Opening the third eye Pt 2

Opening The Third Eye

(…Continued From Opening The Third Eye Pt 1)

The Activation, Its Passive Usage

I suggest two prefered kinds of procedures to achieve the best results.

Mirror Watching A Single Person

This version is a further practice of one of the relaxation suggestions I made above:

Watch your face in a mirror, with dimmed light. Make sure you are alone, or you know that no one will interrupt you, as you have to slip into a very relaxed state of consciousness, where any physical interruption may affect you much much deeper. Choose maybe an evening, not a special time, but maybe after work, when you are perhaps already a bit tired physical and mentally. If you feel really tired, don’t practice it or don’t even urge or strain yourself to do it. Do it when you feel comfortable, it’s important you feel comfortable, there is no competition to win or to constrain things. I say this, as I came across people who constrained things mentally, and blocked themselves with this urge.

Again, watch your face, relax yourself by a calming suggestion such as, “I’m in peace within myself, I simply watch my face to calm and find peace in me”. Focus with your physical eyes on one point, between your eyes, forehead, or one single eye. Do not try to watch both eyes, because it will make you move your sight.

Don’t move with your sight or blink your eyes, because it’s necessary to allow your attention to move away from your physical eyes toward your inner eye.

Choose a point on your face you focus, and don’t change it anymore. Remain on this point as long as possible, again don’t constrain it, if you feel not comfortable doing so. After some moments, maybe 30-60 secs and you are fully relaxed, you will feel an warmth on your back, neck area. I do mention this, so that you simply get aware of your energy. If you don’t feel anything special, don’t worry, don’t expect, but if you do feel it, know you are well underway.

The warmth is energy, which you attract by refocusing your attention. You can say, it’s a type of preparing energy from your spirit-guides, or beings helping you in your spiritual path, or simply perceive it as presence of the good. It’s not so important you know excatly what it is, or who it is. If it feels comfortable, open yourself even more. Imagine an inner door you open, while you still are looking at your face and this particular point.

After some moments you may see a short change in your own face, starting at the point you are looking at. Don’t awaite this, but be open to allow it to happen. If you wait for it to happen with your mind to grab it, it will not happen.

You have to release the attention to watch with your physical eyes!
The change of your own face, is an overlapping picture which reaches your consciousness, the one picture served from your physical eyes will be smoothly overlapped like a slide by another face, another presence. This face may be humanoid.

When this happens, breath slowly and surround yourself with the best and most lightful energy that you can, and maybe close your eyes for a moment to give your eyes some moisture and cleansing for your physical eyes, as we are usually not experienced with having open eyes for 60 seconds or longer. Focus again on a point, maybe the same as before, and relax your sight again as much as possible, and you will slip very easily and faster until your face will change again.
If you see parts of someone else’s face in yours, watch as an observer, but only look, don’t judge what you see, even if it’s a beautiful or grotesque face, just look, just watch.

This entire procedure maybe shouldn’t go for longer than 5-10 minutes, and if you don’t see anything after 2-3 minutes, stop it. Again, no constraining, but allowance. Don’t even judge yourself if nothing happens the first time.

This Mirror Watching is a subset of the so-called Mirror Magick. In this context, the mirror is generally used to focus the attention and will to make affirmations, for example, to call spirits, or even focus on third eye.

Watching Faces, or Shape Shifting For Two Persons

This is the way I would prefer for most who have already some experiences with the mirror, even if they are just small and short snapshots of other faces in your own.
Ask a friend, who is interested in energies, as well as meditation and who you can openly share spiritual concepts with, without fearing that he or she may laugh at you. Some basic knowledge of chakras may be very good for both of you to know. Practice a relaxing meditation, for 10-15 minutes, like surround yourself with light, and balance all the trouble and distraction from your daily life.

Choose two chairs, and maybe a table with a small little candle in the middle, but it’s not especially necessary, it simply helps you to relax better, and shifts the consciousness into a more relaxed state. You could also sit on the ground, but make sure you are comfortable, I can’t repeat that enough. Keep about 1.5 to 2 meters distance between you and your friend. Make sure that there is no direct light, dim any artificial light, or use a candle as mentioned.

Look at each other’s face, choose one point in the face of each other, either the nose, the point between the eyes, the forehead or whatever. It’s not important where you look with your physical eyes, it is important though that you relax your sight totaly. Even as said before, don’t move your sight anymore when you have anchored your sight, and don’t blink anymore if possible. Every blink of your eye-lids brings your inner attention back to your physical eyes, so it is therefore important you allow your attention to move away from the physical sight by relaxing mentally as well as physically.

Breath deeply, and feel whether energy surrounds you, as in the example of warmth around your head, face or back of the neck. Warmth in your face will indicate the energy the other one radiates by his or hear third-eye; warmth on the back, upper part of body or even neck indicates a coming presence entering your aura, attracted by the activity.

The moment you see something, speak out what you see … relax again and focus back until you see another face. Allow also your friend to focus, and maybe wait until he or she gets a glimpse of a change. Again, there is no competition to win, seeing something doesn’t mean it’s better. If it’s happening fine, if it doesn’t happen fine too. Help each other with patience. If it works easily, describe the face while you see it.

At the beginning you maybe will have difficulties focus on one face, as there may appear 10-15 different faces during a very few seconds, as if you are watching a slide-show, but someone doesn’t wait until you can grasp its meaning. It’s like you see, but you have to learn to turn the channel smoothly, like a radio station. If there is a face, which attracts you, and you remember it well for that short time, think of this face, and allow yourself deeply to move back to this face, smoothly. It takes training to focus on one presence longer.

Opening The Third Eye – Other activations
Crystal Sphere: This I didn’t experienced myself, but it’s just another way to relax the physical eyes, to move the attention to the inner eye. The crystal-sphere allows by its physical structure, to recognize no real pattern to begin to search astrally for connected presences and energies. When watching faces, you go with a key, even the face. The difference with the sphere, is you have to build within yourself a key, for what you are looking for.
Candle: The candle initiation I heard of, but I don’t know exactly how it’s done. It seems, that the preparation technique of using a candle is used to reach a certain state of consciousness, where other beings can be perceived in the flame. Often some kind of ceremonies are involved to invoke spirits, who support the activation.

If you are successful fast, practice as often as possible so you feel comfortable – to make your conscious mind ready to allow you to perceive in your daily-life with the inner eye as well, not just in a prepared surrounding.

In case nothing happens, absolutly no feeling, no changing of the face, your attention may be strictly on the physical, which is ok. I met a lot of people hanging arround and partly rejecting their being on the physical, and its better for them to ground themselves first beforehand, in order to train psychic abilities such as this third-eye example. If the time is right, you might come across other ways to train your subtle senses. Be open, and not disappointed about yourself.

Further Steps
When you practice Watching Faces or Shape Shifting weekly, and you get skilled in focusing also during daily-light and moving faces, you may take pictures, and focus on them.

Focus as described above, and form a key, to attract the connected energies of the picture. This key is an inner question and thought-pattern which you broadcast literally with your mind. It’s different than channeling, as you receive a picture related to the picture. It will tend to be a face too, but not necessarily. If other face-forms appear, be open, don’t judge or censor them with your current belief-system.

Watch people’s face around you. While you talk to them, watch their aspects they keep, it will give you a glimpse of their bigger personality, that each of us is. You may perceive aspects of somone’s personality, that you may connect with the concept of past-lives, or you might see a personality aspect one is balancing in his or her present life.

Some hints about things you may experience when you are a bit skilled:

I get headache when doing this, what can I do?
Well, it’s like you re-use something you haven’t used for a very long time, and your brain has problems grasping all the information. It could be also, that you have an energy-blockage in the third-eye chakra. Try putting one hand on your heart-chakra, and the other one on the forehead, then change with the one hand from your forehead to back of your head. It may help. Especially after the first time you watch with third-eye you may experience a headache the next day or so, but it shouldn’t be heavy headache.

There are a lot of faces, what does that mean?
This person is dealing with a lot of personality aspects, which may be perceived in a spiritual manner as entities in her or his aura. I tend to remain in silence and not share this perception, as I made the experience that it does disturb the person even more than help her. Maybe mention the major impression of all faces, for example fear, or not being respected. Support this person with words of understanding and suggestions of integration of the so-called denied aspects of her or himself. People who tend to judge themselves being unworthy tend to have a lot of faces of sadness, or beings in their auras which have distorted looks of accidents or sickness when they left their bodies, and now had found an embodied being, who shares the same view of him or herself. It’s a symbiotic relationship of sympathy, not a case to judge.

I see freaky and ugly faces, what does it mean?
Freaky faces tend to be associated with mentally unsteady people, who have no focus, and tend to be attracted by everything which seems to give them something. Ugly faces, there you have to distinguish very carefully, sometimes there are past-lives coming through, where other kinds of beauty counted in society that may not be like today. Sometimes, with people who are afraid of getting fat, you may see very fat faces. Understand that they fear to repeat this again, and have a difficult connection with their bodies.

How do I know, whether it’s a being, or a past-life?
Generally speaking, you see associated energies. Your inner knowledge will allow you to understand the bigger picture. Non-balanced past-lives, which someone rejects inside, appear as another being in his or her aura, or even attract like-minded bounded entities. Don’t define it according your current belief-system, where past-lives are a part too, maybe read Reincarnation and The Self for some additional understanding or suggestions. I personaly need to use some time (from minutes, hours, even months), before I’m able to sort out all the impressions I’ve gotten and understand within me, when I watched with the third-eye to someone before.

There is no other face, but the same just a bit younger. What does it mean?
I personally only saw one single person, where I shifted my focus and watched with my third-eye, and the face didn’t change, but got bright and more intense in appearance than the physical view I had before. When I tried to find out what it did mean, I received the hint, that this person indeed has intergrated all aspects of himself, and that this person is to become complete, self-realized.

I can’t watch animal faces, what now?
It takes some experience to do this. I did it with our dog and saw a similar dog in him, but I couldn’t get any more impressions. Once I tried with our hare, and he had no face, but he turned into a bright glowing white ball … it touched me so deeply, I can’t describe here in words. It made me remember the divinity of all creatures.

Is it for sure that the things I see are connected to the person?
Yes, and to you too. You look with the key-pattern of the other person’s face into the pool of all patterns. The more skilled you are, the deeper the patterns you will get. Every piece of information is given to you in understanding. You may experience also some cases, where you are not permitted to get information. You will feel or even listen to your spirit-guides, who are always involved in the moment you watch with your third-eye. The more open you are, the more universal information you can access. If you have a strong belief-system, the more you limit yourself in order to understand the things you perceive.

When meditating it’s said not to drink alcohol or eat meat, the same for third-eye watching?
Well, alcohol affects the solar-plexus very much, as well as the throat chakra where a part of the subtle energy of the alcohol gets absorbed. In the case of meat, especially raw meat, it does attract beings who have experienced the same death. Check out by watching a slaugtherhouse with the third-eye, and you will know what I mean. As most of us are opening and starting to use the charkas consciously, you might try to reduce any possible influence which might distort your perception.

To whom I may share this third-eye activation?
Everyone you feel might be open, and understand its meaning. Those who are not able to handle it, will not able to see. The only additional thing I may say is, don’t play with it, but use it to bring understanding of the subtle reality into this world.

(Continued In Opening The Third Eye Pt 3…)

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