Numerology Readings – Your Birthdate Part 3

Numerology Readings

(…Continued From Numerology Readings Birthdates Pt 2)

21st Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-first day of the month indicates an individual blessed with a beautiful singing and speaking voice that is a significant asset. Magnetic and musical, fond of beauty, art and dancing, you are rather nervous and high strung. You need to get a grip on the inexplicable aversions you feel toward certain things and people. When it comes to love you’re more receptive than active in expressing it, but you take great pride in the objects of your affections. Your active imagination leads you to be suspicious, which can cause serious problems in relationships, especially marriage. Avoid the tendency to brood or become depressed. Inherently drawn to books, publishing, editing and related fields, you can be very successful in anything educational.

22nd Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-second day of the month indicates a high powered individual who functions in both the objective and subjective worlds. This is a master vibration and as such, nervous and over-stimulated; you need rest and seclusion in order to recharge and maintain your equilibrium. Highly intuitive, you should rely on your first impressions. Although you have unlimited power on both planes, you are constantly pulled between expressing your ideals and keeping them within constructive limits. The 22 bears the mission of universal utilitarianism, which leaves little room for personal ambitions. Your greatest success lies in the world of form, in any line that meets your ideals and contributes to the general good. Avoid any dubious or illegal transactions; you would be sure to be caughtand suffer the consequences.

23rd Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-third day of the month indicates a sympathetic, sensitive, understanding person with a practical turn of mind. You have an uncanny ability to diagnose physical ailments and would therefore be well suited for a career in medicine (but not surgery, since the mission of this vibration is to build and heal instead of tear downand destroy). Your technical ability and practicality may give you an interest in law, chemistry or stocks, but you are simply too practical to succeed in art. Self-sufficient, popular and sociable, you do not suffer from an inferiority complex. You get a lot out of life because you make the best of any situation. You’re a good friend who is willing to take on many responsibilities.

24th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-fourth day of the month indicates an extremely active person who must keep on the go in order to avoid wasting energy. Though you concentrate on one thing at a time, you thrive on constant change; you aren’t the type to retire because you need to keeping expanding and enlarging. You’re strongly allied to art and have considerable talent for the stage – your nature is thoroughly dramatic – but are more likely to succeed in business or real estate. Externals don’t count much with you, so you don’t have much appreciation for the value of time or money. You’re primarily practical, with a little inclination to dream and a large inclination to magnify your joys and sorrows. You have a decidedly domestic nature along with a well developed ego and will learn much through your powers of observation. Avoid depression, jealousy and worry.

25th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-fifth day of the month indicates a naturally prophetic and intuitive person with a strong leaning toward the occult. You tend to conceal your true feelings and as a result are not always understood. Artistically gifted, you can commercialize almost any area of art to which you are inclined. Success can also be enjoyed in the professions, business or the constructive side of politics. You tend to be vacillating and inconsistent, and until you overcome this tendency your affairs will suffer. It’s imperative that you learn to concentrate, force your mind into stability and away from a sense of inferiority, self-pity and depression. Your affections are your greatest weakness, and you must always stay on the straight and narrow, for there’s a strong tendency to wander from the path that inclines you to preach morals but practice excess. Idealistic and hopeful, you need to work against laziness.

26th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-sixth day of the month indicates an individual with full closets and drawers, for nothing is too small for practical use, and you just know that you’ll need it if you get rid of it. You’re very introspective and tend to live in the past – to the detriment of the present and future. Although you start many things, you find it hard to finish them, and either rise above or fall below average – as you choose. You can commercialize anything in the artistic lines – except music- in a big way. You can also do well in politics or diplomacy, and should have a good education. You have a beautiful domestic nature, love home and children and are the “marrying kind.” Fastidious about your personal belongings and fond of color and show in the clothes you wear, you nonetheless do not insist on physical comforts and are very generous to others.

27th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-seventh day of the month indicates a more materially inclined individual than those born on the other “9”birthdays (9th and 18th). The 27 is a strong marriage vibration, though the experience may be disappointing. You’re forceful, quietly determined but somewhat erratic, a natural leader who cannot be satisfied in a subordinate position. Neither do you like to account for your own conduct. Versatile and artistic, you also have literary talents and could be a journalist, writer, lecturer or teacher. You’re ardent in your affections but tend to overdo family traits. Your religious tendencies are toward Eastern beliefs and away from orthodoxy.

28th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-eighth day of the month indicates a strong willed, dominant, tenacious person who is nonetheless filled with love and willing to go to any lengths for its sake. In this regard, your unions may be unconventional, but are always in keeping with your ideals. Executive by nature, you want to excel and will make great sacrifices to do so. Your tendency to daydream and goof off could nullify all your wonderful gifts, so you must never let laziness get the upper hand. Most of your disappointments come from magnifying everything that concerns your life. Freedom is essential to you; you suffer when restrained or limited in anyway. Watch out for the tendency to drop your ideals once you have realized them, since this can deny you your final success.

29th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twenty-ninth day of the month indicates inspiration, spirituality and leadership abilities, since this is a master vibration (2+9=11). You have a unique ability to bring together disparate forces and can mediate labor problems or unify religious differences. Your powers are great; you can use them to bring honor or destruction to yourself and others – as you choose. You’re an extremist in everything, intense in love and judgments, either way up or way down emotionally. Home is essential to your happiness, but you’re high strung and moody, and not easy to live with. You get absorbed in your dreams, aspirations and plans and forget to consider the needs or feelings of those around you. You need a definite work to keep you balanced and efficient.

30th Day of the Month
A birthday on the thirtieth day of the month indicates a vital, rather nervous individual who seldom suffers from illnesses thanks to an enviable ability to throw them off. You need to avoid any type of obsession and should never experiment with the occult “for fun.” Set in your opinions, you always think you’re right, basing your conclusions on a little knowledge combined with much imagination and intuition. Fundamentally loyal, a true friend, you would make a good teacher, writer or social worker. You’re flirtatious, but fundamentally loyal and like to be thanked for the thoughtful things you do. Although you’re an excellent manager, you’re not terribly fond of work.

31st Day of the Month
A birthday on the 31st day of the month indicates a person who, like those born on the thirtieth, shouldn’t play with psychic phenomena. Your aspirations aren’t always reasonable, which leads to disappointments; you need to apply practicality and patient hard work to your endeavors in order to succeed. You don’t like to live alone and responsibility is a stabilizer for you, so it makes sense that you’re the “marryingkind.” You have good business qualities but need to get a grip on your tendency to spend money and dissipate other assets foolishly. Interior decoration, writing, chemistry and pharmacy (you have a special talent for combining drugs and medicines) are other career avenues for which you are well suited. You never forget a kindness – or an injury, real or imagined.

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