which needs to be assisted by a teacher or guru. I’m not especially a follower of guru-ism, but I honestly have to say, without guidance of an experienced embodied teacher or a full-conscious remembrance of a past-life you where received the teaching already, it’s not good to do so.

As long as the third-eye is somehow isolated in use, there is less to achieve. For example, the moment you also open other chakras to perceive the subtle reality, you not only get pictures, but feelings and emotion which may help much much more to understand these impressions. The same for the active usage, if you work consciously with base-charka (full acceptance of incarnation, fully grounded), and the heart-charka, and the crown as well (acceptance of a higher purpose of your life), you may indeed experience miracles.

Anyway, full activation of the third-eye is connected to the full balance of all other chakras, which is the kundalini, which finally leads to the true enlightment of an embodied spirit. There is no short-cut possible to being fully balanced in yourself . . .

So far, those are my thoughts on the third-eye, and some associated subjects. Take it as a personal view and belief-system, and if you think it serves you, fine. If it’s too far away from your own reality, fine too. Everyone lives a life, and every life is different hopefully!

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