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11th Day of the Month
A birthday on the eleventh day of the month indicates an inspired, imaginative individual with determination and perseverance, but with fluctuating levels of energy. In keeping with this master vibration,you are very dramatic in both thought and action, brilliant, scintillating,but nervous and high strung. You react quickly – shoot from the hip – and need to be careful that your intellect doesn’t bury your intuition. There’s a tendency for you to impose your own moral code on others and not allow for human frailty. Your passions are intense, extreme and without reason; in fact, you are a person of extremes all around, in the clouds one minute,in the pits the next. In reacting to these extremes, take care not to overcorrect. Guard your health and nerves, and avoid any tendency to be mercenary, acquisitive or self-aggrandizing.

12th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twelfth day of the month indicates a brilliant, magnetic, imaginative person, a good speaker who can be very convincing in an argument. Since you have a well balanced mind, artistic tendencies and enjoy life and action, you could succeed as a trial lawyer, actor or in sales/advertising. Your high ideals demand that you have a”mission” in life. You need to keep intellectually active to avoid the ups and downs that are the handicap of all 3’s. Your flair for design would serve you well in architecture or interior decorating. Flirtatious and inclined toward affairs, you need to finish what you start and avoid the tendency to scatter.

13th Day of the Month
A birthday on the thirteenth day of the month indicates a riddle inside a contradiction, creativity, expansion and restlessness(1+3) behind regularity and limitation (4). You are sensitive and spiritual, suffer through your environment, and are given to explosions of temper. Your good mind is offset by an exceptionally stubborn will, and while you have a strong love nature, you seldom show it and then suffer because of it. Often misunderstood, you are considered temperamental and at times unreasonable, and while you are inclined to be dictatorial, you are an excellent manager. Your best success is in dealing with the earth – mining, geology, practical construction. A walking dichotomy, you love a uniform but hate war. Home is essential to your happiness.

14th Day of the Month
A birthday on the fourteenth day of the month indicates a versatile and dual person with both a reasoning and a prophetic mind. “Lucky” in games of chance and contests, you’re a natural bettor and gambler. Your success lies in business on a large scale, but you need some form of artistic expression for recreation and to “let off steam.” Very emotional, you can always be appealed to through your feelings and sympathies. You are apt to crave constant change, and should avoid all of the pitfalls associated with the physical – drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and other sexual excess. You can be a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, and have great constructive or destructive power – as you choose.

15th Day of the Month
A birthday on the fifteenth day of the month indicates a gifted person under the protection of the kindly, harmonious six who absorbs knowledge rather than acquires it through hard study. In fact, you attract many things – friends, gifts, money, opportunities, and give the impression of youthfulness and good health. You’re capable of much self-sacrifice for a good cause or to help a friend, but you will not submit to domination. Your mind is scientific but your expession is often musical; although your success lies in a professional career, music plays a pivotal role throughout your life. You love your home, and while you are demonstrative and generous, you are more inclined toward individual acts of charity than to institutional philanthropy.

16th Day of the Month
A birthday on the sixteenth day of the month indicates a nervous and sometimes irritable person who makes complications and intricacies and then suffers the consequences. Naturally aloof, you nonetheless lean toward home and affection. Though you can suceed in art or literature, your powers of reason and analysis demand a business outlet as well. While not actively aggressive, you don’t like your plans interfered with. You tend to put off until whenever the things you know you should be doing right now, and live too much within yourself. As much as you want affection, you don’t always make the effort to earn it.

17th Day of the Month
A birthday on the seventeenth day of the month indicates a high minded, proud spirited individual, sometimes liberal, sometimes conservative, generous or stingy, collecting or dissipating. Very set in your ideas, you seldom yield to others; in business you do best at the head of the enterprise, working with under-partners. You execute whatever you do, have a particular talent for managing the interests and affairs of others, and are drawn to dealing in large affairs. The details are for someone else to take care of, since you hate to be bothered with them. You can be successful in any enterprise connected with the earth (e.g., land, mining, oil, livestock), as well as writing, though you are more inclined to technical or historical writing than to fiction. You love knowledge and like to explore. When it comes to spiritual matters, you want proof.

18th Day of the Month
A birthday on the eighteenth day of the month indicates a person whose life is filled with change, activity and travel. You may find yourself responsible for the care of groups or communities that will tap your fund of helpfulness. Much is expected of you because much has been given to you: The independence of the 1 and the efficiency of the 8, manifesting to mankind through the 9. Since you don’t like to take advice, it’s as well that you rarely need it. You’re drawn to any large field in need of efficient administration (e.g., law, politics, religion), and although your first efforts may not always succeed, you do succeed on repetition – so try, try again. Somewhat emotional, you are nonetheless intellectual and enjoy both reasoning and arguing. These traits equip you well as a drama critic, writer or speaker. In money matters you are never rash, for you feel the responsibility of handling material assets. Marriages or engagements made during the middle portion of your life are likely to be broken.

19th Day of the Month
A birthday on the nineteenth day of the month indicates the full gamut of the vibrations, from 1 through 9, influencing your personality. Logical, persevering, tenacious, practical , artistic and universal, you can rise to great heights or fall to great depths in both acts and emotions. You’re independent and must not submit to limitations. This independence is the source of your dislike of society’s conventions, which you refuse to follow in your private life, though you don’t give public offense. Your versatility opens a wide range of career options for you, though you are suited to a profession rather than to business. Your deep sense of responsibility and strong impulse to better conditions equip you well for politics if you are so inclined. You crave change and variety, are always altering your surroundings and will need to make many adjustments in your personal life.

20th Day of the Month
A birthday on the twentieth day of the month indicates a person best suited to small business, in a friendly, protective atmosphere. You prefer to work with others rather than shoulder all the responsibility yourself, and are somewhat disinclined to branch out into larger fields. Although you are a better speaker on paper than before crowds, your instinctive compassion and sensitivity suits you well to politics or ministry. Sympathetic and affectionate, you’re able to accumulate a store of knowledge and should have a good education. Your attention to detail makes you well suited to professions demanding that trait, such as corporate law or estate management. You prefer the country to the city and are deeply vested in your home, family and friends. While you like to be helpful, you’re not inclined toward avoidable manual labor. Musical expression uplifts you, though you should pursue this as part of a group rather than a soloist.

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