Ondines – Elementals Part 2

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Ondines – Elementals Part 2


Ondines have received a lot of attention throughout the ages by artists, who have usually portrayed them as very beautiful creatures, irresistible to men. In fact, their allure has given them a bad reputation. The archetypal mermaid (Ondine) sits in her grotto upon a rock, lazily combing her hair and admiring her image in a mirror. The passing male who spies this vision is doomed, for she will lure him to her side, capture him, and drag him down into the watery depths where he will perish.

I believe this folktale motif (which exists worldwide) to be a product of masculine psychology. The mermaid represents the water element and the power of emotion. The doomed male, on the other hand, represents either the air element or that of earth; he is usually described as intellectual or very down-to-earth, and not ordinarily given to folly. Like all rational, practical types, he has difficulty acknowledging, accepting, and expressing his feelings. He fears them, in fact, and with good reason, for he is in danger of being swamped by them.

It is true that earthy and airy types–women as well as men– fear being overwhelmed by emotion. There is some basis for this fear, as the release of feelings, long-denied usually results in an emotional cataclysm far out of proportion to whatever caused it. And there are magical considerations as well. Ondines do not respect individuals who are not comfortable with their emotions, and they will make trouble for those whom they don’t admire. I know whereof I speak.

Artists’ conceptions notwithstanding, there are male as well as female Ondines, though they are in the minority. These male Ondines are sometimes called mermen. (Authors experience: I once led a group of people in a shamanic journey to the Ondines’ grottos so that participants could meet their personal companions. One gentleman met a merman, who rather indignantly insisted that Ondines should not be referred to a mermaids or mermen. The proper name, he stated, is "merman"–a term which can be applied to either of the Ondine sexes.)All are beautiful (and sometimes vain) creatures who love to splash about in the water and take life at an easy pace. They tend to be playful.

Gifts For Ondines

Ondines love a gift of perfume. If you don’t wear scent, go to the perfume counter in any large department store and ask for one or two of their sample vials. You may us an essential oil as a substitute, but please remember that oils belong to the fire element, not o

Perfume in hand, go to any body of water–a pond, stream, lake, bay, or ocean–and pour out a few drops in offering. If you are lucky, luckier than I first was at any rate, the Ondines will look kindly upon you and shower you with blessings.

Meeting Your Personal Ondine

Ambitious magicians will want to meet their personal elemental companions as soon as they can. The astral (imaginative) journey described here will make it possible for you to meet your personal Ondine helper. The realm of the Ondines has been chosen over that of
the Salamanders, Sylphs, or Gnomes because the issues related to the water element–love, friendship, and healing–are of great concern to most people. Moreover, human beings, being very watery folk, are usually able to make contact with this element with ease.

Astral Travel

To use modern scientific terminology, as astral journey requires that you achieve an altered state of consciousness (ASC) so that you can go "out-of-body" to the realm you wish to visit. Saying the same thing in old-fashioned esoteric terms, it requires that you go into trance and use astral projection to reach the desired realm. Stated in plain English, you must first physically relax to the extent that you become unaware of your body, and then imagine yourself in the realm you wish to visit. It’s really quite simple.

The technique’s simplicity, however, should not lull you into a false sense of security. There are more things between heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in you philosophy, and if you wish to explore the areas which lie between the spiritual and physical planes, you must be prepared to meet these "things." The astral plane is inhabited by a great variety of creatures, some of which–on the lower levels, anyway–aren’t particularly pleasant. Some of these are peculiar to the individual, while others are picked up from society at large.

The unconscious mind takes your darker feelings and thoughts and molds them into those forms, personal or collective, which will most frighten you so that you will heed its warnings. Individuals who face their inner demons head-on, usually through the psychotherapeutic process, don’t have to fear confronting them while exploring ASCs, because the mere act of acknowledging them effectively exorcises them. But for those who have not squarely faced the ugly or dangerous aspects of their characters, it is quite a different story.

Psychological considerations aside, classical esoteric theory maintains that the universe contains some energies–beings, creatures or whatever one wishes to call them–that are not altogether friendly to humankind which, if suddenly or unexpectedly confronted, could cause a good deal of trauma for any magician operating at levels other than normal consciousness.

My purpose in discussing possible dangers relating to astral travel is not to frighten you to the extent that you don’t attempt it, but rather to warn you that safety measures are required for this kind of work–even for those who are experienced and knowledgeable
about the Shadow side of their characters. My own psychotherapy has exposed to view most of my inner demons, but even so I would never consider going out-of-body without adequate protective measures.

Never indulge in drugs or alcohol prior to astral travel. To do so is to court disaster. As Dion Fortune said:

To open the psychic centers and contact other planes does not constitute the whole of psychism. ‘It is necessary to know how to approach and handle that which is contacted. Drugs do not confer this knowledge, which only comes with experience’. Moreover, a dangerous astral contact may be formed at the very first experiment. (Note from Molli- Ms. Fortune states that some on the Left-Hand Path may use drugs for raising consciousness, i.e. black magician, so if you are not on that path, they are stating to avoid this) It is imperative that you perform the personal and god symbols exercises recommended by Murray Hope. (will be given at end)before you attempt this journey, or any other form of astral travel. These symbols will act as your passport and personal security guard while you explore altered states of consciousness.

Shamanic journeys with earthly destinations require that you move downward, at least for a time, before you reach the desired realm. Astral journeys with cosmic destinations–those which require you to leave the planet and move into space–demand that you move
upward before reaching you destination. Keeping these principles in mind, you can easily design you own astral travels. Journeying requires a good deal of physical and mental discipline. When leading groups of people on shamanic journeys, it’s been my observation that some individuals have difficulty remaining physically still. This usually reflects a parallel mental unrest. The inability to achieve physical or mental stillness represents a serious obstacle in the path of the aspiring magician. One of the best ways to overcome the problem is through the practice of Hatha and Raja Yoga. Hatha Yoga teaches bodily discipline, and Raja teaches meditation (mental stillness). My own Hatha Yoga teacher included meditation along with physical instruction; it’s my understanding that this is normal procedure.

Astral travel plays a large part in the advanced magician’s repertoire, and with good reason. It enables them to acquaint themselves with beings who can help them with their projects. There are reasons for journeying beyond the purely practical, however. Knowledge may be gained from beings who belong to other dimensions– and in magic (as in life), knowledge is power.


There are more Ondines eager to meet friendly human beings than there are humans who wish to meet Ondines, so you can fully expect to make the acquaintance of your personal helper on their journey.

I possible, tape the journey instructions before you proceed and keep the tape recorder nearby so that you can move at you own speed, pressing the pause button when you wish.

This journey activates the 2nd Chakra which traditionally relates to the water element; the 4th Chakra, the seat of clairsentience–the ability to feel upon the subtle planes; the 5th
Chakra, seat of clairaudience–the ability to hear upon the astral plane; the 6th Chakra, seat of clairvoyance–the ability to see in the subtle dimensions.

Most individuals are naturally endowed with one of the "clair" abilities, some are capable of two, and a few are capable of all three. Energizing the Heart, Throat, and Third-Eye Chakras ensures that at least on of your "clair" abilities will be activated so that you may feel, hear, or see your personal Ondine during the journey itself. If you are an experienced magician and know that your are, say, naturally clairsentient and clairvoyant but hopelessly un-clairaudient, you may wish to skip the corresponding steps in the exercise. Beginners should activate all three of the Chakras.

The journey itself is expressed in terms of clairvoyance and clairaudience. That is, you are encouraged to see and hear your Ondines during the course of it. If you are clairsentient, you may only sense you Ondine’s presence, and you may have difficulty
determining the Ondine’s name, but you should have no problems otherwise.

The Astral Journey to meet your personal Ondine:
• Seek privacy. Lie or sit down, and physically relax for a least ten minutes.
• Invoke your personal and god symbols #1
• You may also, if you wish, invoke the assistance of your chosen archetype or that of your personal guides, helpers, or tutors.
• Activate positive energy

• #2 Focus your consciousness on your 2nd Chakra, in the region of your sexual organs.
• Breathe in and out from your 2nd Chakra. Don’t alter your breath; breathe naturally.
• As you inhale through the 2nd Chakra, imagine that the area begins to glow with an orange color. Each time you breathe in, the color becomes more intense, until the area is filled with a vibrant, vivid orange
• Rest a moment.
• Now turn your attention to you Heart Chakra in the center of your chest.
• Breathe in and out from your Heart Chakra. Keep your breathing natural.
• As you inhale through the Heart Chakra, imagine that it begins to glow green. Each time you breathe in, the color becomes more intense. After inhalation, the area is suffused with a bright, refreshing green.
• Rest a moment.
• Focus your attention on your Throat Chakra.
• Breathe in and out of your Throat Chakra. Let your breathing be natural.
• Imagine as you inhale that your throat area is surrounded by, and infused with, a glorious turquoise color. Each time you inhale, the color becomes brighter and more vivid.
• Rest a moment.
• Focus you attention on your Third Eye Chakra, between your eyebrows.
• Breathe in and out through your Third Eye. Inhale and exhale naturally.
• Imagine as you breathe in that your Third Eye starts to glow a beautiful violet–the color of light amethyst. With each inhalation, the violet becomes more radiant, more lovely.
• And now, prepare to take your journey.
• Imagine that there is, a short distance from you, a wishing well. In your imagination, walk toward it, and look down into it. It is empty of water.
• You are going to descend into the well. Your journey down will be very comfortable. Descend in any manner which pleases you; float down, fly down, take an elevator down, climb down–whatever seems right.
• Your descent is easy. You feel very relaxed and comfortable as you move downward. When you reach the bottom of the well, rest for a while. If you don’t wish to continue the journey, ascend the well now in the same manner you descended. The trip upward will be easy and comfortable. Go to the end of this exercise and thank your guardians.
• The air in the well is cool and refreshing. Breathe deeply of it.
• Opposite you, there is a tunnel. Look down its length. There is daylight at the far end of it. This is your destination.
• Move through the tunnel at a pace and in a manner comfortable to you.
• When you reach the end of the tunnel, emerge from it and study the landscape.
• Before you is a beautiful body of water glistening in the sunlight. There are majestic trees and fragrant flowers nearby.
• Go to the water and sit down comfortably beside it. Dip your hands into it, and feel its cool, refreshing quality.
• Open a small vial of perfume you have brought with you, and pour a few drops into the water, as an offering to the Ondines.
• Tell the Ondines that you have come to meet your personal helper.
• Politely ask your helper to appear.
• Wait patiently for your Ondine to appear, as it surely will.
• When your Ondine appears, introduce yourself by name.
• Tell your Ondine that you very much wish to form a relationship
• which will be beneficial to you both.
• Wait for your Ondine’s reply, comments, or advice. Ask your Ondine’s name. Repeat the name aloud several times, so that you will remember it when you return to normal consciousness.
• Talk with your Ondine for as long as it pleases you both to do so.

• When you are ready to depart, give the vial of perfume to your Ondine as a gift.
• After having assured your Ondine that you will meet again soon, make your departure.
• Return to the tunnel and make your was through it is an easy manner.
• When you have reaches the entrance to the tunnel at the bottom of the well, rest for a moment.
• When you are ready, ascend the well easily and comfortably.
• Emerge from the well.
• Thank you guardian symbols, archetype, guides, helpers or tutors for their assistance.
• Wiggle your fingers and toes, stretch, yawn, open your eyes and come back to normal consciousness.
• Seal your aura (see previous postings). If you think you will have trouble remembering your Ondine’s name, write it down immediately. Do not ask your Ondine for favors until you have established a relationship with it.

Authors Details: Ondines – Nancy B. Watson – Unknown Web Site
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Ondines – Elementals Part 2

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