Opening The Third Eye – Pt 1

As previously discussed in perception of subtle realms, we have physical and non-physical senses, and both have their own area to serve us in how we act. To go a step further, I would like to describe here an easy way to activate the 3rd-eye, or the inner eye, in a passive way: looking and perceiving.


We are truely spirits, who occupy physical bodies to participate in physical reality: without our bodies we couldn’t be a part of it. We can consider the physical body as a vehicle, or using a modern word, a craft.

Most spirits forget that they are truely spirits, spiritual beings. But how? We get overwhelmed by a dimension we didn’t experience before, we even didn’t know what time or space is, because as spirits we didn’t experience such a limiting reality as here. That’s what the call was we heared, and many couldn’t reject its challenge. We entered by many adjustments, called dimensional doors, until we were able to enter a human-body. What we call taking birth, is a long prepared-for procedure. We finally enter and accept the body, when we take birth. But then as babies we are in a period of time where we leave and enter easily, as our vehicle is new for us and we aren’t yet so identified and addicted to it.

Growing up means the spirit learns to use the vehicle, we learn to walk, even speak and behave in social conformity. This learning pulls our attention to the physical senses, so better we learn to interpret the signals, and better we operate with our physical body here.
We as spiritual beings naturally see, it’s part of our nature. Seeing through eyes, which means looking through two holes, but which serves us with many fancy signals from a colorful toy, even TV or even WWW such as here. We can refocus our inner eye away from the physical eyes. This is called activation of third-eye, in a passive observing way.

Some of you maybe heard of or even experienced what is known as Shape-Shifting or Mirror Gazing, looking at aspects of yourself. This is one step of the usage of the third-eye.

Pre-Stages of Third Eye Perceptions

Before I go ahead with my personal view on third-eye, let me describe some pre-stages.

• Most people have very very tiny particles in their eyes, and we usually don’t perceive them as our focus is most 1-2m in front of our eyes. But in a very relaxed moment, we can focus very close to the physical eye itself, and perceive some particles, which distort bright objects and give a more colorful surrounding. This is a physical effect, not a subtle perception.

• Some people feel presences in the corner of their sight, and try by turning their head, to catch the presence they felt. This can be a real being, that is trying to get your attention. Your physical attention is mainly in the center of your sight, in the corner your sight it gets less focused, and sometimes your inner eye overlaps with the corner of your physical sight. This perception tends to be a real subtle perception of your third-eye.

• Some of the spiritually-interested people have drug experiences, like marijuana or cocaine, where some altered states of consciousness are experienced. But the difference between using drugs (including legal ones like alcohol) and the natural use of the non-physical senses is, that drugs distort perception by removing the natural blockages which are expressions our spiritual maturity and allowance. I personally do not promote usage of drugs, even legal ones, to achieve altered states, as it does indeed create more than just physical imbalances, but astral distortions as well, which are more difficult to be healed.

I believe, that all people have third-eye experiences, but most people do not pay attention to them, as their belief-systems simply reject these experiences as real. A part of this text may help to make one become aware of it again, and accept it as part of reality, and no longer para-normal, but simply normal.
Preparation and Training

One issue of preparation is, reading such an article about the third eye, even your conscious mind catches a part of the concept. It’s not meant to make-up or even create a huge amount of expectation, but an openness, wordly an open mind.
Here are some well known preparations, which you can practice to open and prepare yourself. You can do it daily, or even weekly in circles, whatever you prefer.

• Take a candle, watch the flame for a period of time, let’s say 1-2 minutes. try to think calming thoughts, try to feel the room you are in, and feel comfortable with yourself. Don’t stare until your eyes tear, but simply watch the flame, and allow your thoughts to calm as your body does too. Try to establish a meditative state, but different than a common meditation: with open eyes.

• If you have a pet, like a cat or dog, try to watch her or his eyes, and relax and try to establish a deep peace in you. Pets usually reflect humans’ emotions and thoughts and therefore teach us our own inner peace by sourrounding humans.

• Watch your face in a mirror, try not to laugh or smile about the ridicilous situation looking at yourself. Look at your face, in a kind of distance, saying to yourself: That’s now my face, it’s part of myself, my physical body, my vehicle. Try to watch your own face for 1-2 min. too, with dimmed light if possible instead of bright light which might hurt your eyes.

• If you feel better in nature than in your own apartment, look for a place where you feel totally calmed and relaxed, for example a lake, or river. Try to achive a meditative state, but as mentioned, with open eyes.
It’s simply important, that you can calm with open eyes. It’s much easier to calm and relax yourself with closed eyes, when the visual influences are disabled that distract our inner being, but for this procedure it’s quite helpful to reach the same state with open eyes.

Opening The Third Eye – A Theoretical Background

As said before, you inhabit a physical body, which serves you with physical senses, where the visual sense, our eyes, feed us with thousands of electrical signals every second. It’s no surprise that it’s not well known to look without physical eyes, especially in the technical times we live in today, where everything has to be multimedia to get our attention.

1. Physical Eyes Only
This is the most common case in western society. We are very visually oriented, and our technically oriented attention and research needs a high degree of ability to perceive physical reality in order to change it as we did mainly with industrialization, as an example. An additional thought you may find in Inner Realization vs. Technology. I may not go into that more, as today’s world already says enough.

2. Physical Eyes and Inner Eye Overlap
This is the issue I try to describe here in the entire text: the physical eyes serve impressions of the physical reality to the inner eye, which I indicate with the persence in the middle of the head (point of presence), as I perceive and feel it. If your physical eyes get prepared by yourself, and reduce the traffic of information, you slowly and partly will watch through the inner eye, or third eye, which may give you impressions beyond physical reality. The nature of this subtle picture is different than the impressions of physical reality. More simply said, physical pictures passed by the eye are real in the order of physicality, and the pictures of the inner eye are real in the order of subtle reality. To bring both together, that’s the real issue. The understanding of their correlations I only partly can share in this text, since this is mainly achieved through practice.

3. Only Inner Eye
This case is somewhat rare, and is only achieved with a lot of practice and inner allowance. Giving up the attention to physical eyes is dependent on a deep trust that there is more than physical reality, and often there is a lot of fear involved, deep fear to lose any orientation of physical reality, at least I experienced it that way, when I slowly shifted away from my physical eyes too. I describe more about this below.
By the way, the issue of having open eyes is to make it easier to allow becoming aware of the inner eye. Some people, even experienced spiritually aware people prefer to see with closed physical eyes. In our strong belief-system most of us use to define, that we only can see with open eyes. Anyway, in this case I like to describe, it’s easier to do it with open eyes.

Somehow, this theoretical background is my chosen belief-system to comprehend mentally the experiences I personally made. Take it as a personal truth, not more.

(Continued In Opening The Third Eye Pt 2…)

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