Office Feng Shui Tips

When it comes to office Feng Shui tips we can start by saying North is the direction to focus on when improvement in career is desired. Water is the element that should be used.

1.) The most important first step to realizing the benefits of Feng Shui is to perform a Space Clearing procedure. Every environment has accumulated negative energy, or “sha chi”, that needs to be eliminated. This procedure will make all other cures more effective.

2) A water feature such as a fountain or an aquarium with bright, energetic fish will stimulate the ‘chi’ in the career area. Nine goldfish are ideally recommended; one black and eight gold.

3) If you don’t want the effort of maintaining an aquarium, a sculpture or image of golden fish will serve as a substitute. This, of coarse, will not be as powerful, but will still have a positive effect.

office feng shui tips

4) A dragon tortoise placed in the north is a support symbol and also activates the water element..

5) In Feng Shui, metal is said to support, or strengthen water. A metal feature such as a windchime composed of 6, 12, 18, or 24 hollow metal tubes will help activate the northern, water energy, and will attract more success and prosperity.

7) Get yourself a “power seat”. This should be a comfortable chair with as high a back as possible, and should also have armrests. Not only will you feel more physically comfortable, but this chair will symbolize protection and support and will amplify your authority and power.

8) Do not position your desk so that it is directly opposite a hallway, staircase or entryway. The energy here is too intense. Also, never sit with your back to a window. You will find yourself feeling vulnerable and suffering from a lack of support.

9) If you desire more recognition, place a lamp in the south corner of your office and keep it lit. Red candles, red decorative objects, crystals, and beautiful rocks are also good in this location.

10) To attract mentors and influential people, activate the northwest corner of your office with a beautiful rock or geode, or place gold, silver or white objects here.

11) Placing a blue, gold or white or ware element candle in the north and keeping it lit is a great way to energize this area, as well as serving as an inspiring reminder or your goals and aspirations.

12) The Chinese dragon is an extremely auspicious and powerful symbol for attracting wealth and luck. It is also a symbol of indomitable strength, courage and protection. A fountain with a dragon motif is very powerful.

13) Crystals are extremely powerful wealth and success energizers for those working in any field related to communication. They also help attract recognition. Place them in windows or in the south.

14) The mythical Dragon-tortoise is useful for maintaining good relations with your boss and co-workers, and gaining support from influential people. It is also a powerful support symbol and is very powerful for attracting mentors.

15) The mythical Chinese Unicorn, also called the Dragon-Horse, is a powerful symbol for those involved in politics and civil service, and those seeking advancement in their careers.

16) The 3 legged toad or money frog with a gold coin in his mouth, is an attractor of wealth. Place it just inside your office door, facing inward, to symbolize wealth coming your way.

17) If you are involved in sales, place three coins, tied with red ribbon, inside your purse or wallet. If you do phone sales, place this group of coins on or near your phone. If you have a retail shop, display the coins on or near the cash register.

18) Keep an amethyst crystal in your work area to avoid disagreement with co-workers and to activate good feelings in the work place. Amythyst also inspires stability, strength and inspiration.

19) The rooster is considered a peacekeeping symbol. He will help eliminate backstabbing, office politics, and gossip.

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